Into the Home Stretch!

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: This will be the last post of the Directors’ Journal for the summer.  Can’t believe it.  The summers always go so fast, and before we know it, the kids are heading home.  Some things for you to be aware of: 1. YOUR KIDS ARE COMING HOME ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 11TH!  That’s this … Read more

Pow Wow Day!

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: No announcements today. 7:20 AM: The morning arrived with sunshine beaming through the trees.  The damp trees.  We’ve had some “heavy dew” lately, so the blue sky was a great sight to see.  Thursday was a wash out for most of the day.  We still had lots of fun, but it was … Read more

Life in the Fast Lane

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: Our 6th and final series of activities is now underway. Those are posted on your Keylog page.  The boys who were out of camp on trips will sign up as soon as they return.  We have also sent everyone an email with information about your son’s trip home on August 11th.  If … Read more