If you enjoy cooking or baking and want to work in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, this is the right job! This job is almost all cooking or baking, depending on your skills. Our Kitchen Manager plans the menus and controls inventory, and our Head Cook oversees operations, so the Assistant Cook can focus on their duties. We serve approximately 240 people three meals per day, so there is a whole lot of cooking and baking going on! You will have time to use the camp facilities and enjoy the beauty of the North Woods.

Our Lodge kitchen has gas ovens, an electric convection oven, multiple stove tops, flat gridle, and fryer. Storage includes a small "warehouse," walk-in cooler, and walk-in freezer. There is ample room for food prep and clean up.

Our meals are served family style. The kitchen staff includes an Assistant Cook, Baker, and 8 utility staff to help with prep, service, and clean up.

To apply for the Assistant Cook position, you must have extensive commercial cooking experience, preferably in institutional settings or in banquet or line cooking. It is also helpful to have extensive commercial baking experience, and be competent in baking breads, cakes, pies, etc. Our on-line staff application is quite broad, so you need not complete the sections that refer to activity skill areas.