Pow Wow Day!

Hi Folks,

ANNOUNCEMENTS: No announcements today.

7:20 AM: The morning arrived with sunshine beaming through the trees.  The damp trees.  We’ve had some “heavy dew” lately, so the blue sky was a great sight to see.  Thursday was a wash out for most of the day.  We still had lots of fun, but it was mostly indoor fun.  Yesterday was not wet, but it wasn’t sunny till the afternoon, and it remained on the cool side.  Today the weather is perfect for Pow Wow Day.

The four tribes have been preparing on and off for the past several days.  They are pumped and ready for a great day.  Right now it’s early morning…the wakeup bell will ring soon.  We’ll have breakfast, and then we’ll proceed right into our Opening Ceremonies.  From their we’ll break into 3 villages and have Indian Leg Wrestling, and then on to the 1st Series of Events.  The plan today is to update you periodically as the events unfold.  So stay tuned….

2:15 PM: It has been a day!  The weather has been as perfect as we could hope for.  It’s sunny, there are occasional clouds passing through, and it has peaked so far at 74 degrees. Awesome weather for a day like this.  The festivities started at 9 AM with our Opening Ceremonies.  Each tribe had a turn to introduce themselves to us, put on some skits, a song or two, and some cheers to tell everyone why they are most likely to win the day.  And, as usual, there was lots of humor involved.  It went really well, and from there we moved into Indian Leg Wrestling.  A story emerged from the Junior Village when one tribe was left with only one wrestler, and another tribe was left with 6.  The other two tribes had no wrestlers left.  So it was literally one wrestler versus 6, one at a time (of course).  And as fate would have it, one after another after another, this one brave wrestler flipped them all and won the match for his tribe.  You shoulda heard the cheering.

On to 1st Series.  That included Basketball, Checkers, Floor Hockey, Indian Ball (a grid-style softball game), Pentathlon, Soccer, Spikeball, Tennis, Trampball, and Tushball.  There were some very close games, showing us the team leaders did an excellent job of picking even teams. 

2nd Series followed with Basketball, Buffalo Shoot (Archery), Checkers, Floor Hockey, Pentathlon, Plank Paddling, Shufleboard, Soap Carving, Trampball, a waterfront obstacle course call the Trials of Lake Towanda, Tushball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Volleyball.

Finally we were able to sit down for a well-deserved lunch. And in native tradition, it was a silent lunch….something that a guy can get used to.  After we ate, we reviewed the results, but only telling the kids the spreads between the tribes thus far.  And they are:

1st Place – 129 points (Illini)
2nd Place – 126.5 points (Caddo)
3rd Place- 110.5 points (Yavapai)
4th Place- 103 points (Pueblo)

You read that right, folks, the difference between the 2 front runners is 2.5 points!  And we still have running relays, 3rd Series, and two tug o’ wars to come.  It is easy to visualize a scenario where any team wins, even the team in 4th place.  The radar is clear, so we believe we’re in for a spectacular afternoon and finish to Pow Wow Day.  We’ll update you this evening.

7:30 PM: And so it is all over.  Well, just Pow Wow Day.  The afternoon was every bit as wonderful as the morning, weather-wise, and that added to the enjoyment of a very exciting day.  After Rest Period we had relays with the 3 fastest runners among the campers from each tribe competing with each other, and then the 3 fastest runners among the staff competing with each other.  That was an awesome show of speed!

3rd Series was an important one as the total point values available could have swayed the results substantially.  The series included Checkers, Fire Building, Indian Ball, Pentathlon, Riflery, Soccer, Tennis, Trampball, Ultimate Frisbee, and a rigorous relay race called the Vision Quest Relay.  By the time that series concluded, the writing was on the wall.  The Illini Tribe had done well enough to pad their lead, and the Caddo were mathematically out of reach. 

Still, there is a strong tradition of putting it all out there when it comes to the Tug o’ War, and that’s what everyone did.  We had the staff tug first, and then the grand finale was the camper tugs. When it was all done, the kids and staff were happy, satisfied, and completely worn out.  We gathered at the flagpole just before dinner and read the results:

1st Place – Illini – 201.5
2nd Place – Caddo – 181
3rd Place – Yavapai – 161.5
4th Place – Pueblo – 161

So, to unwind a bit tonight we have an Organized Free period going on.  Kids with energy left are playing some Trampball and some soccer.  Others are chilling and playing guitar, some are playing games in the Rec Hall and listening to music, and some are climbing around in the Bouldering Cave.  Mother Nature has given us a beautiful day capped off with a gorgeous night.  In about an hour we’ll ring a bell and gather in the Lodge to celebrate a great day in fine summer fashion…with a big watermelon party!  And then tomorrow morning is Lazy Breakfast.

Tomorrow’s Trips:

-Apostle Islands, Lake Superior, WI – 4 days sea kayaking
-Tettegouche State Park, MN – 4 days rock climbing

Monday’s Trips:

-Flambeau River, WI – 3 days river canoeing
-Brule River, WI – 3 days river canoeing
-Sylvania Nat’l Rec Area, MI – 3 days lake canoeing

We have been so happy and impressed with the large number of boys who have gotten out on trips this summer.  The trip leaders have done a great job, and we love giving our campers this incredible experience.  We hope you’ll ask your kids about the trips they’ve gone on when they get home and soak it all in. 

Time is flying by.  We have 3 more days of activities and one more Cruiser Day.  We will write you once more while the boys are still here, and then we’ll post one more Journal entry after they return home.  We know you’re excited to see your kids when they return on Friday, but we’ll sure be sad to see them go.  Enjoy your evening!

Benches up,

Mike & Leslie