Notes from Camp – January, 2021

Hi Folks!


Happy New Year Timberlane Family, I hope that everyone had a nice and relaxing holiday break. Looking now towards school and activities resuming, the next steps that get us closer and closer to summertime!

As we turned the calendar into 2021 there are so many things to look forward to especially up at camp. We are looking forward to the boys getting up to camp and once again filling the place with laughter and joy. We know that the boys are going to need this summer so badly after such a strange year and half. Camp will give the boys a chance to be kids again and we are so looking forward to giving them that opportunity. 

There are so many reasons to send kids to camp and I do think in the world we are in today, it is important to remember the lessons that we learn at Timberlane and understand how they can transfer into our communities outside of camp. At Timberlane we focus on how our actions and values affect the larger camp community. Honesty and integrity are foundational to the Timberlane way and are qualities we instill in our campers and staff. We work all summer to give our campers and staff the understanding that honesty and integrity are vital qualities of successful individuals and communities. Historically cabins that have had this at their core are cabins that thrive throughout the summer. The boys come to camp with the intention of having a summer full of fun times and lasting friendships, but we hope along with that they are able to walk away with a greater understanding of what community means and their role in making it a better place.


Along with the arrival of the new year, there are a few things for you to do.  The Winter Deposit ($1000/camper/4 weeks & CITs, $2000/camper/full season) is due on Jan. 15th.  If you have selected to use e-check or credit card for camp payments,  your accounts will be billed automatically.  If you chose to pay by check, please direct your payment to our winter address in Chicago:

Camp Timberlane
PO Box 13430
Chicago, IL.  60613


We are so happy with the incredible response we’ve had so far from our returning staff, and we have some awesome prospective new counselors we’ll be interviewing this month.  As a reminder, if you are unable to confirm your plans to return to camp, that’s okay, but have started looking for great new folks to fill our openings.  So long as a spot remains available to you, we’ll happily welcome you back. If you have any questions, please call or email us.

And remember, your staff contract is all online now on your CampInTouch page.  It’s so darn easy to sign and submit it!  Maybe you should just go ahead and do that now!!  We want you all back!


Burgess Sonya 1/3,  Walton Nathaniel 1/4,  Frazier Ben 1/7,  Sexter Will 1/7,  Przylecki Cam 1/8,  Korn Viki 1/8,  Shaeffer Christian 1/10,  Salzer Sam 1/11,  Charles Willie 1/12,  Karmin Alex 1/14,  Anderson Henry 1/15,  Teich Coby 1/16,  Thurlow Joshua 1/16,  Askenazi Buddy 1/16,  Silverman Matt 1/17,  Jamil Montisse 1/18,  Wacksman Miles 1/18,  Rifkin Dylan 1/19,  Settler Miles 1/22,  Reardon Van 1/23,  Kaul Carter 1/25,  Berger Jack 1/26,  Wallner Christian 1/29,  Neeley Hunter 1/29,  Carroll Jay 1/30,


Later this month, we’ll update you on some campers and counselors who will be joining us this summer, and if you will share some stories and photos of your winter holiday escapades, we’ll share those too!

Benches up,

Sam & Prestin