Notes from Camp April, 2021

Hi Folks,


The lake is melting which is a great sign that camp is just around the corner. We hope that everyone had a great spring break and found some time to relax and get recharged for the end of the school year.  

The winter office is in full camp mode and getting super excited. We have hired some great staff members and have a lot of new and great campers joining us. Rick Jones, Prestin Cooke, Jacob Rosenstien, Mike and Leslie Cohen, Jeff Melrose, Hitch and Corrie Hitchens have been working on making this summer special. We are also excited to announce that JOVAN MCGEE is joining our administrative team this year and we are so excited to have him back with us. 

Our caretaker Daniel Van Buren has been hard at work getting camp set up for the campers. He has spent the last few months getting A LOT of picnic tables ready for our new outdoor eating area. They look fantastic and we are so grateful for all of his work. 

Stay tuned for more information at the end of the month regarding our staff and new campers.





We are putting together a little video about what YOU are looking forward to this summer! Send a video of yourself saying “This summer I’m most excited for ____________” 

Please send your videos to me at by April 12th



It is spring time in the land, and that means it’s time to get started on all the fun pre-camp paperwork!  Yay!

Some of you have already gotten to it, and that’s great.  If that’s not you, please don’t panic. There is still plenty of time to get everything taken care of.


All of the health forms we require are on your CampInTouch page.  This includes:

HEALTH HISTORY:  This is an online form you complete and submit from CampInTouch.  Please have a look at this and be sure all sections are completed by May 15th.

INSURANCE & CONSENT FORM:  This is a form required by the medical providers in our area so we can expedite a visit to their facilities for our campers.  It is a form you download, fill out, and upload to your CampInTouch account. All health insurance information must be included in this form. 

DOCTOR’S FORM:  This is a one-page document that your doctor’s office must fill out EACH summer.  This is the doctor’s verification that your son is healthy enough to attend camp, and it is a requirement by the ACA and the state of Wisconsin.  It is a form you download, fill out, and upload to your CampInTouch account

IMMUNIZATIONS: You can submit this information through the Health History form, or if you prefer, you can download this template, fill it out and upload it. If you have a paper record already, you can upload it by clicking the “upload” arrow in the “Immunizations” row on your CampInTouch page.  


ALL medications your son may take at camp, prescription or otherwise, you will mail directly to camp in their original bottles with the prescription, and we will dispense it to your son on the schedule you select.  It is important that you make sure your dispensing instructions are clear on your son’s Health History, and they match any instructions on the bottle with the medications.

There are important dates by which we must receive your son’s medications.  IF YOU ARE LATE MAILING YOUR MEDICATIONS TO CAMP, FEES UP TO $100  WILL BE APPLIED.  The table below lists these important dates.  Please take a look, and again, this information is in your Parent Handbook.

Date by Which Medication MUST Arrive at Camp 1st Session 2nd Session
10 Days Before Session Begins – NO FEE June 11, 2021 July 8, 2021
5 -9 Days Before Session Begins – $50 FEE June 12 – 15, 2021 July 9  – 12, 2021
4 Days or Less Before Session Begins – $100 FEE June 16, 2021 or Later July 13, 2021 or Later

ARE THERE ANY EXCEPTIONS?  If your son experiences a last-minute injury or illness requiring a medication to be prescribed beyond our designated deadline, we will, of course, manage the medication for him.  If a late doctor appointment results in a prescription change or addition, we will manage that as well. In either event, we will add a Medication Handling Fee of $25.


CAMPER PERSONALITY SURVEY: This is a form you fill out and submit from your CampInTouch page on our website.  This is good stuff for us to know about your son to help us get ready for him. Also your 2nd (and last) opportunity to make cabin mate requests. Thanks!

ORDER TIMBERWEAR ONLINE: Use the Everything Summer Camp website to buy most everything your son will need, as well as camp logo’d items. The ONLY REQUIREMENT we have for logo’d items is a standard camp laundry bag.  If you’d like your son to have his clothing and gear in time for camp, PLEASE PLACE YOUR ORDER BY MAY 1ST!

Some Spots available! 

This summer is shaping up to be a great one. We are so excited for all the great campers joining us but we still have a few spots. Please contact us soon if you are considering joining us for the summer. 


Jordan Plocker 4/4, Lex Silberman 4/4, Ollie Ara 4/8, Owen Monieson 4/8, Jack Franzke 4/12, Nate Gale 4/13, Evan Loewy 4/13, Zachary Liss 4/14, Ashton Mazza 4/15, Aidan McConville 4/15, Blake Lehrer 4/18, Josh Meyer 4/18, Rory Evans 4/19, Zachary Neeley 4/19, Carter Ramirez 4/20, Aaron Berns 4/21, Matthew Paley 4/22, Asher Williams 4/23, Cole Peterson 4/24, Noah Sexter 4/24, Noah Coen 4/24, Bennett Garfinkel 4/24, Drew Garfinkel 4/24, AJ Stewart 4/25, Simon Kanovitz 4/27, Hitch Hitchens 4/27, DJ Levinson 4/28, Evan Waldman 4/29

Later this month, we’ll update you on some campers and counselors who will be joining us this summer!!!

Benches up,

Sam & Prestin