Notes from Camp, September, 2020

Hi Folks,

Just like that summer has passed us by and the offseason has started. While the weather is still nice here in Chicago, about a week ago when I left camp it was a warm 37 degrees. The leaves are slowly changing up north and it is very quiet. We have started on some projects for next summer, and now are shifting gears towards summer 2021 – the best and biggest summer yet!

We want to wish you good luck in the school year.  We know it might look different than normal but make sure you listen to your teachers and do your work. During this offseason remember that June is closer than you think and soon the busses will be driving down camp road. You’ll get the familiar feeling of getting off the buses and reuniting with your friends and staff. These things will help all of us get through the offseason.


Exciting News!

I am excited to announce that Prestin Cooke will be joining me in the office this offseason. Prestin will be Assistant Director focusing on operations and logistics during the offseason and summer. Prestin is originally from Tucson and spent 3 summers at camp. During those summers she helped in the office, taught yoga, and worked at the ski docks. Last year Prestin was an AmeriCorps member working for a non profit organization in Chicago, Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago. I am excited to welcome Prestin aboard.




We don’t want to forget to mention that we have opened enrollment for next summer, and already have lots of kids signed up.  We invite you to REGISTER YOUR CAMPER as soon as possible.


The world looks very different than a normal fall and we are working at finding different ways to gather as a community. Please pay attention to your email for more information.


Not only is word-of-mouth referrals the #1 way we enroll new campers, it is also a key to how our community feels so close together. This month we launched our Ambassador referral program and hope that you will join others in sending new campers our way.  Sending us information about a prospective family is so easy…just click HERE.    We are counting on you, and we thank you in advance for your help.


Judah Vallejo-McCann 9/2, Christian Sieve 9/3, Zachary Lehrer 9/3, Michael Cohn 9/5, Joey Flom 9/6, Jeremy Cohn 9/7, Gavin Greenwood 9/9, Hugo Weiss 9/9, Rick Jones 9/9, Jackson Ford 9/10, Graham Elliot 9/11, John Kossin 9/13, Jackson Mazza 9/14, Archie Merritt 9/14, Blake Ablin 9/15, Joey Handelsman 9/15, Matthew Miechowicki 9/15, Solomon Mervis 9/16, Juan Rodriguez 9/16, Aidan Latz 9/18, Cole Bernstein 9/19, Ari Singer 9/19, Payton Friedman 9/20, Vladimir Rangel 9/20, Jaden Walkowiak 9/21, Xiomara Villaquiran 9/21, Jeremy Kalishman 9/22, Jacob Viner 9/22, Ryan Acree 9/24, Curtis Fann 9/24, Elliot Rubin 9/25, Aidan Mease 9/26, Sam Kline 9/26, Benjamin Siwak 9/29, Gavin Eriksen 9/30

Now that we’ve arrived in the “off-season,” we will send you a few postings each month.   Please keep in touch with us, everyone.  We hope to see you all soon!

Benches up,

Sam and Prestin