TimberNews Fit to Print – January, 2019

Hi Everyone! We know that a lot of you around the country are experiencing a serious cold snap, and we hope you can hang in there!  Even here in Tucson we’ve had colder than normal weather with a lot of rain (for us, anyway).  Once we get past these few upcoming weeks, we’ll see the … Read more

Who’s Who at Camp – January, 2019

Hi Folks, We are so excited about the summer ahead!  And we have some great campers to tell you about and an awesome list of returning staff members.  So, let’s get right to it! As of today, we are happy to inform you that we still have space in both sessions.  There are some age … Read more

Mindful Resolution – Notes from Camp – January, 2019!!

Hi Folks, It Occurs to Me… Yo Parents! Yo Staff! Birthday Bravos! IT OCCURS TO ME: Happy New Year!!  2019.  Incredible. Are you making any New Year resolutions this year?  Y’know the challenge with these resolutions, of course, is how hard it is to remember to implement them.  That makes so many of these well-intended … Read more