Who’s Who at Camp – October, 2018

Hi Folks, We hope you’re having a nice October, and everyone is looking forward to a fun, sweet, and SAFE Halloween.  October in Tucson can be hot and dry, but not this year!  We’ve had a very cool (relatively speaking) month, and so much rain!!  People around here freak out a little when water falls … Read more

Seasons of Camp – Notes from Camp – October, 2018

Hi Folks, Yo Everyone! Birthday Bravos! For most people there are 4 seasons, right?  Not so much for us.  We really have only 2 seasons….Camp Season, and Not-Camp Season.  Camp Season is the best!  We’re in the Northwoods,  either prepping for the coming camp session, enjoying camp, or recuperating from the past camp session.  Any … Read more