Silver Linings – Notes from Camp April, 2020

Hi Folks,


During the campfire on Zoom I discussed the silver linings that we are experiencing during these times. Having to be isolated in our homes has given us more uninterrupted family time. It has also given us a great time to connect with friends virtually. I have heard of so many people from our camp community connecting with each other. In the hardest times there are no friends like camp friends. 

The virtual campfire was the brightest silver lining so far.  During that hour it felt like we were up in the Northwoods enjoying a campfire. It gave everyone a  reprieve and was so necessary. At any moment during the campfire there were over 100 participants smiling from ear to ear.  We had current campers, new campers, staff members and alumni. While it only lasted an hour it was so nice to be connected to the Timberlane Family. 

Please be on the lookout for another campfire this week and more activities coming soon. Keep staying connected with camp friends and enjoying time with family. 


We just want to make sure y’all have downloaded your Parent Handbook.  It’s not going to win any literary prizes, but it is important information for you.  Please click here to download it, or you can access it from your CampInTouch page.


Summer is near and that means we have a bunch of forms to fill out. Please log into your CampInTouch page and fill out the following forms

  • Health History form by April 15th –Completing the health history form does NOT require a medical provider. 
  • Doctors Form form by May 15th – Requires a medical provider to sign.  
  • Camper Personality Survey by May 15th -This is a form you fill out and submit from your CampInTouch page on our website.  This is good stuff for us to know about your son to help us get ready for him. Also your 2nd (and last) opportunity to make cabin mate requests. THIS FORM IS NOT REQUIRED FOR CITs. Thanks!

Timber Gear Pop Up Shop

This year we have a Timberlane Gear Pop Up Shop with some new and cool options. The store is open until April 24th. Please take a look.


This is a reminder that we have some really cool, and mostly free training opportunities available to you.  Fun things like Lifeguard Training (including First Aid and CPR), Boat Driver Training, etc. If you’d like to be included, you can sign up on your CampInTouch page.  If you have any questions, call or email us. Thanks.

Be Sure to Check your Staff CampInTouch Page!!  There, you’ll find:

  • Your “official” way to sign up for extra training like Boat Driver, LGT, and LGT or CPR re-certs.
  • Your Travel-to-Camp plans. It is time to start getting that sorted out.
  • Your Employment/Tax forms.  Uncle Sam (a.k.a. the US Government) requires a new form every year.
  • Complete all health forms 
  • Packing Lists to use as a guideline.  Separate list for international staff who need to travel lighter.
  • STAFF MANUALS!  So much important stuff  you get to read, read, read!
  • Trip Leader Manual.  


Whoah!  What an amazing summer of trips we have this summer!  If you haven’t seen our 2020 Trips Calendar yet, please be sure to check it out.  You can find it by clicking here.

A few of our trips are available for pre-registration, including the Isle Royale 10 day Backpack trip (1st session), the Isle 6 day trip (2nd session), the Sand River (1st session), the Quetico (2nd session), and the Apostle Islands (either session).  Check the Trips Calendar online to see what’s offered when.  You can sign up for any of these by having your parents send us an email.  That’ll get you out there!!

If this is your first summer coming up, never you worry!  You will have some AMAZING opportunities to get out on beautiful, remote trips, if you want.  These longer trips that are available for pre-registration are for kids with lots of camping experience.  Hey! That could be you in the not-too-distant future!


Jordan Plocker 4/4, Ollie Ara 4/8, Brooke Merrick 4/8, Owen Monieson 4/8, Jack Seligman 4/9, Ethan Letwat 4/10, Daniel Solot 4/11, Jack Franzke 4/12, Nate Gale 4/13, Zachary Liss 4/14, Santi Gutierrez 4/14, Julia Klimroth 4/14, Ashton Mazza 4/15, Blake Lehrer 4/18, Josh Meyer 4/18, Rory Evans 4/19, Zachary Neeley 4/19, Carter Ramirez 4/20, Aaron Berns 4/21, Matthew Paley 4/22, Asher Williams 4/23, Luz Flores Alvarez 4/23, Cole Peterson 4/24, Noah Sexter 4/24, Noah Coen 4/24, Bennett Garfinkel 4/24, Drew Garfinkel 4/24, Jack Becker 4/25, AJ Stewart 4/25, Simon Kanovitz 4/27, Hitch Hitchens 4/27, DJ Levinson 4/28, Evan Waldman 4/29


Later this month, we’ll update you on some campers and counselors who will be joining us this summer!!!

Benches up,

Sam,Mike & Leslie