Days of Camp – August 3, 2019 – Titans Day, Part 2

Hi Folks,

Well first of all, we owe you an apology.  The Part 1 posting for Titans Day was completed right after lunch.  And then we managed to fail to post it live.   We’re sorry about that.  Please read Part 1 first, okay?

On to Part 2:

Our afternoon worked out pretty well.  We had our delicious earlier lunch, we had a nice rest period, the sky cleared up, and we were able to get back out there.  We started out with the relays involving the speediest kids on all 4 teams.  And let me just tell you…they were fast!  After that we had the speediest counselors on each team run a relay, and they too were super quick.  Both races were over in about 10 minutes.  Zooooom!

We then completed the 2nd Series of events, and at that point, things were very close.  The gap between 1st & 2nd place was only 6 points.  It was 9 points between 2nd & 3rd, and a bigger spread of 21 points between 3rd & 4th.  Here’s the fun part, while maybe some enterprising kids might be able to get a general idea of where things stood, we keep it under wraps so no one figures it is time to throw in the towel too soon.  And with all the points still on the table between 3rd Series and the Tugs o’ War, anything could happen.  It didn’t…but it could have.

3rd Series was Bombardment, Checkers, Floor Hockey, Pentathlon, Plank Paddling (a 2 x 10 perpendicular to the canoe, a kid sitting on each side paddling, too much fun!), “Poseidon’s Fury” (also known as Waterfront Triathlon), “Prometheus’ Challenge” or…Firebuilding, Trampball, “The Trial of Apollo” which is Archery, Ultimate Frisbee, and Volleyball.  The sky had totally cleared, and it got hot outside!  Whoah!  The boys drank lots of water, and played hard all afternoon.

And finally, it was down to the Tugs o’ War.   We started with the staff tugs, and those were a bit lopsided.  Then it was the last event, the camper tug.  That was very exciting, with a few of them lasting more than a minute.  And in the end, we have…

Nike – 189
Dionysus – 181
Apollo – 169
Hades – 157

We are very proud of the campers and the staff for making this day fun and very sportsmanlike.  We are a tired camp right now, but that’s okay…tomorrow morning is Lazy Breakfast!

We’ll write again soon.

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin