Legacy Legends

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Two things to share with you.  1) In the next few days you will receive a short card in the mail written by your son’s counseling team.  This is just a quick check-in to update you on how things have been going for your son.  These are intended to provide you some … Read more

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: We have just signed up for the 5th Series of Activities (2nd Series of 2nd Session).  Those will start on Wednesday.  If your camper is out on a trip, when he gets back to camp he’ll sign up and jump right in to his new schedule.  As a reminder, we do offer … Read more


Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: No announcements today! “Hummmmmmmmmmmmm” is the sound a well tuned car or machine makes.  Well, at least a non-hybrid or electric car.  Those don’t make a sound at all.  There are many sounds at camp, and that humming noise is one of them.  We are firing smoothly on all cylinders these days … Read more

Flavors of Camp

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: If you’re new to the Directors’ Journal, welcome!  We’ve been having a grand ol’ time around here.  This is the section of the Journal where we’ll share any important news with you.  If it’s really important, we’ll also send an email, so you won’t miss anything. Please be sure you’ve familiarized yourself … Read more


Hi Folks, NO ANNOUNCEMENTS TODAY! It’s UN Day!  And what a gorgeous day it is.  We awoke to a partly cloudy day with temps in the mid 60s.  Throughout the morning it has warmed up a fair amount, and by lunch time we are in the high 70s.  When the sun is shining, it feels … Read more

Making Lemonade

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: If your son is a 1st Session, four-week camper, we have emailed you with information about the trip home (gasp!).  If your son is an 8-week camper, and we know you are planning to be here for Visiting Weekend, we’ve emailed you information about the weekend plans, and our policies and protocols … Read more

Four is a Magic Number!

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: Today we signed up for the 3rd Series of Activities.  Those will be posted tomorrow to your Keylog pages, and we will begin the series on Thursday.  If your son is a four-week camper, this is (already!) his last series of activities for the summer.  We understand that some of you had … Read more