Warm Socks! Notes from Camp – April, 2019

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We LOVE this video!  This is our favorite of all of our Parent Testimonial videos.  In this one, our experts talk about the changes they see in their kids when they get home from camp.  We think it speaks volumes about the real power of camp!  Thanks to all the parents who helped us put these videos together!

In this post you’ll find:


Warm socks?  But…it’s April.  The weather is warming up, and we’re focused on the upcoming summer!  Warm socks?!

Sure.  Why does someone put on warm socks?  Because it helps with cold feet!  Get it?  No?  And we thought it was so clever…

Some kids out there may be experiencing varying degrees of “cold feet” about going to camp.  And let’s be clear about this; just like possible occurrence of homesickness, cold feet is not something we might only expect in first-time or younger campers.  Not at all.  In fact, it’s a normal reaction to any transitional time or experience, and camp is a biggie.  So what to do?  Break out the warm socks.

That’s a metaphor, by the way.  Warm socks that parents can give their kids who have cold feet about camp include:

  • A willing ear – listen to what your kids have to say!  If we dismiss their concerns, those concerns do not go away.  Often times just knowing he is being heard is all it takes to provide reassurance.
  • Reassurance.  If your son is new to camp, remind him how much time and energy you put into choosing Timberlane for him (very wise choice, by the way!)  Let him know you are confident this is the right camp for who he is, and the directors and counselors are ready to welcome him to our camp family, help him feel connected, and make sure he has a great time.
    • If your returning camper has cold feet, remind him of how he felt when things were at their best last summer.  That feeling is just waiting for him to hop off the bus and get right back into the swing of camp.
  • Express confidence in him!  Camp is not something that happens “to” a camper.  It is highly interactive, and that means that much of the success of the summer is derived from each and every camper.  Your son is going to make the summer a big success for himself and for others.  Remind him the only really important skill he needs to bring to camp is being friendly!  He’s got that, and that means he’s gonna thrive in our camp environment.
  • Speaking of other kids, remind him about all the awesome campers and counselors who are his soon-to-be friends!  He’s gonna hang out with guys from all over the country and counselors from all over the world!  Are you kidding?  That’s just incredible!
  • We are the Fun Pros!  We take fun very seriously.  Make sure he remembers he is going to a place that specializes in having fun!  Fun and very cool activities (some he may already know and love, others he will get to discover), opportunities to go on spectacular (and fun) trips, and a myriad of ways we have perfected for having big league fun!  His counselors have PhDs in Funology (may not be an actual course of study, but it should be!)

Those steps can make a huge difference for him.  But what about you?

Yes, there are Warm Socks for parents who are having cold feet about their kids going to camp.  Don’t feel bad….it happens sometimes.  Your warm socks include:

  • The research you did to pick Timberlane.  You did it well, and you’ve got an appreciative team here excited to prove you right!
  • Understanding that your son stands to learn SO much at camp that will help him years down the road.  He won’t even realize he’s acquiring all this valuable experience and insight, but he is!  Our setting gives us enormous advantages over the comforts of home to help your son expand his confidence, his sense of self, and his understanding of how to handle life’s challenges when they come his way.  Just you wait.  You’ll see.
  • Parents need a little practice being away from their kids, just like kids need the practice of being away from home (and thriving!).  You don’t want your son to fall apart when college comes knocking at his door.  Well, it won’t help if you fall apart either.  Camp is a short stint, and it gives you a chance to reflect, to relax, and to pat yourself on the back for giving your son the amazing opportunities of camp.


We just want to make sure y’all have downloaded your Parent Handbook.  It’s not going to win any literary prizes, but it is important information for you.  Please click here to download it, or you can access it from your Keylog page.

We have mailed out Little Brother information to all of our Big Brother guys so far.  Not all of our returning campers finishing 8th and 9th grades have Little Bros this year.  However, we will have some more new campers on the way, so some of you may be asked to be a Big Bro in the coming weeks.

It is really important that your Big Brother campers  CALL (which is different from texting, Snapchatting, etc) their little brother by the end of April. Please encourage and support them as they reach out and make a new friend. It may feel a little awkward at first, but they will have the bond of camp with each other, and the’re just getting it started a little early. Parents, if your son is a new camper, please let us know if you don’t hear from his big brother by the end of this month.


We cordially invite you to our New Camp Parent Webinar!  This is a chance for us to share some clear explanations of the paper work we ask for from you, talk about packing your son up for camp, handling medical questions, dealing with any homesickness that may occur, lots of good info.   After our presentation, we will have a Q&A for you as well.

We will be doing this webinar on Zoom, .  Here are the details:

DATE: Tuesday, April 23rd
TIME: 7:30 PM CDT (That’s 5:30 PM PDT, 6:30 PM MDT, and 8:30 PM EDT)
MEETING LINK:  Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/8618266958 

All you need is a computer with an internet connection.  And don’t worry, we’re going to email all parents of first-year campers with these details ahead of the meeting.


This is a reminder that we have some really cool, and mostly free training opportunities available to you.  Fun things like Lifeguard Training (including First Aid and CPR), Boat Driver Training, etc.  Please click here to see the list of staff currently signed up for these courses.  If you’d like to be included, you can sign up on your Keylog page.  If you have any questions, call or email us.  Thanks.

Be Sure to Check your Staff Keylog Page!!  There, you’ll find:

  • Your “official” way to sign up for extra training like Boat Driver, LGT, and LGT or CPR re-certs.
  • Your Travel-to-Camp plans. It is time to start getting that sorted out.
  • Your Tax forms.  Uncle Sam (a.k.a. the US Government) requires a new form every year.
  • W4, WT4, and I9.
  • Packing Lists to use as a guideline.  Separate list for international staff who need to travel lighter.
  • STAFF MANUALS!  So much important stuff  you get to read, read, read!
  • Trip Leader Manual.  We’ll hand all trip leaders a paper version when you arrive at camp, but it’s a great idea for trip leaders to preview this and become familiar with it.

Please don’t forget to log into your CampDoc account and complete your Health Profile.


Whoah!  What an amazing summer of trips we have this summer!  If you haven’t seen our 2019 Trips Calendar yet, please be sure to check it out.  You can find it by clicking here.

Here is a Top 5 Reasons Why Trips Rock:

#5)  You will go to places that very few other people have gone.  Beautiful, natural places with wildlife and spectacular views everywhere you look.  Such stories you’ll have to tell your parents and your friends at home.

#4)  You will be with amazing and VERY cool trip leaders who show you how to live, have fun, and stay safe in the wilderness.

#3)  Without realizing it, you will learn you are stronger, and more powerful than you imagined.  Trips are an incredible shot of confidence!

#2)  You will eat food you help cook. Live in tents you help build.  Travel by your own power.  In other words, you’ll see how truly capable a person you are!  Think that might come in handy down the road?

#1)   Let’s just put it out there.  You will not shower while you’re on a trip.  Neither will anyone else, so it’s okay!

A few of our trips are available for pre-registration, including the Isle Royale 10 day Backpack trip (1st session), the Isle 6 day trip (2nd session), the Sand River (1st session), the Quetico (2nd session), and the Apostle Islands (either session).  Check the Trips Calendar online to see what’s offered when.  You can sign up for any of these by having your parents send us an email.  That’ll get you out there!!

If this is your first summer coming up, never you worry!  You will have some AMAZING opportunities to get out on beautiful, remote trips, if you want.  These longer trips that are available for pre-registration are for kids with lots of camping experience.  Hey!  That could be you in the not-too-distant future!


Harry Barr – 04/04, Michael Gordon – 04/04, Jordan Plocker – 04/04, Julia Drag – 04/06, Lucas Krause – 04/06, Fintan Wilson – 04/07, Ollie Ara – 04/08, Charlie Callen – 04/08, Owen Monieson – 04/08, Ethan Letwat – 04/10, Daniel Solot – 04/11, Jack Franzke – 04/12, Kobe Cerra – 04/13, Nate Gale – 04/13, Santiago Gutierrez – 04/14, Julia Klimroth – 04/14, Zachary Liss – 04/14, Ashton Mazza – 04/15, Evan Bloom – 04/18, Daniel Friedland – 04/18, Blake Lehrer – 04/18, Josh Meyer – 04/18, Rory Evans – 04/19, Aaron Berns – 04/21, Zach Kallmeyer – 04/21, Matthew Paley – 04/22, Evan Goreham – 04/23, Eimear Mc Coy – 04/23, Noah Coen – 04/24, Nikki Moscinski – 04/24, Noah Sexter – 04/24, Adam Stewart – 04/25, Levi Raskin – 04/26, Calvin Reid – 04/26, Jass Tabriz – 04/26, Hitch Hitchens – 04/27, Simon Kanovitz – 04/27, DJ Levinson – 04/28, Evan Waldman – 04/29.


We are rounding out the remaining spots on our staff.  We’ve had a great winter and spring for staffing, and we have a few more folks to introduce to you.  That will come in the days ahead.

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin