Volume LIII, No. 7, March, 2013

Dear Campers, Parents, Alums & Friends, There has been some craziness going on out there!  Up at camp, it has been snowing a lot, and our caretaker, GREG FUS, has ventured out to take some great photos for us.  It is truly the frozen tundra up there, but that’s really good news!  The more snow … Read more

Volume LIII, No. 6, February, 2013

Dear Campers, Parents, Alums & Friends, It’s February.  Spring Training starts this month.  Pitchers and catchers report in 2 weeks.  Trippers and Counselors start reporting in just under 4 months.  Isn’t life in America great?!  In the interest of full disclosure, you may not know this, but I grew up in St. Louis and I … Read more