Notes from Camp, November, 2020

Hi Folks,


This fall I have had the unique and strange experience of cleaning the house that I have lived in since I was 4 years old. It was a trip down memory lane, rediscovering all of the items and reminders from my childhood. It seemed like each item brought back a new memory from when I was a kid, but it was the camp stuff that brought me back to some of my favorite times. I found a lot of old photos that I had taken as a camper on a non digital camera.

While everything I found meant a great deal to me, I would say the best relic that I found was an old newsletter. Back in the day we got a paper newsletter from November 1998. Yes, we used to get a Timberlife newsletter once a month on paper in the mail. When I picked it up I was confused why this would have been the only newsletter that I kept. As I started to read through it the date clicked in my head, I quickly found the section introducing new campers. There it was “Welcome aboard to the new following new campers: …. Sam Kahn…”

This newsletter brought back a rush of emotions and memories. I clearly remember making that final choice, deciding to make Timberlane my summer home. I was so nervous having signed up not knowing anyone else, but at the same time being excited to get to camp and have fun. 

While reflecting on this newsletter I realized that my decision to come to camp was one the best and most pivotal decisions I have made in my life. As a kid, camp became my happy place and the place that I dreamed about all winter long. Camp is the palace that gave me confidence in so many ways. I made my best friends at camp and eventually found my dream job. And this is just the surface of what camp has done for me. 

I have been thinking about how some of you can have these feelings and emotions that I have felt these last few weeks for yourself. While most of you may not be digging up old newsletters in your parents house, I do think that one day you might be bored at work and start on a deep dive of newsletters on the website. You will be sitting at your desk and find that blog that announced your name as a new camper and have the same rush of emotions and memories that I had this fall.  


We don’t want to forget to mention that we have opened enrollment for next summer, and already have lots of kids signed up.  We invite you to REGISTER YOUR CAMPER as soon as possible.



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Gabriel Miles 11/3, Jack Schwarcz 11/5, Hayden Adrian 11/6, Connor O’Neil 11/9, Mason Garcia 11/10, Alexander Mc Cloud 11/11, Jack Korentager 11/11, Owen Lilly 11/13, Jake Oberman 11/14, Scott Wardenaar 11/15, Danny Fischer 11/16, Phil House 11/16, Vicky Romero 11/17, Noah Foster 11/18, Kenyon Smith 11/19, Josh Traub 11/20, Jack Davison 11/22, Will Crosby 11/25, Jack Kriser 11/27, Dylan Prystowsky 11/27, Isaac Guthmann 11/27, Gabriel Alcazar 11/27, Jonathan Vera 11/27, Mason Miller 11/28,

Benches up,

Sam and Prestin