Days of Camp! July 9, 2018 – Part 2!

Hi Folks,

Maybe I should start this ending with a weather report.  Today was a beautiful day, if maybe a little on the warm side for UN Day.  It peaked at around 86 degrees, which isn’t so terribly hot.  We had some cloud cover in the late morning and that helped a lot.  All in all, it was a nice day, though a little cooler would have been even nicer.  We kept the boys hydrated and they seemed to tolerate the temps and the activity pretty well.

Where were we?  Ah.  Lunch. Well, we had lunch and Rest Period, and then it was on to relays!  We started with the Camper Relay for which each nation chose their fastest runner of each village.  They then ran what amounted to about a 50 yard sprint relay.  Some of those guys can really fly, and we had a close finish.  Then it was on to the Staff Relay, for which each nation chose it’s fastest 3 staff members.  And once again, it was blinding speed.

After that we launched into 3rd Series of Events, which involved: Archery, Checkers, Floor Hockey, Obstacle Course, Pentathlon, Ping Pong, Pottery, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Tetherball, Trampball, Waterfront Triathlon, and the Yachtsman’s Relay.  This was the hottest time of the day temperature wise, but as the afternoon went on, and the sun lowered in the sky, the shadows grew so shade was more available.  Phew!

With all the events behind us, the only things remaining were the Tugs O’ War.  We started with the Staff Tug, and then concluded with the Camper Tug.  There is always a chant at the end of the events…”The tug is all that matters!”  It’s really intended to keep everyone’s spirits high and to finish the day on a strong note.  And many years the tug is consequential in determining the winner of the day.  That was not the case this year.  The winning team had garnered enough of a lead up to that point that they were uncatchable.  But still….the tug mattered and it was fun.

In the end, the standings were:

South Korea – 222
Oman – 183
Greece – 176
Kiribati – 173

Throughout the day, the staff was having as much fun as the kids, in spite of working very, very hard.  It was their goal to make sure the kids were safe and the day was fun, and to be great role models and mentors in a more competitive setting.  In that process, they actually had a ton of fun themselves.  It’s awesome to watch them do their thing, and also kinda fun to see how exhausted they are at the end of it.  It’s when that realization sinks in that they just worked a very full day.  We are extremely proud of them and the leadership they show day in and day out.

Tonight we had a laid-back Organized Free period with some activities open for the kids to roam around to.  When that concluded we all met in the Lodge and enjoyed some cool, refreshing summer watermelon to celebrate a great day.  There is a tired contentment floating through camp at the moment.  A precursor for an excellent night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we’ll sleep in 1/2 hour later and enjoy a normal camp day.  I think we’ve earned it.  We’ll write you again soon.

Benches up,

Mike & Leslie