Cabin groups are the heart of social life at camp. An average cabin has from 8 - 12 campers, and 3 or 4 counselors. Each cabin counseling team includes at least one Senior Counselor, plus any combination of Junior Counselors and Counselors-in-Training.

Although cabin life is a critically important part of camp, the campers choose an INDIVIDUALIZED activity schedule. So through their activities, kids mix with tons of other kids who are not in their cabin groups. Activity instructors are responsible for implementing the lesson plans and safety procedures for their activities, and caring for the equipment and facilities used in their activities. Most counselors will teach at least two different activities per day to infuse some variety, though they may have greater responsibilities in one than another. Activities are led by Activity Directors who help train and support their activity staff.

To apply for an Cabin Counselor/Activity Instructor position, you should have very strong skills in one of the positions we have open, and you should complete our entire on-line staff application.