Who’s Who at Camp – April, 2021

Hi Folks, We’re all ready for some normal in our lives, and for those of us who get to spend our summer at camp, this summer in particular, while not entirely normal, will bring us a long way there.  We can’t wait! In the most “normal” years, some kids are very excited to get to … Read more

Who’s Who at Camp, August, 2020

Hi Folks, Hello from the beautiful shores of Lake Towanda. We hope that everyone had a nice summer and was able to enjoy some time in the outdoors. We are getting camp ready for the winter and preparing for the summer of 2021! It Occurs to Me… Yo Parents! Enrollment News! IT OCCURS TO ME… … Read more

Who’s Who at Camp – January, 2020

Hi Folks, The days keep rolling by faster and faster.  Before you know it, we’ll be headed to our spectacular corner from the Northwoods!  We have lots to do before we get there, and we are so excited about the way things are shaping up for the 2020 summer…our 60th!! Did you know we’re going … Read more

Who’s Who at Camp – November, 2019

Hi Folks, Well, so much for a fall season at camp.  It ended last month.  There is snow on the ground and ice on the lake!  That hasn’t dampened the spirits of our caretaker, DANIEL VAN BUREN.  DVB loves the cold weather, even though he’s from Georgia!!  He’s been busy working on projects in the … Read more