Who’s Who at Camp – November, 2018

Hi Folks,

How do you celebrate Reunion Season?  For us, it’s a lot like, well, almost any other holiday.  There’s travel, hanging out with great friends and family, and lots and lots of eating!  Woof!  Dustin and I hit the road earlier this month, and had our first 3 reunions…St. Louis, Kansas City, and Chicago (where we were joined by Leslie).  It was SUCH a blast!  And we seemed to truly eat our way through the Midwest.  In St. Louis it was barbecue, wings, and toasted ravioli.  In KC it was barbecue again.  And in Chicago it was great Thai food, some Italian cuisine, a nice deli lunch, and then yummy pizza at Whirlyball.  We gotta hit the gym all day every day in between these trips just to keep up!More reunions are coming up soon!  We’ve got Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, San Diego and Los Angeles coming up before the winter holidays.  That translates into many, many more fun times and calories in store.  We can’t wait!!

Heading into the holidays, our enrollment is strong!  We will begin closing some age groups in the coming weeks, particularly in the 1st Session.  If your camper is not yet enrolled, we encourage you to send in his application soon.  Thanks!

Welcome Back to the following Old-Timers who re-enrolled in the past month:

MASON MILLER of Los Angeles, CA; JACK SARGENT of San Anselmo, CA; BLAKE ABLIN, JACK FRANZKE, and GIL RON of Chicago, IL; BLAKE LEHRER of Boulder, CO; CJ RIZZO of Breckenridge, CO; LIAM HITCHENS of Littleton, CO; COLE BERNSTEIN, TYLER BORSTEIN, and XANDER BREGMAN of Highland Park, IL; MICAH SHULMAN of Northbrook, IL; SOLLY MERVIS of Carmel, IN; REIS LOURIE of St. Louis, MO; CONNOR O’NEIL of Nashville, TN; and LANDON SELZER of Houston, TX.

Welcome Aboard to the following first-year campers who will join us this summer:

JOSHUA DEVINE of St. Louis, MO and RYAN BERLAND of Northbrook, IL.

Things are shaping up so well and we know you guys are in for an amazing summer!!

Very early next month, we will send out information to our staff from last summer with an invitation to return and have even MORE fun this coming summer.  Starting in January, we’re going to have lots of names to share with you and help us all get excited for the 2019 season.

We do have some early indicators we can share with you now:


BILL MILLER Bill has been our amazing Kitchen Manager for 25 summers, and he’s already excited for number 26!  In the off-season, Bill lives in Tucson, goes on long, long walks in the desert (seriously…10 – 15 miles at a crack), and takes care of his grandkids.  He is the king of camp cooking, known throughout the Northwoods, and he keeps us all well-fed and happy.
RICK JONES Rick is back for his 34th summer as one of our Assistant Directors.  34 summers, y’all!!  Rick lives in Mooresville, IN and teaches high school art.  He is also actively involved with his church and with a program providing food and shelter to homeless people in and around Indianapolis.
HOLLY JONES Holly is also returning for her 34th summer at camp.  Honestly…can ya believe it?  Holly lives in Mooresville, IN and retired a few years ago from her career as a math and art teacher.  Her off-season is now spent traveling the countryside and collecting fine goods.  At camp Holly will again take charge of our office and dispense good cheer and wisdom to all comers.
JEFF MELROSE This will be “Mel’s” 27th summer at camp.  Amazing!!  Mel lives in Celebration, FL and just took a new job as a STEM teacher at an elementary school in Celebration.  He will again be one of our Assistant Directors, and director of our CIT program.


DVB is back for his 6th summer at camp.  He is currently living in Superior, WI where he is going to school to learn construction and other trade skills to help him be the world’s greatest maintenance man!  This summer he will again be part of our awesome Maintenance staff, keeping camp in great shape.



We have gathered some good stuff to share with you from our reunions so far.  In a matter of days we’ll write again and fill you in on how lots of your camp friends have been doing this “off-season.”  That’s always fun reading!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin