Looking Back, Thinking Ahead! Notes from Camp – September, 2018

Hi Folks,

We are back at it once again!!  From now until next June (which can’t come fast enough!), we will publish a few postings each month with news from camp.  We’ll start with “Notes from Camp,” which will have any important info for parents, campers, and staff to act upon.  Unless there isn’t any that particular month.  We’ll then publish “Who’s Who at Camp,” which will list any campers or staff members (starting in the late fall, early winter) who have recently joined us for the summer.  And then we’ll publish “TimberNews Fit to Print,” which is where y’all come in!  That posting is explicitly for sharing any news in your lives with your camp buddies.  It’s our own social media outlet, minus the politics and other junk no one wants to read!  We hope you’ll help us by sharing news with us all throughout the “off-season.”  And you can start right now!  Send us an email with news we can share, and by golly, we’ll share it!


Y’know…it’s true… we just experienced an epic summer together up here.  Right now the only folks at camp are Leslie and myself, our Head Cook Bill Miller, and our caretaker, Greg Fus.  It’s incredibly quiet on the ears, but everywhere we look, we can see – and hear – memories from the summer.  From the office, if I look at the Lodge, there’s no one out there.  But it takes no effort at all to remember all those times with the whole camp hanging out in front, waiting for the meal to start.  Campers laughing together, hanging on their counselors, sitting together on the benches, and sharing those special times together.  If I look through a different window, I see the Tushball roof, with the big “ATA” letters on top.  There are no games going on (though the ball sits waiting in the crate).  How easy it is, though, to hear the bounce of the ball on the roof, the excited laughter of a great shot or a cheer of “knickage” or seeing the ball go over the roof, and watching someone chase after it towards the lake.

It wasn’t soon after the buses rolled out of camp that the athletic fields returned to their long-time occupants…the deer.  It doesn’t seem to matter what time of day or night, the fields are home to deer wandering around, clearly feeling at ease.  Sometimes its just one deer, most of the time it is several.  And while that is peaceful and beautiful to see (especially with the grass so green right now!), with a quick blink of the eyes, we can see the baseball guys warming up or taking BP.  We can see the volleyball guys practicing their serves, and the soccer program running at full speed.

The lake is outrageously quiet these days.  Rarely is there a boat on it.  And it has been so glassy these past several days!  Sometimes we sit on the deck or on the Ski Dock and just look around.  All the boats are in for the winter, but we can still see excited campers waiting their turn to ski, walking back on the boardwalk with a huge smile after a great run.  We can see canoes out on the lake with the freedom to paddle around and just enjoy being on the water.  We can hear the sound of splashing as kids drop from the rope swing or slide down the lake and hit the water.  And, of course, the periodic whistle for the next Buddy Check at swimming.

We miss you guys, but we still love this time of the season.  It’s very peaceful and sometimes even relaxing.  And we have so many great memories to think about.  Most of you guys are already in school, and we’re sure you’re doing a little daydreaming in class just like we are around here.  Try to pay attention to your teacher, though.  It ain’t easy, we know.  Just try.


One way to help your kids cope with camp withdrawal is to just go ahead and sign them up for next summer! Sure, it’s just now September, but why not take care of a little camp business now.  Remember, we are offering an Early Enrollment Discount for campers and PAs this year.  If we receive your son’s application and deposit by October 15th, you will lock in last summer’s tuition rate for the upcoming summer.  We have enrolled quite a few campers already, and we encourage you to send in your application if you haven’t done so already.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.  Thanks!


We have begun lining up our reunions for the upcoming fall/winter.  We will get around to as many cities as we can this year, and we hope you will come and hang out with us and your camp friends when we’re in a town near you.  About a month before the reunion in your home town is coming, we’ll mail you a notice and invitation.  We hope you’ll join us, and WE HOPE YOU’LL TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT CAMP AND INVITE THEM TO COME ALONG!  Please be sure to see next month’s posting, which will have a list of dates and times for reunions around the country.  We can’t wait!!


Many of you have already submitted your feedback from the summer, and we read every word!  If you and/or your campers have not yet submitted your surveys from this past summer, please do so by the middle of this month.  Here are the links:

Parents’ Survey
Camper’s Survey

Thank you!

We have so many fun things to plan and prepare for in the months ahead.  Seeing lots of “old-timers,” campers and counselors alike, meeting lots of new families, setting up our Trips calendar, working on construction projects around camp (and there are a few of those!), and much more to keep us busy and excited during the “off-season.”  We’ll be sure to keep you tuned in to everything going on at camp.


Judah Vallejo-McCann – 09/02, Christian Sieve – 09/03, Greg Fus – 09/04, Joey Flom – 09/06, Jeremy Cohn – 09/07, Eli Okum – 09/08, Gavin Greenwood – 09/09, Rick Jones – 09/09, Jackson Ford – 09/10, Jack Morris – 09/10, James Price – 09/13, Justin Kemp – 09/14, Jackson Mazza – 09/14, Blake Ablin – 09/15, Joey Handelsman – 09/15, Solly Mervis – 09/16, Dustin Cohen – 09/17, Alex Amini – 09/18, Aidan Latz – 09/18, Cole Bernstein – 09/19, Juan Rodriguez – 09/19, Ari Singer – 09/19, Payton Friedman – 09/20, Ryan Acree – 09/21, Jeremy Kalishman – 09/22, Jacob Viner – 09/22, Christine Henri – 09/23, Spencer Vernier – 09/24, Elliot Rubin – 09/25, Sam Kline – 09/26, Aidan Mease – 09/26, Ben Siwak – 09/29, Owen Shaffer – 09/30.


We’ll have more news coming your way later this month!

Benches up,