Timberlane Campers Are Unplugged

Technology is at the center of our lives today. And as helpful as it can be, it often comes at a price. The Kaiser Family Foundation reports American adolescents average more than 60 hours of screen time a week, not including school work.

Too much screen time for children can reduce physical fitness, impair socialization, and even inhibit healthy sleeping habits. How much is too much? Experts don’t always agree, but more than 1 hour/day is widely accepted as unhealthy exposure.

Timberlane campers average zero hours of screen time a day*. Our kids do not have phones, tablets, pods or pads, electronic games or computers. Nada.

Music lovers can bring an MP3 device so long as it does not have a screen. And those devices are never allowed outside the cabin. Without earbuds, our campers hear the wind through the trees, waves lapping the lake shore, and birds (even loons!) singing all around camp.

*Full disclosure… Campers who take Digital Photography may learn to use Photoshop…on a computer….with a screen. Typical screen time is well under an hour. Those computers are NOT connected to the Internet.

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