Who’s Who at Camp – May, 2018

Hi Folks,

It is May, and we are at camp!  Those first minutes and hours when we get here are some of the most smiley times of the year.  Rivaled only by those moments when the campers first arrive…and that first meal in the Lodge…and those first days of activities…well, then, there’s the first campfire..those are pretty smiley…and of course, kids getting back from those first trips….and then there’s always those special days like Cruiser Days, UN Day, Pow Wow Day….

I guess we’ve just experienced the first of many, many smiley times to come.  Either way, it is FANTASTIC to be here.  In spite of the harsh winter, camp looks amazing!  The trees are still bare, though some are starting to bud.  The lake is open and very high, the fields are greening up.  We’ve got some very warm weather in the forecast, which should help warm the lake up quickly.

This will be our last posting until the kiddies arrive.  But don’t worry…there will still be plenty of information coming your way.  Travel-to-camp mailing will go out to all First Session and Full Season campers in very early June, and that will include baggage tags.  All of the paper work we need from you is accessible on your Keylog page on our website and on your page on the CampDoc website.

If you have any questions at all, please first consult your Parent Handbook, and if you can’t find an answer there, feel free to call or email us.

We are happy to welcome back the following “old-timers” who re-enrolled in the last month: KOBE CERRA of Kildeer, IL; SHAUN KEMP of Gorham, ME, and after a 2 year absence, JACK ROBINOWITZ of Tulsa, OK.

Welcome aboard to the following first-year campers who have also joined us: JACKSON FORD, MASON GARCIA, and ZIA REY RIVERA from Chicago, IL; PIERSON LIPSCHULTZ of River Forest, IL; and JUAN PABLO CORRAL of Guadalajara, Mexico.

We can’t wait till you all get here and start having the best summer ever!  It’s so close!


Our staff for the upcoming summer is just about complete!  We are very excited for this group of men and women who are so dedicated to the campers.  We have a great mix of fun, positive folks to work with.  Have we mentioned that we can’t wait to get started?


First of all, apologies to Jonah.  He’s been planning to return to camp all winter long, and we are just now telling you about him.  Jonah is 19 years old, is originally from Nashville, TN., and is completing his freshman year at Indiana University.  This will be Jonah’s 11th summer at camp, and he will be a cabin counselor helping out with Gymnastics, Basketball, Skiing and Fishing.


How do you like this?  After a brief hiatus of 6 summers, the stars have aligned and Justin is returning for his 4th summer at camp.  Justin is 28 years old, and he’ll be joining us from across the pond in Buxton, England.  Justin has been working these many years as a secondary school Physical Education teacher.  He enjoys teaching some of the games he learned at camp, such as Ultimate Frisbee.  He is changing schools this year, and had just enough time to squeeze in another summer at camp.  This summer, Justin will be a cabin counselor, will head up our Cardio program, and help with Tennis, Soccer, Disc Sports, and Mountain Biking.



 Sam joins us from London, England, and he is finishing his 2nd year at the University of Leeds where he’s studying History.  He is 21 years old, and he is way into sports and fitness.  He’s played soccer and worked out for much of his life, and he is currently finshing a volunteer teaching period with an elementary school.  This summer Sam will be a cabin counselor, will head up our Weight Training program, and help out with Cardio, Mountain Biking, and Rock Climbing.


 Ben is 19 years old and he is from Whitegate, Ireland.  For the past 3 summers, Ben has been an adventure sports instructor working with kids and adults in activities like rock climbing, rappelling, zipwire, and more.  He is also a champion rower.  Ben has traveled to the US, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and more.  This summer Ben will be a cabin counselor and will help out with Rock Climbing and Canoeing.


 Santiago is 20 years old, was born in Tijuana, and now lives in Puebla.  He is studying Finance and Economics at Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla.  When he was younger, he was a counselor on youth retreats, and he lived for a year in the US.  As a kid he had a neighbor who was into archery, and he taught Santiago how to shoot.  Santiago also wakeboards and loves mountain biking.  He will be a cabin counselor helping out with all of those activities.


 Baruch is from Puebla, Mexico, where he studies Finance and Public Accounting at  Universidad de las Américas Puebla.  He is 19 years old, and last year, in addition to going to school, Baruch worked in a restaurant.  Baruch has also traveled to the US before, and to Germany.  This summer he will join our Kitchen Staff.


 Calvin is 20 years old, and he lives in Liverpool, England where he is in his 1st year at Liverpool John Moores University, studying Mechanical Engineering.  For six years, Calvin was part of the Sea Cadets in Belfast, Northern Ireland, rising to the role of Senior Cadet.  Last summer Calvin taught Sailing at a summer camp not far from ours.  This summer he will be a cabin counselor, helping out with Sailing and Canoeing.  Something we didn’t know about Calvin: “I may now live in Liverpool which is the home of the Beetles, however I come from Belfast, Northern Ireland where the famous ship the Titanic was built. My middle name is Achilles “


 Finny Wilson is joining us from West Sussex, England.  He is 23 years old, and he graduated last summer from the University of Sheffield with a degree in History.  He has been working in sales at a sports store, but his passions are tennis and table tennis.  He played high school level tennis, and participated in many other sports as a student.  This summer he’ll be a cabin counselor and will help with Tennis, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Weight Training.  Something we didn’t know about Finny: “I am a film nerd and have seen over half of the IMDB top 250 films, favourites include Spielberg, Scorcese, and Jake Gyllenhaal films. “


As soon as the campers arrive we will begin posting our twice weekly summer journal, “Days of Camp.”  We will send you an email to alert you of our first posting, and after that if there is anything really important for you to know, we will alert you via email.

Have a fantastic remainder of May!

Benches up,