Days of Camp – July 17, 2019

Hi Folks


We have some good news!  The intense heat wave that was predicted for our area later in the week has been toned down!!  Phew!  If we had to choose, I suppose we’d prefer too warm to too cold, but we really like the near-perfect weather we’ve been having these past few weeks.  If it gets super hot, that’s tough up here since we don’t have air conditioning.  It’s also extremely rare for it to happen, and we do have a lake to hang out in if we need it.  For now, we have some mid 80s for the next few days, then back into the lower 80s and upper 70s.  Nice!

Today we kicked off our regular activity schedule for the session.  It’s a plain Jane day at camp, and we love those.  At breakfast this morning we celebrated with some music to accompany our meal.  The boys got into it, especially when the last track “Twist & Shout” came on.  We were all up dancing and cleaning the tables at the same time.  If you haven’t tried that at home yet, we recommend it.

It is a gorgeous day today.  It’s sunny, the humidity isn’t too bad, and it’s warm.  Tonight we have a fun program in store.  It’s called “The Quest.”  We will divide all the kids into about 5 teams, mixing older and younger kids, new campers and veterans.  At the start, the boys will go on a scavenger hunt around camp for various items…a t-shirt, Rubik’s Cube, etc.  Once those items have been gathered, we’ll all convene in the Rec Hall, and bit by bit those items will be used in a task that representatives from each group will compete in.  For example, someone in the group will try to solve the Cube before kids in the other groups.  The t-shirt one is fun because sometimes kids have to fold 10 t-shirts faster than others….sometimes kids have to switch t-shirts with other kids of different size…it’s a very fun activity.

Yesterday we completed our pictures in the morning, enrolled all the boys in Trampball University so they could learn the ins and outs of the game (as well as the rules), and in the afternoon we had 2 activity periods.  All of the boys…4-weekers and 8-weekers…were eager to get going and they had an excellent afternoon.  After dinner we had our first Blue & White activity of the summer; Capture the Flag.

I’ve written about this before for 1st Session, so this is a brief synopsis.  It’s craziness.  3 separate games of Capture the Flag on the same fields at the same time.  Imagine the chaos (though it is semi-controlled).  It was a mild evening, which was perfect for all the running around we did.  And it was a perfect finish to a truly wonderful day.

We have all sorts of great stuff coming up later this week.  We’ve got some games scheduled with another camp; we’ve got our first campfire of the session coming up; we’ve got the Counselor Hunt, Casino Night, and much more.  And now that we know we won’t be sweltering, we can really look forward to all of it.


  • Northern Highlands, WI – 3 days lake canoeing
  • Quetico Provincial Park , Canada – 12 days lake canoeing

Before this session is over, we will have sent out almost 20 trips…this session alone!  These trips are SO much fun and such a great opportunity to get into the wilderness, stretch our comfort level, and connect with Nature.

We’ll write again very soon.

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin