Who’s Who at Camp – November, 2019

Hi Folks,

Well, so much for a fall season at camp.  It ended last month.  There is snow on the ground and ice on the lake!  That hasn’t dampened the spirits of our caretaker, DANIEL VAN BUREN.  DVB loves the cold weather, even though he’s from Georgia!!  He’s been busy working on projects in the Manor, in the Infirmary, and also building some new benches for the Lodge.

The cooler weather has ushered in Reunion Season!  We’ve had great fun with our reunions in St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Nashville, and Memphis!  If you need a little energizing…a little camp pick-me-up, then be sure to join us at a reunion near you!  No matter where we are, when we’ve got campers and counselors together, it is smiles from wall to wall.  So please clear your calendar for that short time we get to have together to reconnect and celebrate the 2019 summer.

Upcoming Reunions include:

HoustonSaturday, Dec. 7, 20192 PM - 3:30 PM
Los AngelesSunday, Dec. 15, 20193 PM - 4:30 PM
San DiegoMonday, Dec. 16, 20197 PM - 8:30 PM
DallasSaturday, Jan. 11, 20202 PM - 3:30 PM

We are so gratified by the enthusiastic response from the camp community to the news about Sam stepping into ownership and directorship of camp.  There is great confidence about the future of camp, and that is reflected in our enrollment for the 2020 summer.


SAM KLINE from Chicago, IL; ETHAN MAYDEW of Glencoe, IL;  MOSSO CORONADO of Tucson, AZ; JORDAN FREUND of Los Angeles, CA; BLAKE LEHRER of Boulder, CO; NOAH CARSON, HENRY COHEN and COBY TEICH of Highland Park, IL; JOSH DEVINE and JAKE OBERMAN of St. Louis, MO; LUCAS & OLIVER ARORA of Long Grove, IL; CONNOR O’NEIL of Nashville, TN; BRADY ADELMAN and FINN MEYER of Northbrook, IL; NOAH SEXTER of Rockville MD; and NOAH & OLIVER MORALES and, after a summer’s absence, RYAN COPELAND of Dallas, TX.


MATTHEW FARMER of Chicago, IL; RYAN LEHRER of Boulder, CO; JONATHAN WEISS of St. Louis, MO; GRAHAM BISCHOFF of Arlington Heights, IL; COOPER WEINSTEIN of Hingham, MA, ALEX KIM of Long Grove, IL; and ANDY MELROSE of Celebration, FL.

2020 is going to be a summer to remember!  We’re so happy to have you all with us!!


Our invitations to last summer’s staff to return in 2020 have just recently gone out, and we already have some great folks who will be back again.

If you do a little math, you’ll see that – in this post alone – over 150 summers of Timberlane experience are represented.  It’s amazing!!

CAMILO ACOSTA FUENMAYOR Camilo is from Pasto, Colombia, where he has been studying English & Spanish Education at Nariño University.  He will be 26 years old this summer, and he will be spending his 2nd summer as part of our Kitchen Staff.
JACOB BURING Jacob is a senior at the University of Wyoming, and will graduate this spring with a degree in Architectural Engineering.  Originally from Memphis, TN, this will be Jacob’s 7th summer at camp.  He will be a Senior Counselor and will help out with Woodcrafts, Archery & Waterskiing.  Jacob will be 25 years old this summer. Something you may not have known about Jacob: “When I am not snowboarding or doing school stuff I make the best pulled pork and ribs in the state of Wyoming, its true. All 4 of us agreed. The secret is to blatantly rip off Memphis’s classic dry rubs as my own.”
SAM CASSELS Sam will be 23 years old this summer, which will be his 3rd summer at camp.  He is from London and is a senior at the University of Leeds, majoring in History.  His senior thesis is on Iris-American attitudes towards Ireland.  Sam returns again as a Senior Counselor, head of our Weight Training program, and helping out with Soccer and Mountain Biking.  Something you may not have known about Sam: “After this summer I intend to teach English in Latin America for a year or so!”
JOEY ETTINGER Joey is back for his 8th summer at camp.  He will be 17 years old this summer, and he is from St. Louis, MO where he is a high school junior.  This summer Joey will be a Junior Counselor helping out with a variety of different activities.
LUZ FLORES ALVAREZ Luz will be 25 years old this summer, and is from Tlaxcala, Mexico.  She is a Business Management Engineering student at Universidad Anahuac in Puebla.  This will be her 2nd summer at camp where she will again be part of our Kitchen Staff.
DAVID FRIEDLAND It is summer number 7 coming up for David.  He will be 17 years old this summer and he hails from Highland Park, IL.  David is a high school junior, and he will be a Junior Counselor this summer pitching in at a variety of activities.
CORRIE HITCHENS Corrie is back for her 15th summer at camp!  Amazing!!  She is the Assistant Principal at Chatfield Senior High in Littleton, CO.  Corrie has years of experience working with kids in school and in camp.  She pitches in all over camp from driving ski boats to filling in the office to prepping a snack for our late night staff meetings .  Corrie is 48 years young.
STEVE “HITCH” HITCHENS This will be Hitch’s 17th summer at Timberlane.  He is a man of leisure these days, having retired from his high school history/athletic director/wrestling coach position a few years ago.  In Hitch’s camping career, he has been on multiple canoe trips to Canada and many other places.  He is 62 years old, and will again be our Trips Director.  Hitch lives in Littleton, CO.
HOLLY JONES Holly Jones is Elvis Presley’s #1 fan.  She also loves garage sales and playing bingo.  This will be Holly’s 35th summer at camp!!  Ain’t that something?!  Holly retired as a school teacher a few years back, and spends her “off-season” scouring the countryside for great kitsch.  (BTW, the Thesaurus also gave the word “frippery” as an alternative to the word “junk.”) Holly lives in Mooresville, IN., is 62 years old, and she manages our office at camp during the summer.  Something you may not have known about Holly: Holly makes the world’s very best peanut brittle.  It is NOT low-cal.
RICK JONES 2020 will be Rick Jones’ 35th summer at Timberlane!  Let that sink in a bit.  Rick lives in Mooresville, IN.  and is a high school art teacher at Center Grove HS in Greenwood, IN.  He is 62 years old, and will again be an Assistant Director at camp.  Some things you may not have known about Rick:

  • Rick and Mike were co-counselors together in 1979
  • Rick is an avid Indy 500 race fan and each year has a pass to enter the pit area so he can take photos.
  • Rick uses his Indy car photos to create paintings of drivers and cars, many of which have been displayed in art exhibits connected to the 500 mile race.
  • Rick single-handedly built several of the pits under the trampolines.
  • Rick can draw personal portraits of people…with his feet!
  • Rick will have ridden his bicycle more than 2000 miles this year.
DANNY KANE Danny is originally from Boston, MA, and has been working the past several years as a traveling ER nurse. Most recently, Danny has been working at an ER in Roanoke, VA.  Once that contract expires, he’ll be heading to Alexander City, AL.  Danny is a highly skilled and experienced nurse.  He is also, unfortunately, a Boston Bruins fan.  Danny is 62 years old, and he will spend his 3rd summer at camp as one of our Camp Nurses.  Something you may not know about Danny: “Will be living very close to Talladega Superspeedway and Lake Martin – Looking forward to exploring the area.”
JEFF MELROSE Jeff is back for his 28th summer at camp!  Whoah!  He is originally from Milwaukee, WI, and has been living in Celebration, FL for the past several years where he is a STEM teacher and coordinator for a private school.  At camp, Mel has done it all.  He has been a counselor, For many years now, Mel has been an Assistant Director in charge of (among many other things) our CIT program.  He will be 48 years old this summer, and will again be an Assistant Director and CIT Director.
BILL MILLER Bill has been our amazing Kitchen Manager for 26 summers, and he’s already excited for number 27!  In the off-season, Bill lives in Tucson, goes on long, long walks in the desert (seriously…10 – 15 miles at a crack), and takes care of his grandkids.  He is the king of camp cooking, known throughout the Northwoods, and he keeps us all well-fed and happy.
OWEN MONIESON Owen will be 17 years old this summer, which will be his 9th summer at camp.  He is from Glencoe, IL and is a high school junior there.  Owen will be a Junior Counselor and will be helpful in a variety of activities.
DOX RASKIN Dox is 16 years old and joins us from Oak Park, IL, where he is a high school junior.  This will be his 9th summer at camp and he will be a Junior Counselor helping out in several activity areas.
DANIEL SOLOT Summer number 8 coming up for Daniel, who is from Glencoe, IL.  He will be 17 this summer.  Daniel is a high school junior, and he will also be a Junior Counselor pitching in with several activities.
TANIA TLAHUICE Tania comes from Puebla, Mexico where she is studying Physiotherapy at Instituto de Estudios Avanzados Universitarios.  This will be her 2nd summer at camp where she will again be part of our amazing Kitchen Staff.  Tania is 21 years old.
Our reunion tour is underway, and that helps us learn tons of great information about what our campers and staff members have been up to since camp.  And let’s face it…inquiring minds want to know.  We also want to note that some folks have been traveling long distances to join us at camp reunions.  This includes ARI KADEN from Chicago coming to the St. Louis reunion.  JEFF & ANDY MELROSE coming from Florida to the St. Louis reunion.  ZACHARY HEARST and ADAM POGER coming up from St. Louis to the Chicago reunion, CHARLIE LOVETT making the trek from Los Angeles to the Chicago reunion.  JEFF MELROSE (again) coming to the Chicago reunion from Florida, RICK JONES driving up from Indy to Chicago, and MATTHEW KALLMEYER making the trip to Chicago from Cleveland.  We love it!

In St. Louis, MILES SETTLER has been playing basketball and baseball.  JARED SETTLER has been busy with school and playing soccer.  FINN HOHENBERG got to waterski one time since camp ended.  LUKE HOHENBERG has been swimming, rock climbing and playing lacrosse, soccer, and basketball.  MICAH REICHMAN has been playing sports and video games.  REIS LOURIE has been building stuff with wood in his work shop, inspired by his time in Woodcrafts last summer! JOSEPH LOURIE has been playing soccer and lacrosse. JONAH SAMSON has been playing soccer and doing lots of homework.  BEN SIWAK has been playing hockey.  ZACHARY NEWMARK has been playing lacrosse.  ADAM KLEIN made the A team for basketball.  JOE COOVERT has been playing volleyball and soccer.  NOAH COEN is busy with frisbee, basketball, soccer and homework.  LUCAS LEVY is playing baseball and soccer.  RORY BLAND ran cross country and is playing basketball.  ELI TENENBAUM is playing soccer.  JEREMY KALISHMAN has been busy with soccer and basketball.  WILLIAM SMALL has been playing hockey and soccer.  DJ LEVINSON is playing hockey and recently traveled to Chicago for a tournament.

In Kansas City, ELLIOT KORENTAGER works on his computer creating CG images and videos, is getting his braces off, and is playing hockey.  JACK KORENTAGER draws these incredible creations by hand, is excited to ski and climb at camp, and he also plays hockey.  CHRISTIAN SHAEFFER is playing tennis and is busy with school.  CAM PRZYLECKI is eating, sleeping, reading, and doing karate.  GABRIEL ALCAZAR is swimming and rock climbing.  DUSTIN GREENWOOD played varsity football at his school.  GAVIN GREENWOOD is playing tennis and scored big on Halloween candy.  ZACHARY LISS is playing varsity soccer and basketball.

In the Chicago area, CHRISTIAN WALLNER is playing rugby and mostly sleeping.  GABE FELDMAN is practicing for all-camp tushball (we KNEW it!!).  BEN GOSS is drawing and in full knowledge of all things Star Wars.  AARON BERNS is trying out baking as a hobby.  SAM SALZER, BRADY ADELMAN, ANDREW YORK, and EMMIT HECHTMAN all claim to be skiing.  We assume that’s snow skiing somewhere other than Chicago.  ETHAN MAYDEW has been hanging out with NATE GALEELI GARBER has been playing basketball.  ZACH SILBERMAN is doing gymnastics and diving and not cutting his hair.  RYAN BERLAND has been playing basketball.  AJ STEWART has been busy with cross country and ping pong.  SETH FISH has been traveling to Nashville to hang out with his buddy JACKSON SCHNEIDER and attend our camp reunion there.  NOAH CARSON has been visiting his parents in Wisconsin.  EVAN WALDMAN has been playing hockey.  RYAN LEE has been playing soccer.  NOAH LEDERER is playing water polo and after camp he got to show off his waterski skills. He also celebrated his Bar Mitzvah last month.  Congrats, Noah!!  FRANKIE DEPODESTA is busy with school.  ALEX GOLDBERG has been busy arguing about super heros with BEN GOSSRYAN ZLOTNIK recently traveled to St. Louis for a soccer tournament and his buddy ADAM KLEIN came out to watch and hang out with Ryan.  DYLAN PRSYTOWSKY was in Virginia on a school trip and hung out with his buddy HENRY ANDERSON.  OWEN & DANE LILLY got to show off their waterski skills on a family vacation in Michigan back in August.

Nashville finds JACK DE RIESTHAL playing basketball and driving around town on his new permit.  CONNOR O’NEIL has been playing basketball and stuffing himself with Hattie B’s mac & cheese.  CAM GORDON is playing basketball and feeding Connor’s mac & cheese habit.  NOAH WISNIEWSKI is rowing and swimming.  MAX ELLIOT has been playing basketball.  JACKSON SCHNEIDER has been playing golf and hosting his buddy, SETH FISH.  Bar Mitzvah congrats to JUDE ESKIND who celebrated earlier this month.  MICHAEL DATTILO has been playing hockey.  JOSEPH DATTILO went to a Chinese camp and attended the Brevard Jazz festival.  DILLON ARONOFF is busy with photography and looking forward to track season.  JACK SCHWARCZ  is playing soccer and and will be running track.

In Memphis, ISAAK PIERCE is playing piano, and got to hang out with his buddy JORDAN FREUND on a recent visit to Los Angeles.  LOGAN HANOVER has been playing tennis and plays violin in his school orchestra.  He was also invited to join an academic program hosted at Vanderbilt, and while in Nashville he got to hang with some of his camp pals.  And Logan is prepping for his Bar Mitzvah coming up in May.

Elsewhere, JACKSON TURNER has been running cross country and competed in the Colorado state finals.  JACK ROSEN was visiting Nashville recently.  Back at home in Cincinnati, Jack is in rehearsals with the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music Junior Theater program, preparing for their spring rendition of “Annie,” in which he plays the role of FDR.  In Tucson, DAVID BERK has been waterskiing and clearing the slalom course at ever-increasing speeds.  He’s amazing!!

In St. Louis, JEREMY COHN got his driver’s license!!  SAM SIWAK has been busy with sports & school…not necessarily in that order.  WILL COOVERT is starting wrestling season.  ZACHARY HEARST is busy pole vaulting and applying to colleges.  TYLER DEUTSCH is playing hockey.  ADAM POGER has started the college search.  In Chicago, ARI KADEN is having fun prepping for the ACT and running cross country.  CHARLIE CARROLL has been rocking the chess team.  Go Charlie!  DANIEL SOLOT is playing volleyball.  ANDREW KERPEL is prepping for the ACT.  What fun!  JACOB KLINE is applying to colleges.  OWEN MONIESON is prepping for yoga instruction this summer.  EDDIE TEPPER is playing soccer.  In Los Angeles, CHARLIE LOVETT is playing golf all day every day.  In Nashville, JACOB VINER is running cross country and enjoying AP US History.  GAVIN GORDON has been playing hockey.


We will be back at ya early next month with our next post.  If you have some news you’d like to share with everyone, please let us know.  You can email us at mike@camptimberlane.com or sam@camptimberlane.com.  Have a happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Sam