Who’s Who at Camp – April, 2019

Hi Folks,

Time is flying!!  In fact, next month we’ll start posting our blog from the beautiful Northwoods!  Wow!

We want to recap some big news for you:

  1. OUR NEW PARENT WEBINAR IS COMING UP!  If you are a first-time Timberlane Parent, we invite you to join us live.  We’ll have a presentation for you that will explain in detail some of the preparations for you leading up to your son’s departure for camp.  You will be able to ask questions, and we’ll have a good ol’ time.  Usually this takes about an hour.  To join the webinar, you just need a computer.  The details:
    • Date: Tuesday, April 23rd
    • Time: 7:30 PM Central Daylight Time
    • Link:  https://zoom.us/j/8618266958
    • If you’re unable to join us live, we’ll record the webinar and send you a link to pull up some popcorn and watch it at your convenience.
  2. We have partnered with Waldo Photography for those who want to have photos taken of their camper during the summer sent directly to your cell phone.
    • Remember, this is an optional service.  You do NOT need to subscribe to Waldo to be able to see all the photos we post during the summer.
    • If you want to subscribe, please text TIMBERLANE19 to 735-343
  3. We have also partnered with Expert Online Training to provide all Timberlane families with access to Prep4Camp.  This is a program that includes some videos and other material to help you and your camper(s) be prepared for an excellent summer.  To access that, please click here.
Wehave a few more lucky guys who will join us this summer, including “old-timers” CHARLIE CALLEN of Oak Park, IL; CHARLIE CARROLL of Chicago, IL; CHRISTIAN SHAEFFER of Mission Hills, KS; and MATT SILVERMAN of Cincinnati, OH.

Welcome aboard to the following first-year guys who have become Timberlane Campers! BENNETT CROSBY of San Diego, CA; and DJ LEVINSON and MICAH REICHMAN of St. Louis, MO.  We are so excited to see you all this summer!!

We are so close to the start of camp, and our staff is AMAZING!  We have filled all but just a few spots, and we’re incredibly pleased with the results.  So many applications…so many interviews all leading up to a great group of men and women to make this summer unforgettable!

Welcome back to the following “old-timers” who are back for another summer:


JACOB BURING It has been about 10 years, but Jacob is now back for his 6th summer at camp.  He is 24 years old and is a senior at the University of Wyoming, majoring in Architectural Engineering.  As a camper, Jacob was way into Archery, Riflery, and Waterskiing.  As a college student, he is big into snow boarding.  He has also taken photography classes. This summer Jacob will be a Senior Counselor, helping with Waterskiing, Archery, Riflery, and DOTO.  Something you may not know about Jacob: “I compete in architectural design competitions and snowboarding competitions.”
GIZELLE DELGADILLO This will be Gizelle’s 2nd summer at camp.  She is from Veracruz, Mexico, and she is 21 years old (turning 22 this summer).  She is in her fourth year of an English major at the University of Veracruz.  Entering into last summer, Gizelle had some kitchen and restaurant experience, and she did a great job as part of our Kitchen Staff.  She will again be part of the Kitchen Staff this summer.  Something you may not know about Gizelle: “As part of my social service at my university, I’ve been teaching English to kids with disabilities and it’s been amazing!”
ERICA FLORIMONTE Summer number 4 coming up for Erica!  She is 29 years old, and she lives in Milford, OH.  Erica has several jobs during the “off-season,” including working as a substitute teacher at the high school from which she graduated.  How cool is that?  Erica has helped maintain and even raise the bar on the way our trip leading staff works together and with the campers.  She knows how to make trips so much fun, and she has tons of outdoor leadership experience.  We are happy to welcome her back for another summer as a Tripper!
RYAN MC DONOUGH Ryan is back for his 5th summer as a Wilderness Trip Leader! He is 27 years old and lives and works in Milford, OH.  Over his summers, Ryan has proven to be an important resource and leader within our Trips Program.  He is a paddler, a hiker, and a solid climber (might even say…”rock solid!”).  In fact, he’s been climbing at a new local gym and taking trips to the Red River Gorge to climb with his younger brother.  And he has great passion for sharing those skills and experience with our campers.  We are very fortunate to have another summer with Ryan!
GUS WOODS Summer number 2 coming up for Gus.  He is from Harden, Australia where he works as a lead mechanic for his family trucking company.  Gus will turn 24 this summer and he will again be a Senior Counselor, will co-direct our gigantic Waterski program, and will help keep our boats in great running order!  Something you may not know about Gus: “This will be my fourth summer in a row with no winters in two years due to travel and camp.”

And take a look at the following fantastic first-year folks (pretty good alliteration!) joining us this summer!

MARY COLEMAN Mary is a Registered Nurse from Marion, IN.  She is 42 years old and has worked in psychiatric care settings for the past several years.  Her work has involved treating children in treatment centers and in home health settings.  Mary is also an avid outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking and being in Nature.  She joins our health care staff as our 3rd Camp Nurse.  Something you may not know about Mary: “I can play some guitar and piano, however I get stage fright so I have a hard time doing it in front of other people. I had pet ferrets for about ten years and found them to be very interesting creatures. I worked as a craps dealer in a casino for 6 years so I am really good at math.”
JULIA DRAG From Gdanzk, Poland we are joined by 25 year old Julia.  She is currently in her 2nd year of a Masters program in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Warsaw. For ten years, Julia was a Girl Scout.  She was an assistant team leader,  responsible for preparing summer and winter camps three weeks long for kids between 10 and 16 years old.  Those camps  included wilderness trips, hikes, kayaking, canoeing, pioneering  first aid classes,  wild edible plants courses, wildlife tracking and more.  She has also camped and traveled around Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.  And she’s into biking and yoga.  This summer, Julia will join us as a Wilderness Trip Leader.  Something you may not know about Julia: “I play on surdo (a large, low-tuned drum) but at camp most probably you will see me with my ukulele.”
LUCAS KRAUSE Lucas is a 23 year old student from Lower Saxony, Germany.  He is in his 4th year of university, studying Mechanical Engineering.  Lucas is a sports enthusiast, loves soccer, and is way into Mountain Biking.  His home town is full of great trails, and in his experience he has become proficient at repairing bicycles.  He plays tennis and volleyball as well.  And as the oldest cousin in his family, Lucas has often found himself responsible for caring for lots of cousins, keeping them happy and busy.  This summer he will be a Senior Counselor, will head up our Mountain Biking program, and help out with Tennis, Soccer and Volleyball.
EIMEAR MC COY Eimear is 19 years old and joins us from outside of Dublin, Ireland.  She is in her 2nd year at Glasgow Caledonian Univeristy studying Dietetics and Human Nutrition.  Growing up, Eimear babysat for a family with 3 kids for many years.  She was also a volunteer badminton coach for kids 7-13 years old.  Eimear enjoys Yoga, Tennis, and many other active sports.  This summer she will be Andy Melrose’s nanny.  Something you may not know about Eimear: “Spiders terrify me!! When I was younger I use to cry my eyes out every time I saw a spider. As I’ve gotten older my ‘fear’ has got much better but all my friends still love to make fun of me for it! Let’s hope I don’t come into contact with too many spiders in camp! “
TOMAS RANGEL From Hidalgo, Mexico, we are joined by Tomas.  He is 25 years old and has a degree in Environmental Sciences & Sustainable Development.  He has coached youth soccer and other sports.  Tomas has a traveler’s heart, and he loves hiking and camping, currently on a lengthy solo trip in South America.  This summer, Tomas will join us as a Wilderness Trip Leader.  Something you may not know about Tomas: “My passion is traveling around the world discovering new places and making new friends. I love to be in contact with the nature and the animals, especially dogs.”
ADAM SANDOR Adam is 20  years old and he joins us from Budapest, Hungary.  As a young adult, Adam has worked with children in varying roles, coaching soccer, supervising a woodworking shop, and as a firearms instructor at a shooting range.  After high school, Adam volunteered as a social worker at a residential  facility for people with learning impairments.  This summer Adam will be a Senior Counselor helping in our Woodcrafts, Riflery, and Mountain Biking program.  Something you may not know about Adam: “The key to my heart is orange juice.”
JASS TABRIZ From the Isle of Wight in the UK, we are joined by 33 year old Jass.  He has a degree in Creative Writing and Journalism from Middlesex University, and has been working as a private English teacher in Spain.  He has also been a mentor in London or asylum seekers, and most of all, Jass adores experiencing and guiding outdoor adventures.  He has done multiple trips in places like Turkey, Patagonia, Portugal, Spain and elsewhere.  This summer he joins us as a Wilderness Trip Leader.  Something you may not know about Jass: “I used to play national-level chess up till the age of 12 throughout the U.K. “
BOBBY THORNTON Bobby is from Springfield, IL and is 22 years old (turning 23 this summer).  He is currently an outdoor education instructor at a year ’round camp in Ozark, IL, teaching kids outdoor skills and the principles of team building & leadership development. Among his areas of expertise is Archery, and Bobby is a Certified USA Archery Level 2 Instructor. He also has a lot of experience with Rock Climbing, Canoeing, and more. This summer Bobby will be a Senior Counselor, will head up our Archery program, and help with Guitar, Mountain Biking, Canoeing and Rock Climbing.  Something you may not know about Bobby: “In my spare time I like long walks on the beach, listening to music, oh yeah, and getting punched in the face… I love mixed martial arts! I’ve been studying Muay Thai kick boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and various other martial art forms since I was about 11 years old and in the past few years have decided to step into the competitive circuit.”


We will write another post in early May…our last one from Tucson.  Then we’ll have more info for you later in the month, which we will post from CAMP!   Enjoy the rest of April!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin