I’d Rather be at Camp

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: Just a coupla things.  1) If your son was on a trip when we signed up for 2nd Series of activities, he will sign up when he returns, and his activity schedule will be posted on your Keylog Page.  And 2) We are trying something new this year.  After hearing your feedback … Read more

A Woodsy Siesta

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: This afternoon we signed up for the 2nd series of activities, and they will begin on Thursday.  We will upload them tomorrow, and you’ll be able to see your son’s 2nd Series schedule on your Keylog Page.  A few notes about activities: This series we are offering a fitness program for our … Read more

Camp Nimble-Lane?

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: We hope you’ve been enjoying the photos our crew has been posting for you.  Our “crew” generally consists of one very dedicated young woman who walks around with the camera all day catching kids doing their thing, and posts photos during breaks in the action.  Sometimes she’s out of camp on a … Read more

The Stuff

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: You should have received an email from us telling you about the feature on your Keylog Page that shows you a photo of your camper’s cabin group, and information about the campers and counselors in the cabin.  PLUS, we have begun activities (Yay!), and your son’s activity schedule is also available for … Read more

We’re Off and Running!

Hi Folks, ANNOUNCEMENTS: This is the section of the Directors’ Journals where we will alert you to various things you should be aware of.  If it’s something really important, like camper travel plans, we’ll also email you.  For today, we have just one announcement.  Tomorrow we’ll email you with your son’s cabin number.  From that … Read more

Volume LVII, No. 10, June, 2017

Dear Campers, Parents, Staff, Alums & Friends, This is the time of year when we remember just how lucky we truly are.  We love Tucson…the mountains, the desert landscape, the weather.  It’s great, and when we’re packing to head to camp, there is a part that is a little sad to leave.  Maybe some of … Read more