Missing Items Bureau – August 10, 2019

Dear Parents, We are impressed!  We have very few items that are unmarked and would be worth sending home.  Any items we recovered that are worth the postage and have names in them will be mailed out on Monday, August 12th. Please see below and contact us right away if one (or more) of these … Read more

Days of Camp – August 8, 2019

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: Some important stuff for you to know: Your campers are coming home tomorrow!!!  You probably already knew that. Your boys should have a manila envelope with them when they arrive that includes: An Achievement Chart listing their activities, trips, etc. Any certificates they earned in Riflery, Archery, or Swimming If you find … Read more

Days of Camp – August 3, 2019 – Titans Day, Part 2

Hi Folks, Well first of all, we owe you an apology.  The Part 1 posting for Titans Day was completed right after lunch.  And then we managed to fail to post it live.   We’re sorry about that.  Please read Part 1 first, okay? On to Part 2: Our afternoon worked out pretty well.  We had … Read more

Days of Camp – August 3, 2019 – Titans Day, Part 1

Hi Folks, NO ANNOUNCEMENTS TODAY! Well, it’s finally here.  TITANS DAY!  Camp is split up into 4 teams based on Greek or Roman Gods.  This summer the teams are: Apollo Dionysus Hades Nike So much preparation has gone into the planning of the day, with kids working on their Opening Ceremonies, their theme, placing kids … Read more

Days of Camp – August 1, 2019

Hi Folks, NO ANNOUNCEMENTS TODAY We are so thankful for the ABSOLUTELY 100% perfect weather we’ve been having.  It’s incredible.  For the last several days we’ve been in the upper 70s in the daytime, the upper 50s at night, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.  The lake is warm, the air is mild, and … Read more