Activities…Tons of 'Em!

Bring Your Sense of Adventure

So much to tell you, so little cyberspace. We're very proud of the quantity and diversity of our activity choices. Read on…you're gonna learn a lot!

This is not your ordinary, everyday sports camp. You'll have the opportunity to do things you've always loved, but to also try things you've never done before! You may check out our water activities on Lake Towanda, get involved in some adventure programs, have some fun in our land activities or traditional activities, or maybe indulge your creativity in our crafts program. Sure camp is fun if you're into sports, but it's also a place for everyone and anyone to get involved, have a blast, and learn all sorts of new skills.


A Free Choice Program…Almost

Nearly everything a camper does is something he chooses. We have only a few basic requirements. That's not very much when you consider how many different things you'll be doing.

How You Choose Your Activities:

We sign up for activities 3 times per each 4-week session. Each of these times is called an Activity Series. Each Activity Series includes 4 activity instruction periods, each an hour long. If you do the math correctly, that would mean a camper could choose 12 different activities in 4 weeks. Usually, though, campers find one or two things that they really enjoy, and they can repeat those over more than one Activity Series. They cannot, however, take the same activity twice in one Activity Series.

The sign-up process usually takes place during Rest Period. Each camper will enter our Lodge, and there they will find counselors sitting at tables signing up all the different activities. The campers simply talk to the counselor signing up the activity he wants to choose, and the counselor writes his activity name on the camper's sign-up sheet (See Below). Once all four periods are filled on the camper's form, he shows it to either Mike or Leslie so they can look it over and maybe make some suggestions.

Those suggestions might include trying a more diverse schedule, or something the camper has never done before. Mike and Leslie will also have any recommendations the camper's parents may have for activity selection, and will share those recommendations at that time. The final choice in activity selection is always the camper's! And that's how it works.

Look at All These Activities!

Waterfront Activities

  • WATERSKIING – Our most popular program. Featuring three top-notch ski boats, you’ll be able to ski at least five days a week if you choose to. Our boys go as far as barefoot skiing, and putting on ski shows for neighboring camps.
  • SAILING – Using 6 Sunfish and a Catamaran. Frequent trips to other area lakes.
  • ADVANCED CANOEING – Beyond the basic strokes in the OWLS program, Advanced Canoeing polishes stokes as well as teaches racing and rescue techniques.
  • SWIMMING – Programs through the American Red Cross including Emergency Water Rescue, and Life-Guard Training for our C.I.T.s.
  • FISHING – Go after the big ones in Lake Towanda. Learn to fish with our "experts," and then use your free time to chase Musky, Walleye, Bass, and more. Go for a nice fishing trip on our Pontoon Boat or fish from the shoreline docks.

All waterfront activities are guarded by certified Life-Guards.

Adventure Activities

  • ROCK CLIMBING – Climbing, rappelling, and safety systems taught on our immense 70 foot tall climbing tower and state-of-the-art indoor Bouldering Cave. Experienced climbers may participate in climbing trips to various climbing locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota.
  • ADVENTURE ROPES COURSE – Different challenge activities in the forest to help you learn to work in a group, and to challenge yourself both physically and mentally.
  • MOUNTAIN BIKING – Cruise our skills course and trails in camp, then gear up for longer rides on local trail networks that span miles and miles.
  • ARCHERY – After learning all of our safety procedures, we’ll teach you to shoot from distances of 15-50 yards.
  • RIFLERY – Safety first again! Learn proper care and handling of an air rifle (lead pellets), then learn to shoot from four different positions; prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing.
  • CAMPCRAFTS – Part of the OWLS program with canoeing to prepare you for the Wilderness Tripping program.

Land Activities

  • BASEBALL – Groups divided by age. Everyone who wants to gets to play! Hardball and softball
  • BASKETBALL – Groups divided by age. Everyone who wants to gets to play!
  • SOCCER – Groups divided by age. Everyone who wants to gets to play!
  • VOLLEYBALL – Groups divided by age. Everyone who wants to gets to play!
  • LACROSSE – Groups divided by age. Everyone who wants to gets to play!
  • FLOOR HOCKEY – Groups divided by age. Everyone who wants to gets to play! Played in our awseome indoor "Arena."
  • TENNIS – Lessons grouped by skill level.
  • GOLF – Instruction in camp plus trips to public courses. We’ve got the clubs.
  • GYMNASTICS – Pommel horse, vaulting, tumbling, and trampoline.
  • WEIGHT TRAINING – Supervised training programs for our older boys.
  • DISC SPORTS – Any game you can play with a Frisbee or disc. Mostly Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee!
  • YOGA – Improve your flexibility, balance, and strength. Yoga sessions by the lake...can it get any better?

For The Creative

  • ARTS & CRAFTS – Everything from candle-making to tie dyeing, to leather crafts.
  • POTTERY – Learn to use a potter’s wheel, or just your own creativity.
  • MODEL ROCKETRY – Build your rocket, and if you wish, launch it into the Northern Wisconsin sky.
  • DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY – Learn to use 35mm SLR digital cameras, take cool photographs, and process them in our digital lab. Cameras are provided, or use your own.
  • GUITAR – You can take guitar lessons at camp! If you've never played before, or if you're already jamming, there are lots of opportunities to play and improve.
  • COMEDY SPORTS – Our drama program where you can learn and practice improv comedy tactics and skills. Each performance is fun, hysterical, and always well received.

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Check Out a Sample Daily Schedule

8:00AMWake-up Bell
9:15AMCabin Cleanup – You get to make your bed, straighten your area out, and help get your cabin nice and clean inside and out
10:00AMFirst Period – Activity instruction
11:00AMSecond Period – Activity instruction
12:00PMFree Period – Somewhat less structured times with various activities open on a non-instructional basis
1:45PMMail Call and Rest Period
3:00PMThird Period – Activity Instruction
4:00PMFourth Period – Activity Instruction
5:00PMFree Period – Same as morning free period with swimming open
7:00PMEvening Program – Something different every night. Old favorites like Capture the Flag, Casino Night, or a Campfire, and lots of other fun activities for the whole camp to do together
8:45PMEnd of the day – Head back to the cabin for some time together before bed
9:30PMLights out for campers entering 4th, 5th, and 6th grades
10:00PMLights out for campers entering 7th and 8th grades
10:30PMLights out for campers entering 9th and 10th grades

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