Days of Camp – August 3, 2019 – Titans Day, Part 1

Hi Folks,


Well, it’s finally here.  TITANS DAY!  Camp is split up into 4 teams based on Greek or Roman Gods.  This summer the teams are:


So much preparation has gone into the planning of the day, with kids working on their Opening Ceremonies, their theme, placing kids into events they enjoy and have confidence in, and mostly building good spirit for the day.  Mother Nature is cooperating in a big way!  It’s sunny, the sky is cloudless, and we’re going to be warm today…mid-80s.  No complaints at all!

Opening Ceremonies were amazing!  Each team had 12 minutes to build a theme and explain who they are and why they will win the day.  All of them found a way to navigate their message towards pulling together, supporting each other, and having a fun day…even Hades!  The skits and songs and cheers were funny and clever, and everyone truly enjoyed it.  After the conclusion of the ceremonies, all of our Champions and Sages came together to raise the flag in a show of cooperation and sportsmanship.  A priceless moment.

From there we moved into Leg Wrestling.  Each village had their own wrestle royale.  Leg wrestling is interesting because you’d think every advantage goes to the biggest campers, but that’s not always the case.  Kids who are flexible and have good core strength often come out on top, so it’s always unpredictable.  And just to put it out there, leg wrestling is not like regular wrestling…it’s far lower risk.  Everyone finished in good health and spirits.

On to First Series of Events, which included Basketball, Checkers, Floor Hockey, Line Softball (a cool version of softball with no base running – Gods don’t run bases!), Soccer, Spikeball, Tennis, Trampball, and Tushball.  This was a fairly athletic series of events, but as you’ll see, over the course of the day there are plenty of areas for kids who aren’t so into sports to also shine.  The boys played hard, and the counselors did a great job of splitting their energy between cheering on their kids, and refereeing the events.

Then it was time for Second Series, which included Basketball, Checkers, “Hermes Gauntlet” – a waterfront obstacle course, Line Softball, Pentathlon, Riflery, Soap Carving, Soccer, Tennis, “The Path of Icarus” – AKA rock climbing, Trampball, and Tushball.  We got off to a great start, and then very quickly a storm cloud crept over us from the north.  So, in a brilliant move we delayed the finish of 2nd Series, and headed in to an early lunch.  After lunch we will have relays, will conclude the 2nd Series, and the move forward.  Lunch is going to be a high protein menu, and we have long had the tradition of making today’s lunch a silent lunch.  This is the one meal when we can actually here what everyone at the table is saying!  That will be followed by a well-deserved rest period.

As it stands now, things are close!  The difference between 1st & 4th is a pretty whopping 45 points.  However the gap from 1st to 2nd is only 10 points.  And if you think about it, we have not tabulated 2nd Series, relays, 3rd Series, or the tug.  So stay tuned!

This afternoon we are expecting a reprieve from the weather so we can get right back to it.  So much fun is ahead and lots of points on the line.  We’ll write again after it’s all over to catch you up.  We know you’re on the edge of your seats!!  SO ARE WE!!!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin