Actions Speak Louder – Notes from Camp – December, 2018

Hi Folks,


It has been said “actions speak louder than words.”  Put otherwise, talk is easy, but the true representations of  a person’s principles and beliefs are demonstrated by his/her actions.  When we’re able to observe a person’s actions, we’re in a better place to understand him/her.  And that better understanding results in better relationships, more harmony, less bitterness.

It is human nature to divert our attention to loud or shocking distractions.  And in recent years, such distractions have become big business, garnering a great deal of attention.  Whether it is talking heads on the news, on sports talk TV or radio, and even athletes who talk big off the field, we find ourselves paying attention when we’d all be better off to look away, change the channel and ignore it.

If you’re looking for someone whose actions speak loudly and proudly, look no further than Mookie Betts, the great Boston Red Sox outfielder and American League MVP.  As an athlete, there’s no disputing the strength of his actions.  On their way to the 2018 World Series win, Mookie batted .346 with 80 RBIs.  As an outfielder he dazzled everyone with his range, his unbelievable catches, and his incredible throwing arm.

Even more impressive are Mookie’s actions OFF the field.  Mookie’s interviews are never about Mookie.  Rather, he continuously raises up his teammates and, coaches and the people he believes have helped him along the way.  Mookie is modest!

You may have heard that Mookie was seen out very late the night after the Red Sox won Game 2 of the World Series.  With no fanfare at all, Mookie and his cousin were outside the public library in downtown Boston on a frigid late night/early morning.  What were they doing?  The library is an area where many of Boston’s homeless congregate.  Mookie had brought tons of hot food to provide to those unfortunate folks on a very cold night.  When he was recognized by someone leaving a nearby club, Mookie finished his task of feeding those folks, and he disappeared.  No publicity expected or wanted.  And…none needed.  His actions speak volumes about Mookie, the man.

People like Mookie Betts represent the very best of us.  Is he a great baseball player?  Of course…among the very best.  What makes him a great athlete, however, is his great humanity.  He is humble, he keeps the focus on others, and he exhibits his core beliefs through his actions.  He is not a big talker.  He is all about action, and that makes him the ideal role model to hold up to our kids.


This is an early reminder that your Winter Deposit will be due on January 15th.  We’ll send you a notice early next month about that.

The 2018 Memory Books are really nice, and they have been mailed out to all campers who purchased one.  We hope you enjoy it.

Our reunion tour continues this month with visits in Ohio, Texas, California and then Colorado next month.  Please check the reunion calendar below for the dates of reunions near you.

CincinnatiTuesday, December 47 PM
ClevelandThursday, December 67 PM
HoustonSaturday, December 82 PM
San DiegoFriday, December 147 PM
Los AngelesSaturday, December 152 PM
DenverSunday, January 202 PM


At the reunions we show a shortened version of our 2018 Reunion Video.  Well, you can now access the full Directors’ Cut online.  This is 60 minutes of 2018 camping fun, friendship, and goofiness all on one screen for your viewing pleasure.

To watch the 2018 Reunion video, just click here and ENJOY!  AND PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS GET TO SEE IT TOO!!!!  Thanks.


We have sent out a bunch of information regarding camp for next summer to you.  Please be sure to check your email inbox and let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you very soon.


Andy Abaroa – 12/01, Eden Kaplan – 12/02, Henry Styles – 12/02, Zachary Styles – 12/02, Devon Bierman – 12/03, Erica Florimonte – 12/03, Jake Flom – 12/04, Danny Radi – 12/04, Sam Siwak – 12/04, Joe Dattilo – 12/08, Will Fiegen – 12/09, Juan Pablo Corral – 12/10, Holly Jones – 12/10, Gavin Gordon – 12/11, Alexander Zlotnik – 12/11, Henry Coen – 12/12, Zachary Hearst – 12/12, Bill Miller – 12/12, Daniel VanBuren – 12/13, Leslie Cohen – 12/18, Noah Morales – 12/19, Oliver Morales – 12/19, Reis Lourie – 12/26, Zane Frey – 12/27, Gabe Schultz – 12/27, Andrew Karmin – 12/28, Jeff Melrose – 12/29, Jacob Rosenstein – 12/29, Alex Goldberg – 12/30.


We hope you all have a fun and relaxing holiday break coming up.  If you get out and explore a little, be sure to send us some photos and news of your journeys.  We will write again soon with some great info about returning campers and staff.  Happy Holidays!!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin