Notes from Camp, September, 2021

Hi Folks, 

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend and are enjoying the start of the school year. With Labor Day in the rearview mirror, so is our time at camp this season. We have officially moved back to our southern office in Chicago. Please be on the lookout for more information about the 2022 Summer! 



Camp Timberlane has a magic to it that is hard to describe. While the property and setting are magical, it is the people that make the place come alive. For two years we had been missing that magic, but this summer it was back. Camp slowly came alive when the staff returned, but it really came alive when that first bus rolled down the driveway. 

The magic of camp doesn’t just happen, it takes everyone to make it happen. The staff worked tirelessly for two weeks to get camp ready for the campers. They spent their time becoming lifeguards, boat drivers and making sure that the physical camp was ready for campers. During those two weeks they participated in different training sessions that laid a foundation for all of you to make new friends, try new activities, and venture out on new wilderness trips. This summer the staff had boundless energy and excitement for you to all join us. It was this enthusiasm that started the summer off on the right note. 

Then you, campers, took a leap of faith and got on a plane or a bus to come to camp. For some of you it had been two years since you had been back on shores of Lake Towanda and for a lot of you it was your first time at camp and your excited energy was felt. The minute that those busses rolled into camp it felt like everything was back to normal. 

The first week of each session was slightly different than what they have looked like in the past, but it was just great to have everyone back at camp. It might have been unfamiliar but the magic of camp was undoubtedly felt. The day we got back into normal activities, it was like we had never left camp at all. 

Campers, you were the ones that brought the magic that we had been missing for two years. You did it by taking risks and finding both failure and success in those endeavors, knowing that you had found a safe place in camp to take those risks. You did things like trying new activities, going out on trips, and making new friends, helping you to find new life long passions. You found with hard work and determination you could learn how to waterski, get bullseyes in archery, make it to the top of the climbing wall and so many more. The joy that you get from your achievements spreads more of that magic to camp. You pushed yourselves to go on wilderness trips that are very far out of your comfort zone. You came back with stories and having accomplished some amazing feats in the woods. Finally you made new friends, you pushed yourself to meet new people and make relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Magic came this summer from campers and staff building relationships. Campers, you found counselors that cared for you and wanted to make camp fun and amazing for you. There are no words that can describe the magic that comes from the counselors giving up their summer to make sure you have the summer of your lives. 

Finally I want to say thank you to the campers, staff, and parents. Parents thank you for giving us your boys for the summer. Thank you to the staff for working so hard everyday to give the boys the summer of their lives. You worked so hard and should be proud of laying the foundation for the campers to come back to Timberlane. Thank you to the campers, you are the ones who brought back the magic to Timberlane. 

Run it back next summer..

No matter how many years you have been at Camp Timberlane every summer provides unique opportunities to grow. Not only do we grow at camp but we definitely know how to have some fun. Now that the summer of 2021 has come to an end, we have set the countdown clocks and we are ready to bring it back bigger and better than ever. We cannot wait for you to join us back at camp for Summer 2022! 


We don’t want to forget to mention that we have opened enrollment for next summer, and already have lots of kids signed up.  We invite you to REGISTER YOUR CAMPER as soon as possible.


The world looks very different than a normal fall and we are working at finding different ways to gather as a community. Please pay attention to your email for more information.


Not only is word-of-mouth referrals the #1 way we enroll new campers, it is also a key to how our community feels so close together.

Last year we launched our Ambassador referral program. We sent back a lot of credits to families for referring new campers.  Sending us information about a prospective family is so easy…just click HERE.    We are counting on you, and we thank you in advance for your help.


Judah Vallejo-McCann 9/2, Christian Sieve 9/3, Alex Orea 9/3, Arie Weitzner 9/4, Joey Flom 9/6, Jeremy Cohn 9/7, Lauren Gajewski 9/7, Jo Orr 9/7, Gavin Greenwood 9/9, Rick Jones 9/9, Jackson Ford 9/10, Ekaterina Lopez 9/10, Jack Kossin 9/13, Jackson Mazza 9/14, Archie Merritt 9/14, Blake Ablin 9/15, Joey Handelsman 9/15, Juan Rodriguez 9/16, Hunter Kangas 9/17, Dustin Cohen 9/17, Aidan Latz 9/18, Cole Bernstein 9/19, Grady Hooten 9/19, Zachary Kaplan 9/19, Payton Friedman 9/20, Vladimir Rangel 9/20, Marcelo Villarreal 9/21, Jaden Walkowiak 9/21, Jeremy Kalishman 9/22, Jacob Viner 9/22, Curtis Fann 9/24, Elliot Rubin 9/25, Madden Zuccaro 9/25, Aidan Mease 9/26, Sam Kline 9/26, Penagos Penagos Sangri 9/27, Ben Siwak 9/29, Hudson Smith 9/29, Sammy Cohen 9/30, Hannah Stewart 9/30

Now that we’ve arrived in the “off-season,” we will send you a few postings each month.   Please keep in touch with us, everyone.  We hope to see you all soon!

Benches up,