Notes from Camp – May, 2021

Hi Folks,

In this posting you will find:


Summer is coming to the Northwoods, the weather is slowly starting to warm up. The warmer weather gives us a chance to put the boats in and get camp looking nice for the campers. The pontoon was the first boat to be dropped into Towanda this spring. The pontoon is still the same pontoon but with a brand new Motor!!

Starting the motor for the first time got me thinking about how something so familiar (the same pontoon for years) could be so exciting with something new. This new but familiar feeling is a great way to think about not just this summer but every summer we have at camp. Returning campers and staff experience the familiar feeling coming back to a familiar place and seeing familiar faces, but there is so much excitement from the new staff and campers. New campers and staff, there will be a lot of new for you at first, but very quickly it will all seem very familiar to you, just like home. 

This summer is going to be filled with many moments that are familiar and new.  We are going to be eating fantastic food from Bill Miller like we have for so many years, but we will all get to enjoy eating outside on picnic tables (made beautifully by Daniel Van Buren). 

The familiar feeling at camp is what makes it feel like home, but it is the new faces and new aspects of camp that make each summer exciting. We know that this summer we are going to have a lot of new experiences and we are so excited to have everyone join us!


BILLING: It is that time, folks.  May 15th is the due date for completing your balance payment for camp.  If you have not yet paid your camp balance, please take care of that.  PLEASE REFER TO YOUR CampInTouch PAGE TO SEE ALL OF YOUR ACCOUNT STATEMENT DETAILS! 

If you have questions about your camp account, please give us a call.

SENDING US MAIL TO CAMP:  If you need to send anything to us (i.e. your payment), please send everything to the camp address at this point.  The address is:

US Mail:

PO Box 1188
Woodruff, WI.  54568

UPS, Fed Ex, Non-US Mail:

11400 Airport Rd.
Woodruff, WI.  54568

REMEMBER THE DEADLINE FOR SENDING MEDICATIONS TO CAMP FOR 1ST SESSION IS JUNE 11TH. 2nd session and 8-Week refill deadline is July 8th to ship your camper’s medications to camp.


We have our Pop Up Shop open until Wed May 12th. Use the following link to order some sweet TimberGear!

If you are going to buy logo’d items from the Everything Summer Camp website, you should place your order by the middle of this month to assure receipt of your items before the start of camp.

CAMPER TRAVEL:   Information for campers traveling to camp on June 17th will be  posted on your CampInTouch page.  Additionally, we will send that same information along with baggage tags via US Mail at the very beginning of June.   Information for campers joining us 2nd Session will be uploaded to the CampInTouch page in late June, and mailed along with baggage tags in very early July.

TRAVEL PLAN CHANGES: Please note that any changes to your son’s travel plans must be confirmed with us at least one week prior to travel days to avoid extra charges.  Additions to any of our buses will be available only if we have open seats at that time.

And finally, this is one more reminder that all medical records and camper profile forms must be submitted by May 15th.  If you have any questions about that, please let us know.



If you have been assigned a camp Little Brother, please remember that you are to CALL (not text, email, tweet) your little bro as soon as possible.  If your little bro is from another country, then you may email him.  Please try to get that done in the next few days.  Thanks very much.


We will see you all very soon!  Get pumped!!  We know, we know….you already are.  Some important reminders:

PAPER WORK: Hey, who doesn’t love paper work?  All of the forms listed above are downloadable from your CampInTouch page.  And from that same page you can see what we have already received, and what we still need.  Please contact us with any questions.

GETTING TO CAMP: Kinda important, eh?  We have heard from many of you regarding your plans, but many of you have not yet informed us of your plans.  Please do so right away. You can email us or you can just fill out the travel form on your CampInTouch page.

Family Camp:

After the great Family  Resort of 2020 we decided we need to offer Family Camp every summer after the campers go home. We are so excited to offer the opportunity for families to enjoy camp and see the wonder that the campers and staff always have. 

Use this link for all of the details for Family Camp 2021. 



Eli Garber 5/1, Graham Bischoff 5/1, Diana Santos 5/2, Jack Silver 5/4, Jack Rosen 5/4, Jackson Turner 5/6, Henry Brown 5/8, Aaron Gepner 5/11, Leo Sclamberg 5/12, Charlie Glass 5/13, Gabriel Rothenberg 5/13, Lucas Arora 5/14, Oliver Arora 5/14, Timofey Voronin 5/15, Corrie Hitchens 5/15, Milo Lopez 5/16, Isaac Schaffner 5/16, Joseph Lourie 5/17, Logan Hanover 5/17, William Adelman 5/18, Eddie Tepper 5/18, Akil Dickerson 5/20, Ben Goss 5/20, Wyatt Williams 5/20, Ben Wright 5/20, Nathan Thurlow 5/22, Lili Gonzalez 5/22, Ari Lourie 5/23, Bennett Crosby 5/26, Sebastian Alcazar 5/27, Rich Mc Gowan 5/27, Klay Baron 5/28, Shea Reynolds 5/28, Jaxson Kaelter 5/29, Hayden Roth 5/29, Milan Stag 5/30, Lucas Levy 5/31


Our next post will be made from the Northwoods!  We still have some campers and staff joining us, and we’ll tell you all about them.

Benches up,