Silver Linings – Notes from Camp April, 2020

Hi Folks, IT OCCURS TO ME…. During the campfire on Zoom I discussed the silver linings that we are experiencing during these times. Having to be isolated in our homes has given us more uninterrupted family time. It has also given us a great time to connect with friends virtually. I have heard of so … Read more

Days of Camp – August 3, 2019 – Titans Day, Part 2

Hi Folks, Well first of all, we owe you an apology.  The Part 1 posting for Titans Day was completed right after lunch.  And then we managed to fail to post it live.   We’re sorry about that.  Please read Part 1 first, okay? On to Part 2: Our afternoon worked out pretty well.  We had … Read more

Who’s Who at Camp – April, 2019

Hi Folks, Time is flying!!  In fact, next month we’ll start posting our blog from the beautiful Northwoods!  Wow! We want to recap some big news for you: OUR NEW PARENT WEBINAR IS COMING UP!  If you are a first-time Timberlane Parent, we invite you to join us live.  We’ll have a presentation for you … Read more

Warm Socks! Notes from Camp – April, 2019

Hi Folks, We LOVE this video!  This is our favorite of all of our Parent Testimonial videos.  In this one, our experts talk about the changes they see in their kids when they get home from camp.  We think it speaks volumes about the real power of camp!  Thanks to all the parents who helped … Read more

TimberNews Fit to Print – January, 2019

Hi Everyone! We know that a lot of you around the country are experiencing a serious cold snap, and we hope you can hang in there!  Even here in Tucson we’ve had colder than normal weather with a lot of rain (for us, anyway).  Once we get past these few upcoming weeks, we’ll see the … Read more

Who’s Who at Camp – January, 2019

Hi Folks, We are so excited about the summer ahead!  And we have some great campers to tell you about and an awesome list of returning staff members.  So, let’s get right to it! As of today, we are happy to inform you that we still have space in both sessions.  There are some age … Read more

Actions Speak Louder – Notes from Camp – December, 2018

Hi Folks, It Occurs to Me… Yo Parents! Yo Staff! Birthday Bravos! IT OCCURS TO ME: It has been said “actions speak louder than words.”  Put otherwise, talk is easy, but the true representations of  a person’s principles and beliefs are demonstrated by his/her actions.  When we’re able to observe a person’s actions, we’re in … Read more

Days of Camp! July 26, 2018

Hi Folks! Announcements Future Trip Departures Lots of people love Mc Donald’s food.  Especially kids.  I remember reading once that, for adults, the appeal of Mc Donald’s isn’t so much the deliciousness of the food, but rather they like the consistency in the flavor of the food.   So the Big Mac you get in Florida … Read more