The Alumni Gong! Volume 25, March, 2020

Dear Alums,

Hey…what’s new?  We haven’t written to y’all in about a year…anything going on?

Clearly the world we live in has been turned upside down lately.  We are so proud of our camp community for sticking together and helping one another out during these hectic weeks.  Camp is still in the cards for this summer, and we believe – after the time our kids are going through – a great camp experience is more important now than ever.

And, as you know, there has been some big news in our Timberlane world, and it is very exciting.  We are so pleased to have the privilege of turning the reigns of camp over to SAM KAHN.  After 35 years of ownership, the time is right, and Sam is so well suited and positioned to continue the long and successful Timberlane legacy.  We want to make sure you get to know Sam, and also understand our transition process.  The quick summary would be this: Camp is in EXCELLENT hands going forward!

Sam began at camp in 1999 as a 10 year old boy in Wolf Cabin.  He grew up in Deerfield, IL, and knew no other kids his age when he chose Timberlane.  That just highlights one of our strongest assets…our kids are from cities far and wide, and we attract boys who are coming to make new friends and have new adventures.  As kids will do, Sam grew up, was a PA and CIT, and ultimately joined our staff.  He was a Pottery instructor, a role for which he was entirely unqualified, but he handled it well.

Sam went to Syracuse University and earned a finance and real estate degree.  After school he joined Americorp as a teacher in an underserved neighborhood in Chicago.  From there, Sam obtained his teaching certificate, and for the past 5 years was a middle school math teacher in Oak Park, IL.  All the while, Sam returned to camp (with 2 sabbaticals over the years), and for the past 5 summers, Sam has been one of our Assistant Directors.  2020 will be Sam’s 20th summer at Timberlane!

So, why Sam?  To begin with, Sam is beloved at camp, where his nickname is “Pickles,” after his favorite food.  Sam lights up around children, and vice versa.

Beyond that, Sam is a steady leader who can successfully blend the need to get the job done with a healthy sense of humor.  He is kind and good-hearted, smart and energetic, and he understands the business side of camp.  More than any other quality, though…Sam gets camp, and specifically, Sam gets Timberlane.  He is a product of Timberlane and we’re very proud of that.  Sam often thinks and talks in terms of camp (who doesn’t?), and all that he has gained from his camp experiences he wants to pay forward to future campers and counselors.  In the end, what more could we hope for?

We will always stay connected with camp!  For the summer of 2020, we are co-directors with Sam and will progressively step back as he increasingly assumes the daily leadership of camp.  After the summer, we will be available to Sam whenever he may have questions, and we will remain engaged with camp in the summers.  We will live on Lake Towanda and contribute to camp in any way we can.  Maybe that’s teaching waterskiing or baseball.  Maybe that’s helping some campers as they adjust to camp life.  Maybe that’s helping with staff training.  Whatever Sam needs, we will be there.

We’ve received nice calls and emails from lots of folks in the last few months.  People often ask us how we’re feeling about all this…guessing it is a little bittersweet.  It is sweet, it is definitely a little strange, and it is exciting for us.  Knowing that this idea of Camp Timberlane will move forward and surely be successful was always a big part of our dream.  Passing the torch to Sam, a successor whom we believe in, makes us feel very lucky.

The most prominent sentiment we feel is gratitude. We have loved our time with the fun-loving, high energy, and friendly boys who have been our campers.  There are thousands of them.  For the past 35 years, and again this coming summer, they have been and will be the center of our universe.  We appreciate the trust that parents have placed in us every summer they let us share with their boys.  Many of those boys are now camp parents themselves, and that’s especially meaningful to us.  We’re grateful to the many young adults who have been Timberlane Staff Members.  Whether former campers or not, there is no finer staff than the Timberlane staff.  They work so hard, are always engaged with and connected to the kids, and they are the best role models parents could want for their children.  Through camp our paths have crossed with all of these amazing people, and many have remained close with us, becoming lifelong friends.

We are just so appreciative of people like RICK & HOLLY JONES who have both given Timberlane 35 summers, Rick as Assistant Director, and Holly as Office Manager.  We are thankful for BILL MILLER who has kept us well-fed as our Kitchen Manager for 27 summers, and who guided the complete renovation and redesign of the camp kitchen over the years.   JEFF MELROSE who has been a counselor and Assistant Director for 28 summers.   HITCH & CORRIE HITCHENS who have shared a combined 32 summers with us, Hitch as our Trips Director and Corrie as our Anything-We-Need-Done-Today Director.  There are no words or numbers that can adequately express our thanks for this kind of dedication and loyalty.  And equally important, all of these folks are our peers and our very close friends.

We’ve had some amazing year ’round Associate Directors, including BILL BERK, our very first year ’round staff member.  Also NIKI SCHIPPER, JOHNNY WASZCZAK, MICHAEL BREEN, JAKE REUTER, SCOTT WOLF, and our son, DUSTIN COHEN.  And, some of these fine people are now camp owners and directors themselves!  How cool is that?!

We’ve worked with camp caretakers who honestly love the camp grounds as much as we do, starting way back when with HAL SCHULZ, then MARTY CLEGG, GREG FUS, and our current  caretaker DANIEL VAN BUREN.  Camp is in the best physical shape it has ever been in thanks to these folks as well as some of the locals in the area who are always willing to pitch in and help.

Camp ownership is not normal, especially while raising a family.  We travel a ton in the “off-season,” and then we drag kids, dogs, and other wordly posessions to the Northwoods each and every summer.  Granted, it’s a super nice place to be, but it can mess with plans and school friendships sometimes.  Our 2 children, DUSTIN & SAMMY, never complained (about that, anyway) and have done nothing but make us proud.  Both are kind, loving, and very kid-oriented adults.  Dustin will be a school teacher, and Sammy is on her way to a career in pediatric psychology.  They love being active, they love the outdoors, they shun video games, they always find time to talk with kids, to pet dogs, and to laugh.  It’s not hard to point directly to their experiences growing up at camp as a key factor in shaping the amazing people they are today.  We’re so grateful for that.


We will stay connected with camp and support Sam, our new owner/director.  We are asking all of you to join us in that effort.  Sam is a Timberlane veteran – one of us – and now as the new owner/director, he will gratefully accept any support we can provide.

What can you do?  Please, talk about camp with friends, relatives, co-workers, anyone who might be interested.  We have shared common experiences in this very special community, and the community relies on folks like us to help keep it strong and viable.  Make that extra effort to connect potential camp families through your stories about friendship, adventure, personal growth and any other qualities you possess which you can attribute to your Timberlane experience.

Then make sure they contact Sam.  Or contact Sam on their behalf.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of long-standing successful overnight camps is an active and supportive alumni.  We know you are proud of camp and of all you accomplished in your camping days.  Please let it show and join us as we assure future generations a special place where boys can be boys, can put down the electronics and play outdoors, and where they can learn what it takes to grow into a capable, confident, caring adult.  Thanks.



Obviously, if anything changes we will be in contact with you and any fees you have paid will be refunded.  So…let’s just keep happy thoughts, okay?

You know you want to join us!!  Can you believe that we already have over 200 alums signed up?  If you are 21 years old or older, and you are not yet registered for the 60th, you should get right on that and JOIN US!  If you’d like to see a list of everyone currently signed up for the big bash, please click here.

If you ARE signed up, please remember that payment is due by May 1st.  Please send your check to our winter office: Camp Timberlane, PO Box 13430, Chicago, IL.  60613.  Thanks.

CAMP FOR ALL KIDS UPDATE:  We continue to be impressed by the kids who come to us through Camp for All Kids, and also by the many alumni and camp families who make it possible through their donations to CFAK.

This past summer we had 14 CFAK campership recipients at camp.  That’s a record!  This number included a CIT spending his 7th summer at camp!  Two recipients were spending their 1st summer with us, with the rest spending multiple summers at Timberlane.  There is no question they feel the same sense of belonging, the same connection with their friends and their counselors as our tuition-paying kids.  Right in front of our eyes we see relationships take hold and we know they will last forever….just as camp friendships usually do.

We’re very proud of Timberlane’s representation on the CFAK board, including alums MIKE BREEN, DAVID SIEGEL and BRIAN WILLIAMS.  The board also includes current and former camp parents including MICHAEL FOSTER, SHARON REMIS, and DAVID ZLOTNIK.

GREEN GROWS THE CAMPERSHIPS:  As we all know, our financial contributions are what make the camp world go around for these amazing children.  We are grateful to the following Alums who joined in our campaign this past summer: Jimmy Ansfield, Alexis and Bob Berk, Bill & Debbie Berk, Bruce Berman, Steve Braun, Joel Brazy, Michael Breen, Eddie Brognano, Ross Cahn, Nan Ciralsky, Stuart Cowles, Jeremy Fischer, Jake Flom, Elliot Glicksman, Nancy & Gary Gorchoff, Danny Greene, David Gubin, Josh Hafron, Charles Hanover, Jon Healy, Jon “Pud” Heller, Jimmy and Susan Hiken, Jeffrey Horwich, Jonathan Kaden, Doug Kaplan, Steven Kravit, Grant Linsky, Martin Lynch, Joe Pierce, Danny and Sabrina Plattner, Larry Rabin, David Raskin, Perry Richker, Adam Rochman, Riccardo Romersi, Howard Rubin, JD Rubin, Michael Schaffer, Greg Schatten, Reed Sexter, Kenneth Shapiro, Bill Siegel, David Siegel, Joel Silver, Jeremy Wacksman, Brian Williams, Scott Wolf, and Aaron Zemach.

You all are difference makers in the lives of some special boys who truly just live for their summers at camp (sound familiar?).  How great would it be if we can DOUBLE this list of contributors next year?!  We hope all of you out there in Timber-Alum Land will pick up the cause and help send some boys to a life-changing camp experience.  Thank you!


1960s – 1970s:

SHARON HIKEN spends the warm months in Milwaukee and the cold months in Boca Raton.  The whole family recently went on a Caribbean cruise together.  GRANT LINSKY is often in contact with JIM MIRINGOFF and MARK FAIWELL, and a bit less often with NORM WOLF and BRIAN LIFSEC.  Grant lives in the Palm Springs area.  JIMMY ANSFIELD is working on staying in good shape and enjoying life in Milwaukee.  MARTIN LYNCH writes: “finally launching my 18 year old daughter to college so empty nest around the corner.  Continuing to do well with my start up, Freewire Technologies, where I’m COO and is an Electrical Vehicle charging company.”  VANCE LIEBMAN lives in Evanston where he continues to work as a lawyer.  He celebrated his birthday last August in Paris.  STUART TURNANSKY has a wife and 2 kids and is semi-retired.  He writes, “Doing some writing, bicycling, and traveling. Miss Timberlane and the Northwoods always. Looking forward to the reunion.”  ROB ELY has moved recently, but still lives in Houston.   ANDY MINTZ paid us a visit at camp last summer.  He now lives in Naples, FL.

1970s – 1980s:

Wedding bells rang out for MIKE “MEADOW” JACOBS this past year.  Joining him for the celebration were MIKE ROSENFELD, DANNY PLATTNER, DEAN SALIT, DAVID SUSMAN, DANNY BURING, and MIKE KANOVITZ.  GREGG BRENNER lives in Atlanta.  He writes, “I’m a neon sign maker. I founded The Neon Company here in Atlanta in 1983. Our biggest niche is movies and TV productions. Over 100 films from My Cousin Vinnie to Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, Baby Driver, Ozark and Stranger Things. ” BOB GASSEL lives in Fairfield, CT and is working on reality TV shows like “Pawn Stars”, “Blind Date” and “60 Days In.”  His daughter is off to college next year and his son – soon to be confirmed – is now taller than he is.  LONNIE LAZAR lives in San Francisco, has been a member of the CA Bar since 1986, and just got around to practicing law in 2010.  He is a trust and estate planning attorney.  He is also an avid cyclist and a singer/songwriter/guitarist playing in a band called The Blue Swamis.  BRIAN “BOSCO” SCHLOSSBERG lives with his fiancee in Boca Raton.  He recently ran into his 1972 bunk mate, BRIAN SCHWAM.  Bosco writes, “I haven’t seen nor spoken with Brian in 48 years, and it seems like yesterday.”  We hear that a lot.  PUD HELLER turns 60 this April!  He’s staying healthy, but swears he can still have a “Malto-0-Rin0” every blue moon.  JIM HIKEN lives in Louisville and is a anesthesiologt.  He says he’d like to slow down on work, but doesn’t really see that happening anytime soon.  All 3 of his boys have been Timberlane campers.  JOHN MEISSNER sadly passed away this past October.  In his obituary in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, there was this note: “Special note to Camp Timberlane for Boys crew where John thrived, grew to love nature, tripping and the beauty of northern WI, the UP and Canada. It was his heaven on earth.”  And JOHN MARKS also passed away in October.  Camp was an important part of John’s life, as well as his two sons, MATT & JOEY MARKS.

1980s – 1990s:

JON BRAVER lives in Culver City, CA where he works in film, TV, and VR and also in theater as a writer/director/stunt coordinator.  He has an 11  year old daughter.  Sharing news of other alums, Jon writes: “Danny Nieder and Jeff Leiken are not to be trusted. I have reason to believe they are (low level) spies for an intergalactic criminal organization known as IWAH (Insert Witty Acronym Here).”  The more things change….MAURICIO HERRERA lives in Mexico City, has a Masters in Culinary Arts, worked in various hotels, and now is with United Airlines.  He plays tennis, does Yoga and SCUBA dives.  MICHAEL BRODY lives in Washington, DC where he recently became a Professor of National Security Strategy at the National Defense University, representing the Department of Homeland Security at the College of Information and Cyberspace in DC. ZAC GILHOOLEY is in Bar Harbor, ME and has parted ways with the culinary world and now works as a landscaper and gardner at a property that belonged to Abby Aldrich and the Rockefeller’s. Zac also works as a long-term substitute teacher.  His daughter is a Junior Olympic swimmer at age 13.  Zac continues to keep in touch with JOSH DEWITT, TYE EYDEN, BOBBY YOUNG, and TIM HANSONDAVID RASKIN lives in Oak Park, IL and is a camp dad!  His 2 boys were at camp last summer for their 8th year, one as a JC, and one as a CIT.  JD RUBIN is also a camp dad living in Wilmette, IL, and sent us some great photos of him AND HIS SON wearing the same shirt at camp…a few  years apart!  Also pictured in the original photo is camp dad SCOTT WEINSTEIN.  He lives in Hingham, MA and works in the wine industry.  DARYL SELZER is also a camp dad, and he lives in Houston where he is a construction project manager.  DANNY BURING is in commercial real estate in Memphis, is a camp dad of a really old kid who is now a counselor at camp, and Danny has not missed a Memphis camp reunion in a long time.

1990s – 2000s:

BILL & DEBBIE BERK have owned and operated a highly respected child-care center in Tucson for many years.  They have recently sold the center and are looking forward to what comes next.  Debbie continues her work as an ESL coordinator with a local Tucson school district.  SCOTT BREEN lives in Washington, DC where he is the VP of Sustainability at the Can Manufacturers Institute, a trade association representing U.S. manufacturers. He also created and co-hosts the Sustainability Defined podcast, which is approaching 300,000 downloads over nearly 50 episodes.  MICHAEL DISKIN also lives in DC and is working on the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.  MITCH BONO lives in South Boston, MA where he is National Director of Business Development at Corporate Care.  BOB & ALEXIS BERK have moved from New Orleans to Carlsbad, CA.  Alexis is lead rabbi of a Carlsbad congregation, and Bob works in conflict resolution services and as an advocate for students with special needs.  And they are camp parents!  NICK LIEBMAN lives in Israel and works for a tech company called  JOEL SILVER lives in Minneapolis with his wife and 2 kids, and he is a CFP with RBC Wealth Management (love those acronyms!) RYAN RAZOWSKY lives in the Chicago area with his wife of nearly 2 years.  He works in his family business and “carries on the Timberlane tradition making sure to never miss a summer with a ski run and a few nights in a tent!”  In Sarasota, FL, JASON WAGNER is a vascular surgeon.  He recently moved from Pittsburgh with his wife and 2 kids.  MAX WAGNER will graduate from medical school this year and will work towards becoming a surgeon.  FLETCHER JONES lives in Grand Junction, CO with his wife and is a pharmacist at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center.  They take advantage of mountain life avidly mountain biking, climbing, rafting, hiking and skiing.  JOEL HART will be married this year, and keeps in touch with camp pals in Chicago as well as joining Fletcher Jones on some climbing trips periodically.  BENCH ANSFIELD lives in New Haven, CT and was married last June.  MARK SILVERMAN is an attorney living in Chicago, and he and his wife welcomed baby Dylan to the family last July.  Also in July, JAKE BERLIN and his wife welcomed their new son, Miles to the family.  They live in New York and Jake works at the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business.  And this past June, TYE EYDEN and his wife welcomed their baby daughter.  They live in Ft. Collins, CO where Tye works as a business analyst with New Belgium Brewing and also runs his photography business, Tye’s Eye.  JOSEPH “NINK” KELLNER has a PhD (yep, he’s Dr. Nink) and was a visiting professor of Russian History at UC-Berkeley, and was considering a new position at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Spring.  NIKI SCHIPPER KOLB and CHRIS KOLB relocated from Minneapolis to Philadelphia a year ago.  Chris is a district manager for a national automotive consulting company.  Niki is a freelance designer for various school districts.  They have a 10 year old daughter who goes to camp in Minnesota. KEVIN FRIDUSS lives in Deerfield, IL with his wife and 3 kids.  He is marketing director for CMG and @ChiSportsFans, which reaches 3 million sports fans.  DANIEL JOSEPH lives in Chicago, works for Uber Corporate, and just got his pilot’s license.  STEWART BALE joined the Air Force after graduating from Michigan State in 2012.  He is currently a Major Gift Officer for the United States Air Force Academy Foundation, living in Colorado Springs.  TODD KESTIN has moved to a new home in Northbrook with is wife and 2 daughters.  He is a teen counselor and figuring out how to do e-learning for his kids.

2000s – 2010s:

Congratulations to JOHNNY & RACHEL WASZCZAK, who are the new owners and directors of Camp Oneka, a girls’ camp in Greeley, PA.  Wedding bells rang out in October for BRIAN KESTIN and BEN PERCIFELD who got married on the same day!  Not to each other.  ADAM TROSS was married last Memorial Day weekend.  TAYLOR FEINSTEIN and ANDREW EDELSTEIN were in attendance.  Adam lives in Minneapolis where is a geologist with an enviornmental engineering firm.  SAM STRUM is also engaged to be married, proposing to his fiance in an acapella production at the Green Room 42 in NYC.  Classy!  RYAN COHEN continues his career as a post production editor on the “Rick and Morty Show.”  He has also been hard at work producing an awesome video for our 60th Reunion!!  Congratulations to MIKE BREEN who became the owner and director of The Road Less Traveled, a travel camp program based in Chicago and internationally renowned.  MATT RODIN is an actor living in New York.  He recently completed an off-Broadway production, starring in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” at the Milwaukee Reperatory Theater.  MINDY WIPER lives outside of Houston where she is teaching horse riding full time.  She adopted a racehorse, “Dannie,” who raced for 8 years and has retrained him for eventing and dressage.  She and her boyfriend also started a company selling “Mermaid Cowgirl Hoofwax.”  BEN & DESI FOLWER welcomed their new son, Oliver in December.  They live outside of Atlanta.   STEVE MCCOY lives in Virginia and last summer was promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff at Fork Union Military Academy and he recently completed a second Master’s Degree in Educational Administration.  JEREMY PARK lives in Seattle where he has managed a climbing gym for the past 2 years.  DIEGO CALVILLO is a strategic planner with the largest steel company in Latin Ameria.  He is also an ambassador to “Banco de Tapitas”, a nonprofit dedicated to gather and recycle bottlecaps in order to fund cancer treatments for underpriviledged children. And in August he is begining a 2 year MBA program at Cornell University.  Did we mention he also got married last May?  Wow! ELIAH HIKEN lives in Atlanta and works with Bain & Company as a consultant.  ASA HIKEN will graduate this spring with a double major in Creative Writing and Poli Sci from Northwestern University.  ADAM ELIAS  is working hard in the familiy biz as VP of Strategic Planning with Whirlyball in Chicago.  RYAN ELIAS has returned from Colorado Springs to the Chicago area after launching a new Whirlyball center.  He is also in the family biz facilitating new centers.  HANNAH JONES is a First Lieutenant in the US Army, presently stationed in Hawaii awaiting transfer to Ft. Rucker in Alabama to become trained as a helicopter pilot.  EMILY JONES has been in Bali for several weeks training to become a Yoga instructor.  ARI LACKNER lives in Portland, OR where he works as a development analyst at Steelhead Wind, a manufacturer commited to zero waste wind turbines.  JOEY PAWLAN is a media strategist at Teads in Chicago.  DAVID PAWLAN also lives in Chicago and he is a strategist with Aloa, a software development company.  DAVID FINE has finished medical school at Stritch in Chicago, and will begin his residence at Milwaukee.  JORDAN FINE lives in Chicago and is a project engineer/manager at Tempel Steel.  SCOTT MAYER has completed medical school at Tulane University, and he will begin his residence in Denver.


SCOTT WOLF is a high school Drama and English teacher in Chicago Public Schools.  AVI HIKEN will graduate high school this spring in Louisville, and is planning on studying business in college.  JOSH BOLING teaches third grade at Utah State University’s Edith Bowen Laboratory School. There are several former Timberlane Trippers living in the area, and they get together for some ski runs every now and then.  Josh and his wife are expecting a daughter in early June.  ADAM WASSERMAN worked at a JCC day camp last summer as their videographer.  It was Timberlane geography and connections that helped him find that job.  SAM WETZEL is a senior at Tulane University in New Orleans.  HENRY LOVETT is a freshman at Tulane and super star on their tennis team.  LAUREN (BAUM) KILCULLEN has been working as a pediatric personal care provider and is preparing to become an early intervention specialist in Charleston, SC.  JOVAN MCGEE is an operations manager with Vail Mountain Express living in Silverthorne, CO.  On a recent visit, we saw his office.  It’s immaculate!  He’s planning to help us with our driving training for our staff this summer!  MAX GLICKMAN lives in Chicago and is a financial analyst at Hilco Global.  STEVEN COOKE lives in Virginia and works as a supervising cloud computing engineer.  ZACK COOKE lives in Phoenix and is working as an EMT, and soon will be a Paramedic.  Zack is also getting married in June.  PRESTIN COOKE graduated last spring with a degree in Environmental Science & Forestry, and she currently has an Americorp position with Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago.  That’s in Chicago.  JACOB ELIAS will graduate this spring from the University of Washington, and he has accepted a position as a designer with Intuit in the San Francisco area starting in the fall.  BEN ROBERTS is in Austin, TX where he is a data analyst with Virtus Partners.  RICKY ROMERSI is studying Environmental Sciences and Chemistry at Duke University in his junior year, planning on pursuing a PhD in Environmental Toxicology.  He has taken up road cycling. on Duke’s club team and also volunteers at a bike co-op in Durham.  LEE GOODMAN is in St. Louis working at the STL Aquarium at Union Station and keeping his photography business going.  EMMA COHEN is in grad school for a dual masters degree in Positive Developmental Psychology and Public Health.  JUSTIN LEIDER is is in his final semester at the NYU Silver School of Social Work. He is on track to graduate in May with a MSW. He currently interns at an outpatient mental health clinic in Brooklyn.  He also raised over $4,000 for cancer research at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center last year.  ALAN BOWLES is in the final year of a doctoral nursing anesthesia education program in Tennessee.  ROBIN LODDER graduated recently with a degree in Social Work and has been working at a child care center in Oslo.  She also had plans for a 3 week backpack trip in Peru, which we hope she was able to do.  JOE JACKSON graduated college last spring from Ohio University with a degree in Recreation Management.  He currently works for REI in Columbus, OH.  CALLUM MACGREGOR lives in Shetland and works for the Scottish government marine department in fishery protection.  ADRIANA OTERO has been living in Cuba studying film making.  Prior to that she worked with Will Smith on a movie filmed in her home town in Colombia.  KAREN MCKELVEY continues to put the finishing touches on her tiny house near Benson, AZ.  She is also working part time as a hospice intake nurse in Tucson. BRIAN STRAIN is working full time managing an ice arena in Denver, where he’s seen 3 local players move on to the NHL.  JORDAN TAYLOR is a data analytics consultant in Chicago where he has stayed connected with many of our camp family.  DAVID ARTZI continues to work his representation business for NFL and NBA players.  He lives in the Chicago area.  MITCHELL THOMAE lives in Tucson where he works as a Biotechnician at AZ Bio Cleanup & Restoration and has started medical school.  He and his wife welcomed their baby boy in January.  LANCE BANTLIN has moved to Portland, OR where he is a Asset Coordinator at Avamere Health Services.

We look forward to long and wonderful connections with you, our Timberlane alums, and the many yet to join our ranks.  Thank you all very much, and we’ll see you in the Northwoods!

Benches up,

Mike & Leslie