TimberNews Fit to Print – November, 2018

Hi Everyone,

It’s Thanksgiving time, and we hope you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.  Food, football, family and friends…what more could ya ask for?  Well, I suppose you could ask for it to be summer and to be at camp, but have some patience.  We’ll get there.

The snow has been falling at camp.  Our caretaker, GREG FUS has shared some photos with us of camp under a beautiful blanket.  

Our travels and reunions have launched, with 4 cities visited, and many more to come.  And that means we’ve got intel on what our campers and staff in those cities (and more) have been up to.  We know you wanna know, so let’s get right to it!

St. Louis finds MICHAEL LYNCH playing soccer and doing gymnastics.  JEREMY COHN was playing baseball for his high school.  He also made a recent trip to Chicago and hung out with DREW MUTCHNIK.   ADAM KLEIN has been playing basketball.  JEREMY KALISHMAN has been playing basketball and soccer.  ALEX MC CLOUD has also been playing basketball.  BEN SIWAK has been busy with hockey and hockey.  ZACH NEWMARK has been playing…video games.  DANNY FISCHER is playing lacrosse and soccer.  WILL COOVERT is wrestling and JOE COOVERT is playing soccer and…*sigh*….Fortnite.  JUSTIN GOLDENBERG is busy with tennis.  REIS LOURIE has been mountain biking and skate boarding.  JOSEPH LOURIE has started indoor soccer season, as have ELI TENENBAUM, JONAH SAMSON, and JARED SETTLERMILES SETTLER is playing basketball and baseball, and got to take a trip to New York.  WILLIAM SMALL is busy with school and the start of hockey season.  GABRIEL MILES has been playing basketball.  NOAH COEN is doing sports and is sometimes bored.  CHAD RUFF is managing his school’s soccer team.  RYAN ACREE played in a hockey tournament in Nashville, and had some camp guys come out to cheer him on. 

In Kansas City, ZACHARY LISS played fall baseball, is playing basketball, and went on a school sponsored canoeing and hiking trip.   DUSTIN GREENWOOD is running cross country and playing golf.  Basketball season will start soon for him, and he recently visited DANNY FISCHER and RORY BLAND in St. Louis.  Dustin and Zachary are in a fantasy football league with some other camp guys.  GAVIN GREENWOOD is excited to return to camp and shoot archery!  He’s been doing lots of homework, playing some *ugh* video games, and will start gymnastics soon.  ELLIOTT KORENTAGER played football, and has started hockey season.  He also visited Canada and did a little snow skiing in Colorado.  BEN FREY‘s football team made it to the championships.  He’s starting basketball season.  ZANE FREY is playing clarinet in his high school band, is involved in the drama program, and traveled to Chicago for the camp reunion.  

In Chicago, MATTHEW PALEY is playing lacrosse.  JACKSON SHALTIEL played soccer and took in some Cubs games, SAM KLINE is playing football.  SAM SALZER has been winning lots of tennis matches.  BRADY ADELMAN has been doing some fishing.  AIDAN POMEROY has been playing lacrosse.  ZIA REY RIVERA made the basketball team and has been spending time with his grandmother.  CALEB GERSTEIN has been playing hockey.  CHRISTIAN WALLNER has been playing rugby and football.  LEO SCLAMBERG will sing and play guitar at the halftime show when the Chicago Bulls play the Boston Celtics on December 8th.  Those tickets are gonna be hot!  AARON BERNS joined an improv class.  AJ STEWART is involved in some volleyball clinics.  OLIVER ARA has played some baseball.  CHARLIE DUFFY has been playing soccer.  JACK DUFFY  has been playing soccer and…y’know…Fortnite.  DANE LILLY has been playing football.  JEREMY STROUSE broke his high school record by selling 65 checkbooks in a fund-raiser.  SIMON KANOVITZ has been playing basketball and football.  JACK FRANZKE is into reading and having fun.  And…video games.  ZACH SILBERMAN has been playing baseball.  EDDIE TEPPER made his high school’s varsity chess team.  CHARLIE CARROLL introduced waterskiing to his high school.  Maybe they’ll build a lake!  WILL FIEGEN is on his high school’s ping pong team.  GABE FELDMAN joined Dustin and I for a camper recruiting visit last month, and JORDAN PLOCKER helped us with a new family as well.  DOX RASKIN is playing volleyball.  

In Dallas, JOSH TRAUB has been playing baseball and throwing a football around with his friends.  In Nashville, MAX ELLIOT and his doubles partner won their middle school tennis championship!  

In Chicago,  our reunion there attracted some long distance travelers, including ADAM POGER from St. Louis, DANIEL VAN BUREN from Superior, WI, BRIAN STRAIN from Denver,  JOVAN MCGEE from Silverthorne, CO, and IVY MOLLS from Turtle Lake, WI.   SAM “PICKLES” KAHN’s teaching team pulled a surprise on Halloween.  They all dressed up like him!  Right down to the Patagonia vest.  NOAH FOSTER is busy with tennis and homework.  JOE BERNS has been delivering pizzas to camp families (and we assume other families too), and working on those fun college applications.  JARED SAEF just finished a ten page paper on the Constitution.   ARI KADEN’s cross country team ran against BEN SPIEGEL’s team in the conference championships, and though it was competitive, they kept it friendly.  JOSH MEYER had a visitor from Nashivlle not long ago, “old-timer” GRAHAM ELLIOT.   LEVI RASKIN is his school’s #1 chess player. 

In St. Louis, HENRY COEN is busy with school, and recently visited his brother, “old-timer” WILL COEN as well as DAVID HEIMAN at Syracuse.  WILL COOVERT has begun wrestling season.  TYLER DEUTSCH is playing for his school’s hockey team and studying hard.  SAM SIWAK was playing baseball.  BEN KADEN’s soccer team traveled from Chicago to play a tournament in St. Louis, where he hung out with SAM SIWAK and ADAM POGER.   Adam also saw DAVID HEIMAN in New York, made the trip to Chicago for the reunion up there, will be in Orlando soon visiting with JEFF MELROSE, and has been working on his golf game. ADAM COHN was in Chicago recently and got to hang out with a bunch of camp buddies.  

In Silverthorne, CO, JOVAN MCGEE has been playing host to some visitors, including RICK JONES who made his now annual trek out to Colorado last month, and The HITCHENS Family who journeyed up from Denver into the mountains.  Out in Boston, JACOB ROSENSTEIN had a fun time at the Red Sox victory celebration, though he skipped the parade due to his not being a Red Sox fan.  He’s been teaching a 2nd grade class about social justice, and he hosted a visit from JOSH MEYER

EVAN GOREHAM is in Phoenix working as an athletic trainer for a high school football program.  He vowed to shave his beard when the season ends, so we’ll have to see if he sends us a photo….and if we recognize him.  Tripper JOE BURSON is at the Forfar Field Station on the island of Andros in the Bahamas as part of his school program.  He attended a lecture on Story Telling, so we’ll look forward to hearing the results on some trips this summer. 

SAM CASSELS is planning  a winter vacation trip to Vail, Colorado, all the way from England.  Amazing!  We have heard other international staff members planning trips soon to the US, including JUSTIN LOWRY from the UK, and MADDIE CLARKE from Australia!


Have a nice Thanksgiving, good luck digesting everything, and we’ll post again early next month!

Benches up,

Mike, Leslie & Dustin