Who’s Who at Camp – February, 2020

Hi Folks,

We are very excited to tell you about some awesome people who will be with us at camp this summer.  We have staff, both returning and new! We also have exciting list of campers who are joining us this summer!! Check it out!

Welcome back to the following “old-timers” who re-enrolled since our last posting: BLAKE ABLIN, OLLIE ARA of Chicago, IL; EDEN KAPLAN of Golden, CO; ISAAC GUTHMAN of Glencoe, IL; OLIVER STRICKLAND of Oak Park, IL; JOE COOVERT of St. Louis, MO; ZAVION STEELE, JUDAH VALLEJO-MCCANN of Cleveland; PIERSON LIPSCHULTZ of River Forest, IL; TOBY ASKENAZI of Denver, CO; after summers absence RORY EVANS of Houston, TX; CAM PRZYLECKI of Fairway, KS.

Welcome aboard to the following first-year campers who have joined us:ETHAN SACK, JACK SELIGMAN of Chicago, IL; NOAH MUROV of St. Louis, MO; COLE RAMIREZ of Highland Park, IL.


Our staff somehow manages to get better and better!
We have some awsome returners – a surprise or two – and some great new folks to welcome aboard!

SANTI GUTIERREZ After a year’s absence Santi is back for his 2nd summer.  He is 21 and lives in Puebla, Mexico. He is currently studying Finance and Economics at Universidad Iberoermicana Puebla. He will again head up Archery and help with Mountain Biking, Waterskiing, and Soccer. Something you may not know about Santi: “I failed art class when I was younger because I am color blind.”
ANDREW KARMIN Summer number 11 for Andrew! He is 19 years old and is from Highland Park, IL. Andrew is a freshman at the University of Michigan studying Business. This summer Andrew will be one of the Waterskiing Directors. He has grown up waterskiing at camp and is very excited about being at the ski dock every day. Something you may not know about Andrew: “This coming may I will be traveling to Europe or Africa.”
JULIA KLIMROTH Julia is back for her 2nd summer! She will be 26 years old this summer and is from Berlin, Germany. Julia has a degree in business administration from the University of Potsdam. She has been working at ski resort in the mountains of Austria at hotel reception and teaching yoga classes. This summer she will head up our Yoga program and help out with Comedy Sportz. Something you may not know about Julia: “I have been practicing my yoga headstand and other difficult poses for this summer.”
RYAN MCDONOUGH Summer number 6 for Ryan! He is 28 years old and is from Milford, OH. Ryan is WFT and LGT certified and will again be a Trip Leader. During the off season he works at a golf course on the grounds crew. Something you may not know about Ryan: “In 2017 I spent over 3 months sleeping in a tent! I traveled to over 20 states and visited 18 National Parks!”
RICH MCGOWAN Summer number 24 for Rich McGowan. (Yes that is 24 summers!!) Rich lives in Highland Park, IL where he works as a cinematographer and editor. He is 47 years old and will again be our Waterfront Director. Leading our swim program and making sure our campers and staff are always safe in the water.
DAVID RINGEL After a 3 year absence, David is joining us for summer 11! He is 23 years old and originally from Glencoe, IL. After David graduated from Dartmouth, he worked in Venture Capital in Tel Aviv. David will be joining us as the Junior Village Director this summer, and will be helping at Sailing, Volleyball, Swimming, Rock Climbing, and Mountain Biking. Some you may not know about David: “I love to make bread from scratch”
ADAM SANDOR Adam is back for summer number 2! He is 21 years old and joins us from Budapest, Hungary.  After camp last summer Adam and other staff members took a road trip about the US. This summer Adam will be leading our Riflery program and helping with Woodcrafts and Mountain Biking. Something you may not know about Adam: “The key to my heart is orange juice”
DAVID WINE Summer number 10 for David! He will be 19 years old this summer, and he is from Oak Park, IL. David is a freshman at Colorado College studying Film and Media. This summer, David will be the Tennis Director and will help with Rock Climbing. Something you may not know about David: “I recently started learning the piano.”


MILLY CLARKE Milly is 18 years old and joins us from Adelaide, Australia. Next year she is planning on attending Flinders University, and study Nursing. Milly is going to be heading up the Arts & Crafts program this summer and will be helping with Volleyball and Yoga. Milly has been in Art classes her whole life and describes Arts & Crafts as her favorite hobby. Something you may not know about Milly: “My sister was at camp last year, can you guess who?”


EMILY GURNER Emily is 31 and joins us from Deerfield, IL. During the year Emily is a High School Special Education Teacher. Camping is not new for Emily, she spent 19 years at a girl’s camp as a camper, counselor, and administrative team member. After taking a summer off Emily realized that her heart is in camping in the Northwoods. This summer Emily will be working in the office and helping Holly Jones. Something you may not know about Emily: “Even though I was at Camp for 19 years, I have never waterskied before. Maybe this year will be my year!”
VJ VARGHESE VJ is 26 years old from Milwaukee, WI. During the year VJ is a PHD Pharmacy student at Concordia University Wisconsin, School of Pharmacy. This summer he will be a part of the health staff, focusing on medication management. When not in school or working at the pharmacy, VJ likes to travel. He just got back from a month-long trip to Peru. Something you may not know about Vijay: “I love to cook! Breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, dinner, you name it!”

We’ll write you again soon!

Benches up,

Sam, Mike & Leslie