Days of Camp – July 29, 2019

Hi Folks,


We have sent an email to all parents of campers and CITs currently at camp with information about the trip home on August 9th.  We believe we are up to date with everyone’s travel plans, so if you have not made a change recently, and or if you have and we’ve confirmed it, please do not reconfirm with us.

Yesterday the boys signed up for the 6th, and final, activity series of the summer.  Those activities begin on Wednesday, and have been uploaded to your Keylog page.

We are ramping up around here.  It’s subtle, but you can still get a sense of it by the conversations kids are having, and by the energy around camp.  This coming Saturday is Titans Day.  It’s an exciting day and there’s a lot of work involved in getting it off the ground, so the spirit of the day is already in the air.  Teams have been picked, and they have had a few meetings to help get the kids pumped up and make sure they will be placed in events they enjoy.  When the day comes we wake up 30 minutes early, and we’ll spend the day in fun and healthy competition.  Certainly it is amped up compared to a normal day of camp, and yet our non-competitive atmosphere will be sustained.  Our staff and the camper leaders chosen as “champions” for the day will ensure everyone maintains perspective, plays in a sportsmanlike manner, and remembers it’s another day at Timberlane, so we’re all here to have fun.

We ramped up a bit yesterday too, but for a different event.  Last night was Karaoke Night, and while we don’t do a ton of drama or performance programs during the summer, this is one the boys definitely look forward to.  Each cabin performed a karaoke skit on stage in the Rec Hall.  Prior to that, they planned what song to do, how to choreograph it, who would be in which roles, so it involved a lot of group cooperation and processing.

Yesterday afternoon our original plan was to have our regular 3rd and 4th periods, and then use the free period for the cabins to practice their skits.  The weather had a different plan, so we adjusted.  At 3 PM it looked as though we might be able to get at least one period of activities in, but within about 15 minutes, the “heavy dew” began.  So we stopped the activities and had the boys go back to their cabins to practice for Karaoke Night.  At 4:30 we had hoped we would be past the weather and could try to get the regular activities in, but the rain kept coming so we put together some indoor programs to get us through till dinner.

After dinner we were ready.  Everyone gathered in the Rec Hall, and we were treated to quite a night of singing, dancing, and overall goofiness.  The new Lion King movie played a heavy role with two cabins doing “Can you Feel the Love Tonight.”  Our youngest cabin did a very funny and energetic rendition of the Barney song, and several of the groups had some serious dance moves.  It was an impressive evening, and the boys had a blast.

Saturday was an awesome day.  It remained dry all day, but for much of it some very big, puffy white clouds were passing over us, which was beautiful.  The forecast had some rain possibilities in it, and we were prepared for that, but it never came to pass.  We had a normal day of activities, and that night we had an all-camp superhero evening program.  Apparently there’s been a small movie franchise out there featuring some Marvel heroes, so we had boys running from one station to another around camp trying to earn Infinity Stones.  They met up with heroes and villains, and once they secured all 5 stones, they were rewarded with Canteen.  If you gauge success by how much running around and laughing there is going on, it was a major hit!

Friday was a super nice day and we took advantage of it. We had a usual morning, and in the afternoon we had clinics and games with a nearby boys’ camp.  The older guys were here and the younger boys went there.  We played softball, basketball, soccer, tennis, ultimate frisbee, riflery and archery.  It could not have been a more perfect afternoon…sunny and mild.  Everyone played hard, we won some, we lost some, but none got rained out.

Friday night we had our 2nd Session Legacy Campfire.  We had only one celebrity, ZACH WALDEN, who is here for his 10th summer.  We talked for a bit about the history of camp, emphasizing our role as stewards of this community for future generations.  We shared some stories about Zach’s tenure at camp, most were funny and true to some extent, and of course we sang songs and listened to some guitar and ukulele music.  And we finished it off with a really nice Keylog Ceremony.

Today is a nice day as well.  There are some clouds passing though, but plenty of sunshine as well.  We had clinics this morning.  In case we haven’t already explained that, during clinics we offer a variety of activities for about 90 minutes, and the kids can choose what they want to do.  Often times the clinics are for focused instruction, such as working with just 2-skiers at waterskiing or working on serves or spikes at volleyball, etc.  This time of years we might offer a special clinic for kids finishing up projects in Pottery or Woodcrafts.  That kind of stuff.  And we had 2 separate clinic periods before lunch.  This afternoon we have our regular 3rd & 4th periods, and then tonight we’ll play some Blue & White Games.

Looking ahead there is some exciting stuff in store.  In addition to Titans Day, we have a gathering with a nearby girls’ camp on the calendar.  We’re going to their camp to hang out and watch the girls’ put on a play.  The boys get very excited about that and then – even when the girls do a GREAT job on the show – they tend to be a little bored, but we’ll make the most of it.


  • Ontonagon River, MI – 3 days river canoeing
  • Devil’s Lake State Park, WI – 4 days rock climbing
  • Porcupine Mountains State Park, MI – 3 days backpacking

Following Titans Day we will have our last 4 trips of the summer head out.  Wow.

We’ll write you again soon.

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin