Volume LII, No. 1, September, 2011

Dear Campers, Parents, Staff, Alums & Friends,
And so begins another exciting “off-season!”  It starts with our return to Tucson, where it is a million degrees all the time.  A slight exaggeration.  But it is crazy hot here right now.  It was hard leaving camp…so mild up there, and even though it was far too quiet, we had lots of great memories to dwell on as we walked around.  Of course, it doesn’t take too long before we start contemplating the summer ahead, and 2012 is – FOR SURE – going to be our best summer ever!  I know, I know…you hear that every year.  Well, that’s the way we look at it, and all indicators agree.
Already we’ve met with a few contractors to start our improvements schedule.  Much of the work this year will be focused on the Lodge, both outside and inside.  Included will be a complete re-siding of the outside of the Lodge on the front door and window sides.  The old paneling will be removed, and it will be replaced with half-log siding and cultured stone.  Many photos will be taken of this beautiful building when its completed, and we just hope it doesn’t go to its head.  On the inside, there’s not much left to do, but we are replacing the big counters between the dining area and the kitchen with stainless steel.  We know that doesn’t mean a lot to the average camper or counselor, but the folks who work in the kitchen are gonna LOVE it.  So easy to keep clean!
Of course, there’s much more in store.  Our caretaker, GREG FUS, has already been hard at work, and has already replaced the bathroom floor in Blackfoot with ceramic tile.  Other new bathroom floors will include Winnebago and Iroquois, and perhaps Cherokee as well.  If he gets to all of those, then every cabin will have beautiful (and durable) ceramic floors in their bathrooms.  No, it ain’t the Ritz, but we like it to be nice and low, low maintenance. 
In case you had not heard, this year we are offering all of our returning campers – and their siblings who will join us for their first summer, an EARLY ENROLLMENT DISCOUNT!  We have sent you an email and a packet via US Mail very recently with all the information you need.  Just bear in mind that this program will come to an end on October 1st.  We must have your application by that date to take advantage of this discount.  If you have any questions at all, please let us know.
For the first time in years, I’m working all alone here in the Tucson office.  Don’t worry, it’ll be good.  Our year ‘round Associate Director, MICHAEL BREEN is a native of the Chicago area, and so he’s going to live there this winter.  We’re all teched out here in the office, so it’ll be just like he’s right here anyway.  You can reach either of us just by calling the Tucson number or sending us an email.  We’re all connected!

We will start off our reunion schedule in early November:
City Date
CHICAGO Saturday, November 5th 12 pm – 4 pm

As we schedule reunions in our other cities, we’ll post them in the newsletters.  A month prior to the reunion near you, we’ll send you a notice via US Mail and an email reminder too.  We can’t wait to see you guys!
And as a little reminder, I’m headed to Chicago soon for the huge  “AROUND THE CAMPFIRE” event on September 10th.  Lots of you have made a donation to Camp for All Kids and are planning to join us.  We’d really love to see as many of you there as possible, including campers, parents, staff, and alumni.  This is an important event to support our work with CFAK, and it’s gonna be tons of fun.  Please…join us!
So, clearly several of you have gotten the message and are already on board for next summer.  Wow!  Welcome back to the following “old-timers” who have re-enrolled: DILLON GROSS of Bannockburn, IL; JORDAN ALLEN of Evanston, IL; WILL COEN and JACK ROSENTHAL of St. Louis, MO; DILLON BERLIN and JONAS MONIESON of Glencoe, IL; HARRISON ATLAS of Houston, TX; JONATHAN BLOOM and HAYDEN TURK of Bellaire, TX; JACK BARUCH, ETHAN GORDON and KEVIN TU of Buffalo Grove, IL; MIKE SHKLYAR of Riverwoods, IL; JAKE MAZOW of Dallas, TX; JOAQUIN GRACE of Schaumburg, IL, and ANDREW CRAMIN and JOSH SPAETH of Northbrook, IL. 
Welcome aboard to the following first-year campers who will join us in 2012: OWEN MONIESON of Glencoe, IL; ARI GORDON and WILLIAM TU of Buffalo Grove, IL; and ALEX PECK of Deerfield, IL.  We’re so pleased to have you all with us!  It’s gonna be epic!!

Some kids can’t get enough of the Northwoods!  Shortly after camp ended, JUSTIN GALOWICH and DREW SCHWARTZ were up in Minocqua running in the Minocqua Triathlon.  Both boys did really well, with Justin finishing 3rd in his division and 84th overall, and Drew finishing first in his division and 85th overall.  Amazing!  BEN SCHACHTER was traveling from Dallas with his family, and visited with some camp buddies in Denver, including JACK KNUETTEL and DAVID GLAZERGRANT KIBEL and his family have moved from St. Louis to the Boston area.  Wow!  We hope the move goes well and those Red Sox fans can handle a die-hard Cardinal boy in their midst!  Congrats to ARI LACKNER in Bannockburn, IL who worked hard and made his high school soccer team!  We know the rest of you guys are very busy doing some great stuff!  WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!  Please keep funneling us your news and events big and small that take place in your lives during the “off-season.”  That’ll sure make the newsletters more enjoyable to write and to read.  Thanks very much.

And this would be the part of the newsletter where we write about all of you awesome staff members doing fun, exciting, and role-modelish things in your “off-season” lives.  So….Well, we know that here in Tucson, DUSTY COHEN is in his senior year of high school, and already starting baseball workouts.  Baseball being a spring sport, of course.  MAX WEINTRAUB and RYAN ELIAS  are students at the University of Arizona.  Max is actually in Leslie’s class in the business school.  DAVID LANGEBARTEL is busy in his senior year and starting to look at colleges for next year. And DAVID ARTZI is coaching a youth football team and loving it!  DAVID FINE is enjoying the start of his academic career at the University of Michigan.  SAM KAHN has completed his City Year training, and begins teaching in the classroom in Chicago.  RICH MCGOWAN is back at work in the Chicago area shooting video at weddings and other events.  After departing camp, LAWRENCE TOYE joined RICK, EMILY, & FLETCHER JONES for a Doobie Brothers concert in Indianapolis.  HANNAH JONES has completed and surpassed all of the physical tests required of prospective students at West Point Academy.  That’s fantastic!  JUSTIN LOWRY is back in the UK and studying hard for his full teaching credential.  We’d love more news from you all….please keep us posted.  Thanks.
BRAVO TO OUR SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAY BOYS & GIRLS!  Kaley Kellenburger – 9/1/1990, Jake Feiger – 9/2/1997, Greg Fus – 9/4/1955, Morgan Reynolds – 9/7/1990, Rick Jones – 9/9/1957, Ben Percifield – 9/10/1993, Jeremy Sus – 9/10/1998, Kevin Tu – 9/11/2000, Scott Wolf – 9/11/1991, Jay Humphreys – 9/14/1989, David Langebartel – 9/14/1993, David Tamsky – 9/15/1999, David Artzi – 9/17/1993, Dusty Cohen – 9/17/1993, Jordan Fishel – 9/17/1997, Jack Ross – 9/17/1998, Ludwig Nolasco Ruiz – 9/18/1987, Jack Eichner – 9/19/1998, Ari Singer – 9/19/1999, Jordan Allen – 9/20/1997, Ross Sinar – 9/21/1996, Andrew Cramin – 9/22/1999, Zev Burton – 9/23/1999, Aaron Katz – 9/24/1996, Dylan Katz – 9/24/1996, Ian Brown – 9/25/1986, Lee Goodman – 9/27/1996, Chris Tompkins – 9/28/1998, Josh Skrill – 9/29/1998, Max Weintraub – 9/29/1991, Jack Elowe – 9/30/1997.
We will write a new issue of this (newly designed – hope ya like it!) newsletter each month, and we’ll send you an email to let you know it is up.  Have a great September everyone!
Benches up,