TimberNews Fit to Print – February, 2018

Hello Camp!

You could think of this monthly posting from camp as our own little Facebook or Instagram.  Right?  And the best part about it is…you don’t have to check your screen every 3 minutes to see what’s new?  We’ll post news you send us each month so you can just check it once and get all the cool updates about campers and staff members.  Then you can go outside and goof off.


Your kids are so darn busy, they really won’t have time to fill us in on the events in their lives.  You, on the other hand, have all the free time in the world, right?  And this is your license to brag!  So please do us and your kids a favor and share some cool stuff about your boys with us.

  • Any big events going on?
  • School stuff?
  • Sports stuff?
  • Artsy stuff?
  • Vacation stuff?

We’d love to hear all about it.  A quick email is all it takes.  Thank you!


We ALL want to hear what’s going on with you?  There’s so much excitement in your lives….milestones like college acceptances or career moves, jobs, trips to exotic places like Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin.  Please set aside your modesty a little and share some news with your camp family.  Thanks!

We have some news from reunions we held a while ago.  Sorry we didn’t get to it sooner.  Here goes:

In Los Angeles, JOSH KATZ has been studying and getting very into flight simulation programs.  ELI KATZ plays trombone in his school’s marching band, and they performed at Disneyland.  He’s also running varsity cross country.  ILAN REISS is playing hockey.  AIDEN SCHARFF is playing piano and looking forward to baseball this spring.  DAVID BEHDAD is also playing piano and baseball.  CHARLIE LOVETT had golf team tryouts last month.  He’s been practicing a lot.  JORDAN FREUND has been practicing his Poi routines…with REAL fire.  He’s also doing pommel horse, high bar, vaulting, rings, and more in gymnastics.  EMERSON CORONEL is busy with school and track.  JEREMY GROVER is playing soccer.  HENRY BERKSON works on his school newspaper and website.

In San Diego, LEO HANDELSMAN is playing soccer and JOEY HANDELSMAN is playing soccer and baseball.

Denver finds TOBY ASKENAZI playing basketball on his school team and very excited for skiing….now that there’s snow.  MARTY ASKENAZI is playing basketball on his school team.  JACKSON TURNER is doing well in rock climbing tournaments.

In Dallas JOSH TRAUB is playing soccer, baseball, basketball, and tennis.  RYAN COPELAND is playing soccer and basketball. Josh and Ryan play on the same basketball team.

Seattle camper ELI WACKSMAN has been skiing at Crystal Mountain and went to Disney World over winter break.  ASHTON & JACKSON MAZZA also got to do some skiing.

In Houston, LANDON SELZER started baseball season after completing basketball and soccer.  He got to ski in Vail over winter break.  HARRY SMITH skied Aspen, and is playing basketball.  ANDREW MUKAVITZ is playing soccer and went on a family cruise over Thanksgiving.  RORY EVANS spent Thanksgiving in California and winter break in Mississippi.  He’s starting baseball this month.  DIEGO VILLA joined Andrew on the Thanksgiving cruise, and he’s into swimming.  NATE WALTON has been busy coding.  JARED ORKIN is VP of the Star Wars club at his school, and will have his driver’s license soon.

Tucson finds AIDAN MEASE playing lacrosse.  DAVID BERK is playing ultimate frisbee and his robotics team competed in a regional meet.  BILLY JACK BOYCE is taking Karate and is involved with Sarsef, a regional science and engineering fair.

DAVID ARTZI is continuing to work as a sports agent while also taking graduate school courses. He lives in Tucson for the time being.  JACOB ROSENSTEIN visited Tucson during his winter break.  He’s loving life at Boston University.  HENRY LEVY is playing hockey in Seattle and has been snowboarding at Mt. Stevens. JOE  LEVY  is also playing hockey in Seattle, as well as lacrosse, and he’s also been snowboarding.  JACOB ELIAS finished up the fall waterski season with the University of Washington, and will pick it up again in the spring season.  He is the founder and president of the UW ski club.  In Denver, BUDDY ASKENAZI has been playing on his school basketball team.  “HITCH” HITCHENS is staying busy during his winter retirement and CORRIE HITCHENS is feeling good and working hard as a high school assistant principal.  BRIAN STRAIN continues to work two jobs as an elementary school librarian and testing coordinator by day, and an ice rink Zamboni driver by night.  Further west into the mountains, JOVAN MCGEE has been driving the really nice Escalades as he shuttles the rich and famous to ski areas.  DUSTIN COHEN also works two jobs in the mountains as a children’s ski instructor at Keystone resort (private lessons available!) and evenings at a local ski shop.  ARI LACKNER is a Vanderbilt student studying abroad this semester, and he recently visited with MARTIN GRAZER in Slovenia, and they hiked around Lake Bled.

by Scott Wolf

Hey team!

And what a team we are. The beauty of a place like camp is how quickly and effectively a group of unique individuals can become a united front. The Timberlane family represents diversity in race, gender, geography, ideology, and culture, and in turn, because we are like-minded in our commitment to our mission, camp provides a platform for us to see the best versions of human character.

This is unlike most places in the world. This is magic.

Our bonds from camp are our longest and strongest. But if I leave you with one thing, let it be this: you and I were both new once, too. New friendships are just as valuable as old ones. You can maintain and cultivate both; they’re not mutually exclusive as long as you continue to tap into your own capacity for acceptance, generosity, and love.

And, fortunately, the greatest lesson I’ve learned at camp is that those reserves are limitless.

Until next time, and with all my love,



Our next edition of “Notes from Camp” will be posted in early March.