Spectacular Facilities!

You Can't Go Wrong in the Northwoods!

We have over 250 wooded acres and 2000 feet of shoreline on a gorgeous, isolated lake. We live in cabins that overlook the lake and have electricity, toilet, and shower facilities in each one. In spite of these "amenities", camp is a very rustic setting, true to the feel of our natural environment. Besides us, camp is home to deer, fox, squirrels and chipmunks, bald eagles, and a myriad of other wildlife.

Take a look at some of the features of our camp home:


Camp Timberlane 360 Tour

Camp Timberlane Interactive Map

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2000 Feet of Shoreline

Starting on the north end, our boardwalk will take you from our waterski area through our sailing area, boating and canoeing area, and end up at our swimming beach. Lake Towanda is a natural, spring-fed lake that is enough off the beaten path that we avoid the tourist traffic common to the other larger lakes in the area. Towanda is over 200 acres in size, making it more than ample for all our lakefront activities.


Arts & Crafts Shop

Our Arts & Crafts shop gives us the facility to keep up with our growing Art program. Lots of room inside for a myriad of projects, and a nice deck to work on outside too. Underneath the Arts & Crafts shop is a storm cellar that is spacious enough to fit our entire camp in relative comfort, or up to 400 people who really, really like each other.


Floor Hockey and Ga-Ga

Our huge Arena is a perfect place to work on your hockey skills and plays some fantastic games. The enormous play surface can be subdivided for small-scale games or for Ga-Ga games.


The Manor

Located right in the middle of camp, the Manor houses our camp offices as well as our recently renovated and modern Infirmary and nurses' quarters. The building is an original log cabin dating back to the 1930s when camp was a fishing resort. It has undergone numerous major updates and transitions.


Elbow Room!

Four tennis courts, 2 basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, and acres of space on our 3 athletic fields. This area is home to our land-based sports. We have the capacity to have 2 baseball games going at once, or a baseball game and a soccer game, plus a lacrosse game, or many other combinations of athletic events. 2 of the tennis courts,1 basketball court, and the volleyball court have lights, though with darkness coming so late in the north woods, we seldom need to turn them on.


The Lodge

The Lodge is our dining hall, making it one of the more popular buildings in camp. Each cabin group has its own table for all of the campers and counselors in the group. The Lodge has a wall of windows facing towards the lake, and sky lights in the roof to bring in the Wisconsin sunshine. The Lodge is located in the middle of camp.


Towering 70' High!

Camp Timberlane campers have enjoyed a strong climbing program for many years. The sheer size of our 70' tall climbing tower gives us so many opportunities to work with climbers from beginners on up through highly accomplished climbers. The tower has 3 climbing surfaces, enabling 6 climbers to climb at one time. Climbing routes progressively get more challenging as campers become stronger climbers. Routes intended for beginners have many features and large holds to make use of. Advanced climbers may well find routes that even they are unable to master. Standing right next to the tower is our amazing Bouldering Cave, home to hundreds of feet of indoor bouldering. This is a perfect venue to teach new climbing moves, get some great exercise, and have SO much fun!


Action-Packed Fun

This is where the game of Trampball originated! Fun, aerobic, action-packed times are spent playing Trampball. The trampolines are right at ground-level, and all springs and frames are fully padded for safety.


To the Lake

This is just one of the several beautiful trails that lead down to Lake Towanda.