Who’s Who at Camp – December, 2018

Hi Folks,

We know you can’t wait to see the names of the kids and counselors who have signed up in the last month, but first, we have some news for parents.

Isn’t it great when you’re on vacation and have some free time and you can catch up on some light reading?  We are at your service!  The updated for 2019 Parent Handbook is now available on your Parent Keylog page (or by clicking here.)  This document is a page-turner!  And it’s your everything resource for getting your camper (and yourself) ready for the summer.  PLEASE try to make time to read through it.  Yes, it’s got a lot of words in it, but they’re all important, and it is really necessary.  Prepared kids become happy campers!  Thanks.

Speaking of vacation, our camp offices will be closed from December 19th – December 29th.  We will have limited access to email during that time, so please be patient, and we’ll get back in touch with you when we re-open on the 30th.  

We are so happy to welcome back the following “old-timers” who re-enrolled this past month: WILLIE CHARLES, SAM KLINE, and ZIA REY RIVERA from Chicago; REIS LOURIE and KB SMITH from St. Louis;  BEN GOLDMAN from Glencoe, IL; COLE BERNSTEIN, TYLER BORSTEIN, and XANDER BREGMAN from Highland Park, IL; CONNOR O’NEIL and JACKSON SCHNEIDER from Nashville, TN; and MICAH SHULMAN from Northbrook, IL. 

Welcome aboard to the following 1st year campers who will join us this summer: OLLIE ARA from Chicago, IL; DILLON FRIEDMAN and ISAAC GUTHMANN from Glencoe, IL; JOSH DEVINE from St. Louis, MO; PEYTON KELLN from Omaha, NE; FRANKIE DEPODESTA from Highland Park, IL; BAER SCHAMERLOH from Dallas, TX; and EMMITT HECHTMAN from Northbrook, IL.  Y’all are in for an amazing summer!!

Even though it is just December, we’ve got some great returning staff to tell you about.  Welcome back to:

MADDIE CLARK Maddie is 21 years old and lives in Seaview Downs, Australia. She is studying Health Sciences at the University of South Australia, in her 2nd year.  This will be Maddie’s 2nd summer at camp, and she will help out with a variety of activities, including Volleyball, Rock Climbing, and Soccer.  Something you may not know about Maddie: “I have a gold medal for playing indoor netball for Australia!”
DANNY KANE Summer number 2 coming up for Danny Kane.  He is 61 years young and currently is working as an Emergency Room nurse is Asheboro, NC.  He will have a new assignment soon and will continue his work as a traveling nurse.  Danny has abundant nursing experience, including camp nursing with us and other camps, and we’re very happy to have him back with us for another summer!
JUSTIN LOWRY Justin is 29 years old and is returning for his 5th summer at camp!  He recently changed jobs from teaching PE to now working as an Outdoor Adventure Instructor in his home country of Great Britain.  This summer, Justin will be a Village Director, a cabin counselor, will head up our Cardio program, and help out with Soccer, Mountain Biking, Disc Sports, and Tennis.  Busy man! Something you may not know about Justin: “I had the chance to rejuvenate my badminton hobby whilst living in the hills of the peak district. Playing in my clubs first team we won the 1st division in our city :)”
IVY MOLLS Ivy is from Turtle Lake, WI. and this will be her 2nd summer at camp.  Ivy just moved to Madison and is working as a teaching assistant in a special education program.  Ivy will again be our Arts & Crafts director this summer.  She will be 24 years old this summer. Something you may not know about Ivy: “I have never traveled to a different country (besides Canada). I am hoping to take a trip overseas this year! “
JONATHAN VERA Summer number 3 coming up for Jonathan, who joins us from Cancun, Mexico!  Jonathan just graduated university in Pueblo with a degree in Environmental Science and Sustainable Development.  Jonathan is looking to get into Jupiter promoter events.  He is 23 years old, and he will again be a Trip Leader at camp.  Something you may not know about Jonathan: He has been in 3 natural disasters.


We do have lots of great info that we’ve gathered up from all the reunions this month.  We’re gonna take a blogging break for the holidays, and we’ll be sure to share that news with you next month!  We hope you have a fun, safe, and very happy holiday!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin