Who’s Who at Camp – September, 2019

Hi Folks!

There’s no doubt that summer is the BEST time to be in northern Wisconsin.  Fall comes in a close second place.  In the coming weeks, lots of those green leaves we enjoyed in June, July, and August will begin turning bright yellow, orange, and red.  The pines all just hang out in their greens, but the oaks and maples and birch all put on a show!  We’ll do our best to share some of the dramatic photos with you as we get them.

We’re back in Tucson, so our caretaker, DANIEL VAN BUREN, is in charge at camp.  And he’s a pretty busy guy.  He’s been handling the final steps of our preparations for winter up there, and has been working on some projects as well.  We’re jealous!  It’s beautiful up there and very, very hot down here!  We know that’s all gonna change soon, though.


We are so pleased with how quickly our 2020 enrollment has gotten off the ground!  Welcome back to the following “old-timers” who have already signed up for next summer:  DANE & OWEN LILLY of Chicago, IL; BEN GOSS, JORDAN PLOCKER, and DREW SPIEGEL of Deerfield, IL; DAVID BERK and AIDAN MEASE of Tucson, AZ; JACKSON TURNER of Denver, CO; BEN & SAMMY FRAZIER of Louisville, CO; PETER FINK and ZACHARY SEGALL of Atlanta, GA; AJ STEWART of Buffalo Grove, IL; CALEB GERSTEIN of Evanston, IL; SOLLY MERVIS of Carmel, IN; DUSTIN & GAVIN GREENWOOD of Mission Hills, KS;  ZACHARY LISS of Kansas City, MO; FRANKIE DEPODESTA, GABE FELDMAN, JAKE KRISER, and RYAN ZLOTNIK of Highland Park, IL; JACK DAVISON of Lutherville, MD; RORY BLAND, CARSON CRANE, JEREMY KALISHMAN, ADAM KLEIN, DJ LEVINSON, ZACH NEWMARK, BEN SIWAK, WILL SMALL, and ELI TENENBAUM of St. Louis, MO; OLLIE LUCOFF of Omaha, NE; SAM SALZER and EVAN WALDMAN of Northbrook, IL; ETHAN THOMPSON of Columbus, OH; CURTIS FANN of Cleveland, OH; MICHAEL DATTILO and JUDE ESKIND of Nashville, TN; BAER SCHAMERLOH and JOSH TRAUB of Dallas, TX; SIMON FRANKEL of Houston, TX; JACK KOSSIN of Salt Lake City, UT; and ELI WACKSMAN of Seattle, WA.  Whoah!!  What an amazing kick off for the incredible summer to come!!

But wait!  We also want to welcome aboard the following first-year campers who will join us this summer: ERIC LEVINSON of St. Louis, MO; SPENCER COHEN of Houston, TX; and MILES WACKSMAN of Seattle, WA.  It’s going to be a bit of a wait, but who’s excited for an incredible summer??!!

We are also pleased with our new CampMinder system which is not only very easy to use to apply for camp, but will also make things much smoother for you throughout the months leading up to camp and during the season.  There are lots of you out with camp in your plans who have not re-enrolled.  We encourage you to get on that very soon.  Our capacity is set by age group and session, and once we reach it, we cannot take more kids.  If you have any questions, please email or call us.

A little reminder to please check our Important Dates Page as we update our reunion schedule.  We always send out notices to give you plenty of time to plan your day and join us when we’re somewhere close to you.  We can’t wait to see you guys!

We’ll be in touch again early next month.

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin