Wilderness Treks

This is the place to learn more about the different trips you can go on. Trips are made available to campers based on their age and their wilderness experience level. But you can be sure, there are fantastic wilderness opportunities for every camper no matter how old or how experienced you are. Go ahead, explore on!

Canoeing Trips:



There are those who long only for the excitement of whitewater rivers. Our river trips enable you to perfect your skills in reading whitewater rapids, paddling through them, and taking care of yourself if you get caught or even tip over. Our progression of rivers starts with the mild NAMEKAGON or FLAMBEAU rivers, working its way up to the more challenging BRULE, PESHTIGO and SAND rivers.

Our river trips last anywhere from 3 - 8 days long, and all pass through beautiful forests on rivers that are home to bald eagles, great blue herons, deer, and many other wildlife.

  • Flamebeau River
  • Namekagon/St. Croix River
  • Ontonagon River
  • Brule River
  • Peshtigo River
  • Sand River



The Boundary Waters Canoe trip takes you right to the edge of our country. In fact, depending on your route, you may paddle on or hike around a lake that borders the United States on one side and Canada on the other!

Our trips to the BWCAW take you into the untamed land of the north. A quiet and observant paddler or hiker will see moose, eagles, and abundant other wildlife. Some cliffs you paddle by will even have Native Pictographs for you to marvel at!

There is enough portaging on these canoe trips to tire even the most energetic, but groups will take their time and share the load. Trips to the BWCAW are for mid-to-older campers with some wilderness experience. They are typcially 6 or 7 days long.


A remote and beautiful area along the shores of Lake Superior, north of the Canadian border! Our backpacking trips here are rugged! Hiking trails pass beautiful inland lakes and pristine forests.


The Quetico trip, more commonly referred to as "The Canadian" is the oldest and perhaps most rugged of Timberlane's "big" trips. How many people can say they canoed through US/Canadian customs? Not too many, but you can once you have experienced the wonders of the Quetico. The Quetico is Canada's version of our BWCAW. It is more rugged, less traveled and even more beautiful. On your Canadian you may see moose, eagles and plenty of other wildlife; but hardly another soul! More importantly, your group will become closer than your own family, as you will depend on each other for support, encouragement, and so much more. The Canadian is a 10 day trip for our most rugged canoeists, and is certainly going to help create memories to last a lifetime.


From crystal clear waters to beautifully wooded campsites, Sylvania has it all. This three day canoe trip will take you to the Sylvania National Forest, where after watching a video and becoming a Sylvania graduate, you will embark on three days of paddling through beautiful lakes. If your group is up to it, you will also challenge yourself with the short portage trails leading from lake to lake. A lucky Sylvania tripper will hear the frequent call of the loon, and may even spot some deer and bald eagles! This is a perfect first trip for both junior and intermediate village campers and is also great training for the longer lake trips offered.


Backpacking Trips:

ISLE ROYALE NATIONAL PARK - Located on Lake Superior

Isle Royale is the largest island in the largest lake in the world! You will take a ferry over to the island. Not only does this add to the adventure, it also limits the number of people you will pass on the trails!

Isle Royale is a challenging backpacking trip, available to our older and more experienced hikers. You will see moose, fox and various other wildlife as you hike along the lake shore or to the top of the island's several mountains!

Trips to Isle Royale are either 6 or 10 days in length.


A remote and beautiful area along the shores of Lake Superior, north of the Canadian border! Our trips here are both canoeing and backpacking, and share one thing in common. They are rugged! Hiking trails pass beautiful inland lakes and pristine forests.

Canoe routes comb the shoreline along gorgeous cliff formations and sea caves. Best suited for our older and more experienced trippers, this area boasts beautiful cliffs, sparkling clear water, and the promise of nearly complete isolation.


It doesn't get any better than this! Pictured Rocks is right up there in the running for the most beautiful and scenic trip! This five day hiking trip along the shores of Lake Superior is almost beyond description. You will find your own private coves to swim, play and eat in. If you would like, plan the trip to take you by the giant sand dunes and then down to Chapel Rock for some possible cliff jumping.

You will hike either 20 feet from the shore or 150 feet above on majestic cliffs. The water is crystal clear and the skipping stones can't be any smoother. This trip is a must for advanced intermediate and senior village hikers, and usually last for 6 days!


The Porcupine Mountains backpacking trip is usually a 3 day trip and is available to any camper. This trip will take you close to the shores of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where the gently rolling Porcupine Mountains are waiting for you. If you choose, watch a slide show that has been highly rated by past trips and then pick your pleasure! The Porkies have it all, from waterfalls and Mirrored Lakes to picturesque hiking trails, both in the mountains and along Lake Superior. Among other wildlife, Black Bears do live in the Porkies, and if you look close enough you may find bear tracks!! The Porkies is a great trip - especially for campers who have yet to go on a hiking trip.

Superior Hiking Trail


Rock Climbing Trips:


Before the climbing craze swept the nation, Timberlane campers were on the rock. Rock climbing trips are available to campers of any age who have progressed in our rock climbing classes in camp on our 70' tower. Once you're there, you can enjoy the challenge of climbing some moderate routes at Taylor's Falls on the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, or more challenging stuff, including world-class crack routes at Devil's Lake in Wisconsin.

Our most accomplished climbers may take on the cliffs along the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota where the bottom is actually the lake itself.

  • Devil's Lake
  • North Shore State Park
  • Taylor's Falls


Sea Kayaking:


Lake Superior is America's inland ocean. It is the largest lake in the world, and home to the breath-taking Apostle Islands. This collection of beautiful islands includes completely primitive and untouched wilderness. The most fitting and enjoyable way to get around and explore the numerous sea caves is by sea kayak.

Our sea kayaking trips are 4 - 5 days long, and touch on several of the Apostle Islands. It is an unforgettable experience.

  • Apostle Islands