Genuine Instruction, Genuinely Non-Competitive

Timberlane is a place to be yourself, have fun, and make the best friends you'll ever have. In all aspects, our camp is genuinely non-competitive, meaning we place the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fun waaaaay above all else.

On the occasions that we play games with other camps, we hold no tryouts! Anyone who wants to play is on the team and gets an equal amount of playing time.  Those who prefer not to play have other camp activities to join in during the games.  

Skill development is the foundation of all activities at Timberlane.  Each activity is based on coaching principles:

  • Explaining and demonstrating
  • Observing and assessing a camper’s competency
  • Providing feedback and correction when needed.  
  • Repetition and mastery.

In a setting that is fun and supportive, improvement comes more readily.  We know boys are increasingly likely to engage in and enjoy an activity if they recognize their own improvement and mastery.  We can accomplish that without emphasizing the point total at the end of the game.

Summers at camp should be filled with experiences that develop self-confidence and resilience and teach us how to build each other up. That's where true friendship derives, and that's what enables us to accept new challenges and adventures!