Volume LII, No. 2, October, 2011

Dear Campers, Parents, Staff, Alums, and Friends,Well, folks, September was certainly an eventful month around here.  We’re kinda used to a laid-back time most years where we get to hang out around the office, sweat a lot ‘cause the air conditioner just can’t cool the place when it is 100 degrees outside, and move pretty … Read more

Volume LII, No. 1, September, 2011

Dear Campers, Parents, Staff, Alums & Friends,And so begins another exciting “off-season!”  It starts with our return to Tucson, where it is a million degrees all the time.  A slight exaggeration.  But it is crazy hot here right now.  It was hard leaving camp…so mild up there, and even though it was far too quiet, … Read more