Passions Old & New

By the time a boy becomes a camper, he may have passions already.  Is it sports?  Is it art or music?  Is it Nature?  Wouldn’t it be great if it was some of all of the above and more?!

Timberlane campers can pursue many of the things they may have already experienced and found they love.  And at the same time, each and every day, they can also learn about and get involved with activities and programs they can do nowhere else!  We offer an unparalleled breadth of activities and trips for our campers.

How about playing some baseball and then climbing a wall?  Or shooting some hoops and then riding a mountain bike through the forest?  Or painting a picture and then waterskiing or sailing on the lake?  Who’s up for a canoeing or backpacking or rock climbing trip?!!

Our program and selection process is designed to guide our kids toward expanding their horizons, and learning they are capable of much more than they may have realized.  We encourage, we model healthy risk-taking, and we reward those steps into new adventures.