TimberNews Fit to Print – January, 2019

Hi Everyone!

We know that a lot of you around the country are experiencing a serious cold snap, and we hope you can hang in there!  Even here in Tucson we’ve had colder than normal weather with a lot of rain (for us, anyway).  Once we get past these few upcoming weeks, we’ll see the weather improving, getting warmer, and before you know it, summer will arrive!  Just keep smiling!!

We have had lots of reunions and the winter holidays came and went, so we’ve got plenty of news to share with you.  Let’s get right to it!


In Chicago, JARED SAEF is in his school’s advanced choir, and ran into SAM “PICKLES” KAHN at a recent gig at the Lincoln Park Zoo. He also bumped into DUSTIN COHEN over winter break at a Chicago supermarket.  And Jared met up with JUSTIN KEMP and CHRISTINE HENRI during a trip to Boston. LEVI RASKIN has totally gotten into chemistry at school.  He’s also built a 3D printer and he’s gotten into sculpture.  Some college decisions have been made!  Congrats to CASEY MUTCHNIK who will be a Wildcat at Northwestern University next year, and to ALEXANDER ZLOTNIK who will be a Buffalo at the University of Colorado, Boulder! 

While we’re at it congrats to ZACH KALLMEYER, from Cleveland, who will also be attending Northwestern next year.  Also in Cleveland, JAVVY VALLEJO-MCCANN is a busy guy.  He is on his school’s swim team, sings in a barbershop quartet,  and had the role of chimney sweep in a school production of “Mary Poppins.”   GAVIN GORDON is in Nashville and has been playing hockey, lacrosse, and doing some mountain biking.  BUDDY ASKENAZI is in Denver and playing basketball and baseball.  In Ohio, RYAN MCDONOUGH is building a bouldering wall in his basement.  ERICA FLORIMONTE is teaching at the high school she attended, and spending free time working on her photography skills.  HOLLY JONES was on another of her famed road trips recently, and included a stop here in Tucson.  IVY MOLLS is working at an elementary school outside of Madison as a classroom assistant. 

Congrats to JONATHAN VERA who graduated last month from college in Mexico with a degree in Environmental Science and Sustainable Development.  In the UK, JUSTIN LOWRY is working as an interviewer for one of the agencies that help people get visas to work in American summer camps.  Later this month he’ll start a new job working with an organization teaching kids through outdoor adventure activities.  In the meantime he had his own “Brexit,” and spent the last few weeks traveling around South America!

In Nashville, JACK SCHWARCZ has been playing soccer, running track, and he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah waaay back in early November!  JACKSON SCHNEIDER also celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in November, and he has been playing hockey.   He is also going to help NOAH SEXTER celebrate his Bar Mitzvah in Maryland.  CAM GORDON has been playing basketball and football, and got to take in several Titans games.  OWEN SHAFFER has been busy with rock climbing and photography.  CONNOR O’NEIL has been playing basketball.  Lacrosse and Frisbee are keeping JACK DERIESTHAL busy, and DILLON ARONOFF is into photography.  JUDE ESKIND has been playing basketball, and MICHAEL DATTILO is busy with wrestling and hockey.  JOSEPH DATTILO says he’s learning to speak Chinese.  NOAH WISNIEWSKI says he’s learning some Spanish.  JACOB VINER says he’s been learning French.  Something is going on there….

Cincinnati finds JACK SILVER playing tennis and doing some skiing over the winter holidays.  He’s also into cooking.  MATTHEW SILVERMAN was playing soccer on his school team, and he’s into cooking too.  Mathew and Jack started their own company called Classic Stickers (classicstickers.com).  Pretty sure they sell some cool stickers there.  JACK ROSEN is playing piano and will start up baseball this spring.

In Cleveland, JUDAH VALLEJO-MCCANN has been helping out with his new baby brother, and is on a swim team.  MATTHEW KALLMEYER is running the 200 meter in track, and playing indoor soccer.  ZAVION STEELE is the photographer for his school newspaper.

On to San Diego, and JOEY HANDELSMAN played QB on his flag football, is playing basketball and soccer, and gave some adults lessons in Fortnite dancing.  LEO HANDELSMAN has been playing baseball, basketball, flag football (he’s QB), and was way into fantasy football.  Both guys spent an extra week in northern Wisconsin after camp, and worked on their waterskiing, and are both slalom skiing.

The LA area finds LEO WEISS playing basketball and baseball, taking an art class, and considering playing lacrosse.  HUGO WEISS is playing baseball, basketball, and soccer.  ILAN REISS is into hockey season and is all healed up.  HENRY BERKSON is at a new school this year, and he’s playing water polo. AIDEN SCHARFF is going to school in New Hampshire, and is playing basketball.  JORDAN FREUND is doing gymnastics, fire poi, and is taking care of his pet geckos and a new puppy.

In Houston,HARRY  SMITH is in an advanced math class, is setting up his own YouTube channel, and has started a business reselling Supreme shirts.  ANDREW MUKAVITZ is playing soccer, and plays stand up bass in his school orchestra.  RORY EVANS also plays the stand up bass in the orchestra.  He played fall baseball, and is playing lacrosse.  DIEGO VILLA is playing soccer and on a swim team.  NATE WALTON has been hitting the gym, playing some ping pong, and is looking forward to camp!  JOHNATHAN ROBERTSON is playing chess, was on the stage crew of a production, and is jogging.  

And in Denver, BRADY DAWSON is playing lacrosse and is in a ski club at Beaver Creek.  BLAKE LEHRER is playing basketball and skiing on weekends at Winter Park.  EDEN KAPLAN was elected mayor of “Young Ameritown”, was MC of his school’s talent show, and is reading a lot.  LIAM HITCHENS has been playing flag football and basketball.  TOBY ASKENAZI has been playing basketball and baseball. JACKSON TURNER is going to school in Carbondale, CO, and is competing in a high school rock climbing league.  He has won two competitions, which is amazing for a freshman!

A snowy day in Kansas City inspired GAVIN GREENWOOD to go outside and build a campy snowman!  JEREMY KALISHMAN got to spend some time in the sun and warmth in Florida over the holidays.  Going the opposite direction, CARSON CRANE went out to Colorado where he met up with BRADY DAWSON and they spent the day skiing together.

In Chicago, JORDAN PLOCKER has been playing guitar, drums, and keyboard, a little basketball, and is on the kids’ board of a charitable organization called the Gratitude Generation.  LEO SCLAMBERG took in a Bulls game recently, which is no big deal.  But being Leo, it became a VERY big deal as he played guitar and sang at the half-time intermission!!!  Amazing!  And he won the talent competition.  While playing in a soccer tournament in Orlando, BEN KADEN paid a visit with JEFF MELROSE.  In Seattle, ELI WACKSMAN was a skiing madman over the holidays, with trips to Big Sky and Park City. COLE KAPLAN is back home in Atlanta after an amazing trip to Argentina and Patagonia.  


Next posting will have some very cool news in it.  A little preview?  Sure…we’re starting a brand new program at camp this summer!!  Stay tuned!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin