Days of Camp – June 26th

Hi Folks

We are off and running! Quite literally, there has been a lot of running around. Campers are hanging out in their cabin pods these first couple days. It has been fantastic seeing the boys back at camp for the first time in 2 years.   

This will be a spot that we will have announcements periodically, so take a look. We don’t have any announcements right now.

The first couple of days we did some general housekeeping items, things like swim observations, physicals, and of course Trampball University. 

After a two week long staff training, our counselors and staff have been delighted to have all the campers here in camp. All of the things that we talked about and worked through in the last couple weeks are coming to fruition and it is easy to tell they are well prepared. 

The cabins have been all over camp playing tramp ball, disc sports, floor hockey…  you name it and a cabin is doing it. They have all been able to get close with the other boys in their cabin. They are also able to get a taste of what some of the activities are that they can sign up for this coming week. A lot of them are getting a chance to try different things that they never thought they would be interested in, but are loving them! 

The week of evening programs has been great! We started Monday with some cabin games and a nice way to welcome the boys to camp. Tuesday the boys did a staff Scavenger hunt to meet all of the staff members. Wednesday we had a great night of Storming the Castle. The boys as a cabin group had to complete a task to gain puzzle pieces and get a secret prize (canteen) at the end. Thursday night, last night, and tonight we are doing a rotation between the villages of an Egg Drop, Minute to Win It, and Campfire. 

A wonderful new addition to the summer has been our outdoor dining set up. We have had some gorgeous weather, minus a spat of heavy dew, allowing us to fully enjoy all that sharing meals outdoors has to offer. We all sit at picnic tables, sharing food and laughs. 

We are looking forward to an exceptional summer. The energy around camp is electric and I can’t wait to see how it amplifies throughout the next couple of weeks. 

We have some exciting days ahead with activities starting and some very fun evening programs in the works. 

Benches Up,