Appreciation for Failure. Notes from Camp – March, 2018

Hi Folks, In this post you’ll find: It Occurs to Me… Yo Parents – The Paper Work Train! Trip News Birthday Bravos Just as spring is arriving what happens?  It snows in Tucson!  Well, really it just snowed in the mountains around Tucson, but that’s always a little surreal.  At camp, the snow is very, … Read more

TimberNews Fit to Print – February, 2018

Hello Camp! You could think of this monthly posting from camp as our own little Facebook or Instagram.  Right?  And the best part about it is…you don’t have to check your screen every 3 minutes to see what’s new?  We’ll post news you send us each month so you can just check it once and … Read more

Who’s Who at Camp – February, 2018

Hey Everyone, We are very excited to tell you about some awesome people who will be with us at camp this summer.  Check it out! WELCOME BACK TO THE FOLLOWING “OLD-TIMERS” WHO HAVE RECENTLY RE-ENROLLED: BILLY JACK BOYCE of Tucson, AZ; JONAH BARTLETT and EDDIE TEPPER of Chicago, IL; HENRY BERKSON, LEO WEISS, and, after … Read more