Days of Camp – July 15, 2019

Hi Folks,

And….we’re back.  We had a little break in the camper action, added in some camper-parent action, and now we’re back to what we do best.  Hanging out with some of the coolest kids around.  So nice!

You may have heard about this already…in the last few days we have unveiled our new camp logo!  This was the result of some creative collaboration involving several people, including our Assistant Director, RICK JONES.  Rick is an art teacher and a highly accomplished artist in his own right, and we are so grateful for his contribution to this effort.  We’re going to use the original logo for lots of stuff too, and we really love the new look.

We are not the sharpest tools in the marketing and merchandising shed, but you CAN buy t-shirts and sweatshirts with the new logo.  In the coming weeks even more camp stuff will be available with the new logo.  We hope you like it.


If you’re new to our little journal here, welcome!  Some points to note.  If we have any important news to share with you, you’ll find it in the “Announcements” section.  We don’t always have announcements, so if it’s not there, don’t worry.  You didn’t miss anything.  And if it’s really important, you can also not worry…we’ll always send you an email with the super important stuff.

Also below you’ll find the “Future Trip Departures” section.  This is where we tell you about some of the incredible wilderness trips leaving camp.  If your son is signed up for one of them, then you will see that on your Keylog page.  So, for instance, if your son’s name is Otis, then you’d click on the link on your Keylog page that says “Otis’s Trips”, and there will be his list of trips.

This afternoon we are signing up for our 4th Series of activities, which is the first one of 2nd Session.  Those activities will begin tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll stay with those activities until the middle of next week.  Each time we sign up, we will post your son’s individual activity schedule online and you can see it through your Keylog page.  All you do is login, and click the “Otis’s Activities” link.

If your camper signs up for Sailing, it goes over a 2 period block.  Our lake, Lake Towanda, is ideal for waterskiing, but a little too calm for quality sailing.  We will still periodically sail on our lake, but far more often we go to a much larger lake named Big Arbor Vitae.  It’s about a 5 minute drive from camp.  And since we drive there, rig the boats, and then go sailing, we like to have more time for the sailors on the water.  So we use 2 periods.

If your son is out of camp on a trip, and misses an activity sign-up, it’s no big deal.  In fact, it’s awesome!  Trips are such an incredible opportunity, and where else can he do that?  When the trip gets back, we’ll get him signed up for the series, and we’ll post his schedule then.

Remember, you can also see the photos we post on our Waldo gallery.  We try to post pictures every day, and we hope you like ’em!

The Visiting Weekend was a smashing success thanks largely to our wonderful staff, our amazing camp parents, our fantastic campers, and especially to Mother Nature.  We couldn’t have drawn it up any better.  We had sunshine, warmth, and a very happy camp community.  Our visitors departed before lunch, and we had a little time to tidy up for our arriving 2nd session four-week campers.  The boys from Chicago and Milwaukee arrived right on time, and an hour or so later we had the kids who flew in to Minneapolis also arrive.  Most of ’em, anyway.  We did have one flight delay, and those guys had dinner on the way to camp and arrived in time to play along with their cabin mates at evening program.

After dinner there were lots of games going on to give the cabin groups some time together and start the whole bonding process.  It was a pleasant night, and the games were fun.  We had everyone return to their cabins and hold a “candlelight” ceremony.  In the old days, this was actually done with a lit candle.  These days, we use a flashlight.  The concept is the only person who can talk is the one holding the light.  We pass it around and ask each person in the cabin to tell everyone about himself and his goals for the summer.  It’s a nice ice breaker, and it also gives the counselors some insights into what each of their kids is hoping to accomplish.  Often times it’s activity or trip related, but not always.  Sometimes kids talk about being better at making new friends or being more responsible.  All in all, it’s a great way to kick off the session for the cabin group.

We got a little “heavy dew” (it never rains at camp) overnight, but we could sure use some more.  This morning it was sunny and incredibly beautiful.  We had breakfast, and then while our 8-week kids played in some activities, our 4-week boys visited with the nurses to do a quick check up.  Then they got into the warm waters of Lake Towanda and did a little swimming for our Waterfront Director.  It was a perfect morning and the lake felt great.

After we finish signing up for activities, we’ll have a program for our Big and Little Brothers to get together and spend some time with each other.  Little Brothers are first-year campers and Big Brothers are older, returning campers with whom we’ve paired them.  They’ll play a game and hang out a bit together.  Then we’ll have some free-period activities open for everyone, including the swim area, weather permitting.  We do have some wet weather in the forecast, so we may need to adjust to some alternative, indoor activities.

Tonight we have a fun program planned.  It’s called the Staff Scavenger Hunt and each cabin group will get a sheet with some tidbits of information about different members of our staff.  The counselors will position themselves around camp, and the kids will run around, interview the counselors, and try to fill out their sheet, checking off each person as they match the tidbit on the sheet.  We love this program because it involves some running around, and it gives the boys a chance to meet lots of counselors, beyond the ones in their own cabin.  Any guesses who on our staff at one time skated in the roller derby?

Tomorrow morning we’ll take some photos of the cabin groups and the whole camp, and then we will jump into activities.  And our first trip will depart after lunch.  Tomorrow night we’ll have a huge game of Capture the Flag, and camp will be in full swing.

We want to say a quick thanks to all the parents who came and visited us over the weekend.  We also want to thank everyone who has or is currently sharing their kids with us.  We are so grateful to be able to work with these amazing boys you’ve sent our way!


  • Interstate Park, MN/WI – 4 days rock climbing
  • Brule River, WI – 3 days river canoeing
  • Isle Royale Nat’l Park, MI – 6 days backpacking

We will write to you again very soon.

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin