Days of Camp! July 26, 2018

Hi Folks!

Lots of people love Mc Donald’s food.  Especially kids.  I remember reading once that, for adults, the appeal of Mc Donald’s isn’t so much the deliciousness of the food, but rather they like the consistency in the flavor of the food.   So the Big Mac you get in Florida tastes the same as the Big Mac you get in California.  For some folks, that’s why they dine at McDonald’s.

What if weather was the same way?  Each day you could count on sunny and – say – 75 degrees.  That has some appeal, doesn’t it?  You could reduce your wardrobe to some select shorts and t-shirts, so it might be a money saver.  And we know there are lots of people who choose to live in a place with delightful weather as much of the year as possible.  In fact, we’re among those people.

Still, it is nice to have some variety.  And that’s what we’ve been getting up here at camp lately.  Today, for instance, we won’t get above 65 degrees.  It actually feels pretty nice outside.  You wanna have a sweatshirt on, and maybe even long pants, but it feels good.  Yesterday was sunny and 75 for most of the day, though we did get wet in the afternoon and evening.  The day before that was Cruiser Day, and it was sunny and around 80 degrees.  And then the day before that was our full on “heavy dew” day.  So we’ve seen a wide range of what the Northwoods can deliver, and it hasn’t slowed us down a bit.  And the cool nights have been ideal for getting great sleep, which we can always use.

Tonight we are scheduled to have village evening programs.  The idea is to do something a little special for the older guys in the Senior Village, and something still really fun for the Intermediates and Juniors.  So, weather permitting, the Seniors will head into metropolitan Woodruff after dinner and play some mini-golf.  Here in camp, the Juniors and Intermediates will take place in an evening long scavenger hunt that is mixed in with various tasks and events.  If we have wet weather, which seems like a 50-50 shot, then we have a movie ready to go.

Yesterday was a great day followed by an AMAZING night!  We had overcast skies for a bit, and sunshine peaking through from time to time.  And we kicked off the 5th series of activities (2nd series of 2nd Session).  The morning was busy and fun, and then at lunch we started seeing some dark clouds head our way.  We were able to get 3rd period in after Rest Period, but when it was time for 4th period, it was pretty iffy.  It started drizzling, then lightly spraying, and it slowly picked up steam.  We decided to try and postpone the start of 4th period in hopes the weather would clear some and we could get it in later.  Not to be.  The dew was constant, so we just used the time to let the cabins polish up their skits for the evening’s rendition of Karaoke Night.

We’re not sure if it was the extra time, or the heavy doses of motivation to make this program an old-fashioned Karaoke event.  Over the years it has evolved a bit into more of a skit night, and this time around the organizers let everyone know they were looking for music, dancing, and lip syncing.  And folks…that’s exactly what they got.  From our youngest kids in Dakota Cabin, to our oldest guys in Arapaho and Apache, they sang, they danced, they lip synced, and they poured on the drama!  It was a night to remember for everyone!!  After the first 6 or 7 acts, I heard one counselor lean over and say to another, “I’m glad I don’t have to be a judge tonight.”  All of the kids did a great job, including some who surprised us with their willingness to be on stage and ham it up.  It was smiles as far as the eye could see as we departed the Rec Hall.

Part of the good feelings also came from our recognition of the 12 campers who had been elected as chiefs for our upcoming Pow Wow Day.  Pow Wow Day is at the end of next week, and on that day camp will be divided into 4 native tribes.  We will spend the day in fun and friendly competition.  Being elected a chief is a tremendous honor the counselors bestow upon 4 kids in each village.  As chiefs they will help choose their teams, organize the campers in the events on the big day, and then lead their teams throughout the time before and during Pow Wow Day.  So last night, in the Rec Hall, we announced the chiefs and the Medicine Men (staff advisers) to raucous applause.  We usually have a torch ceremony by the flagpole to do this, but it was dewing at the time, so we couldn’t be outside.  And the idea of lighting torches inside the building was a non-starter.  So we just announced the chiefs, had them come up on stage and be recognized.

Tuesday was a wonderful first Cruiser Day of the session.  The Juniors were out and about the Northwoods in vans, visiting places like the iron mine in the UP of Michigan, some town parks around Minocqua and Eagle River, and one group visited a really cool concrete sculpture park a little ways south of here.  The Intermediates were in camp enjoying having the whole place to themselves, and the Seniors went ice skating (no foolin’!) and then to a water park.  It was ideal weather, and they all had a great day.


  • Tomorrow you will receive an email from camp with instructions about your son’s trip home from camp.  If you have any questions about his travel plans, please be sure to call us.
  • We hope by Sunday you will receive an email from camp with an update from your son’s counselors on how the summer is going so far.  It is a brief report, and we hope you find it helpful.


  • Lake Superior Provincial Park, Canada – 8 days backpacking

In spite of the days passing by quickly, we still have multiple trips coming up that are open for kids to sign up.  There are 2 climbing trips, 3 river canoeing trips, a lake canoeing trip, a backpacking trip, and our sea kayaking trip all still to come.

We’ll write again soon.

Benches up,

Mike & Leslie